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Weekly chat and labor updates

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Hi everyone!

It's getting down to the time when some people are going to be noticing new developments and contraction patterns every day...Megs Mom posted in the Due Date list, and it occurred to me that it might be nice to have a place to chat about day-to-day stuff where everyone would be able to see it.

Bigtime s out to Megs Mom, btw...sounds like her labor's been going on for a while! Analisa, if you're still around, keep your chin up!

Anyone else have contractions or fun 9-month stuff over the weekend?

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Nope (I'm only 35 weeks), but I've sure been wondering about everyone else!
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im not having contractions, but i keep getting this weird almost constant pain on mid left side about an inch or 2 below rib cage, its there everyday, pretty much all day now, last week just when i had sat to long. I mentioned to doc and he said BH, but i dont think it is as doesnt feel like a tightening around uterus, any ideas???
this babe also still riding very high up, which may be putting pressure in weird places.

any insight would be appreciated
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No contractions (thank goodness, I'm not ready and neither is he!) still without internet at home, and still sewing up a storm!

My wonderful DH has been on a birthcenter/midwife hunt for me at work since he has internet there, and found an AWESOME birthcenter about 30-45 minutes away from us that takes partial medicaid!! We are going to meet with her on Saturday to hash out the details and see if there is any way at all we can work something out so I can get myself away from a hospital birth. My normally laid-back doctor must have had an 'interventions are nessicary' seminar recently and he is making me crazy! He tried to check me yesterday!! I'm not even 35 weeks! Um... HELLO?! So he said he would be willing to hold off until my next appointment but no longer than that. Yeah, right, that's not your decision, buddy!

I was sick all this weekend, and now poor DH got it.

Not much else going on here.... just hoping this baby stays put until my due date at the very least. I have WAY too much to do for him to come any earlier than that.
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Having ctx as we speak. But I'm not excited after my little episode on Friday. :

Just annoyed, especially when dd climbs on me in the middle of one.

But I'd rather have 3 weeks of this than the 3 DAYS SOLID I had last time.

I'm thinking I might need to up my herbal intake and stop pussyfooting around with Red Raspberry Leaf and Nettles. I think it's time for some Lobelia.
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37 weeks here, and nothing so far. No more Braxton-Hicks than usual, and babe is still high. I'll see what my midwife says today. It's my first, and I'll admit to being a little impatient. I just keep telling myself that I have 5 more weeks. My mom had all 5 of her babies at 38 weeks, so I think that may be setting me up for disappointment.
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scubamom I have a similar pain, almost feels like a burning- mine is on the left, only about an inch down. Midwife says it's just a stretching and is normal. Sitting up straight and a warm wrap on it makes it feel better for me. Also, sleeping with a pillow under the upper part of my belly makes it feel better while I'm sleeping.
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I have nothing going on labour wise but don't expect it either. Both my other kids were born at almost 42 weeks so I am getting myself into that mentality so if the baby comes early or on time that will be great but I am expecting that it will not.
Friday was my last day of work so now I am getting the house cleaned really well and starting some cooking to go in the freezer for when baby comes. I also still need to buy some baby stuff, go through the baby stuff I have, sort out the kids toys, clean the front porch etc..... I need as much time as I can get so I am okay if there is no baby for a while.
I am watching everyday to see if someone has had their baby so I can live vicariously through them until my time comes. to everyone who is getting ready!!!

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Nothing happening here at 37 weeks. Baby is head down and dropped, so hopefully at my next appt they'll take a look and let me know if anything's happening in there. I did start with BHs over the weekend - since I'm new at this I thought it was the baby's back pushing out, but it dawned in me that they were BH's.

Meg's Mom - good luck - any updates?
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Oh Boy


I finally agreed to have my baby at the hospital where I work due to circumstances beyond my immediate control. Out of 4 OBs, 3 are tolerable - one is great and I figure I can get what I need out of the experience by being informed and making sure my husband is too.

Just found out - the one OB that I've been seeing all along, the GOOD one (the lesser of the 4 evils), is in the paper this week being sued for hurting an infant that otherwise was healthy, after a long back labor, with forceps. I guess he was too aggressive, and there's no getting around that. It didn't turn out well. I have some serious decisions to make now; send me good thoughts for figuring out the bext course of action and gaining appropriate perspective on the situation.

Very, very sorry if I upset anyone with the previous unedited post. I couldn't believe my eyes when I saw it in the paper.
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I'll be 39 weeks tomorrow, and nothing's happening yet, for which I'm thankful at this point. I've had a rotten cold all week, so I am not feeling strong enough to deal with labor right now. Plus, since I've been sick, the house is a wreck and I don't have much food put away. Right now, I'm living on whatever dh manages to scrounge up, and it's not the most nutritious of fare. I don't want to be doing this for weeks after the baby's born, too! Also, the room we plan on putting the birth tub in is packed full of stuff that needs to go into storage. Dh was supposed to clean it out this weekend, but he ended up taking care of ds and me all weekend instead.

My midwife comes for her homevisit on Thursday. I'm hoping to somehow miraculously have the house in a little better order by then. Not sure how that's going to happen, though.

On the positive side, most all my newborn diapers and baby clothes are washed and put away, and a friend dropped off some of the covers and diapers I was missing. Dh should have picked up the last of our birth supplies today. We told MIL about the homebirth, and she actually took it very well, and is willing to come help out with ds if we need her during the birth. So, if baby comes, we're mainly prepared.
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Good heavens, ahwuko, what a scary story! I have no idea what to advise you except, obviously: (1) try to find out all the info you can about what happened, and (2) if that OB attends your birth, don't let him anywhere near a forceps.

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That is such a terrible story. I'm so disgusted right now. Good luck finding a doctor, or the truth, or something. I couldn't go to that person.

My daily update is that I'm miserable. I'm only 34 weeks!! 35 starts Thursday. The only time my belly isn't tight is when I'm laying on my side for at least 10 minutes. Anyone else like this? The baby's moving around and I love that. Yesterday, my 4 year old got to see my belly moving around with her sister inside. That was pretty cool! I'm excited for you all to get started on your birthing stories. This will be fun!

Good luck everyone!
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I was about to post the exact same thing about not letting the doctor near a pair of forceps.
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Oh, ahwuko, that sounds like a tough one. At least you have an "inside track" at knowing what's going on. I'm sorry your homebirth plans aren't going to work out.

Good luck!
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Well, I'm doing pretty darn good! I had my 38-ish week appt. with my MW yesterday, and she said the baby's head felt quite a bit lower to her than it had, so that's good. I still feel her up high though, too, she must just be stretching out as MUCH as she can! I told her if she's so squished to come on out, there is plenty of room out here!

I have lots of BH every day, all day, especially in the evening, but I have for weeks and weeks and weeks so no biggie there. They don't hurt, but it's good practice to concentrate on relaxing through them instead of tightening up. I am having a lot of pain in my pubic bone now too. I have had off and on throughout the pregnancy but it's mainly on the right side now, which is where the baby likes to lay, so I am thinking it must be because she's sitting lower now.

As of the 16th, I am more pregnant than I have ever been! I was induced electively with my son at 39w 5d according to my LMP EDD, which was a full 14 days earlier than MY EDD according to my ovulation date (but of course my OB would hear none of it . My LMP EDD this time was February 18th, although I don't believe my EDD is until the first week of March according to my most likely ovulation. I feel great mentally, SO much better than I did with my son. It's amazing what you can do for *yourself*, YK? You can make yourself miserable, or you can make yourself happy. It's not QUITE as simple as that all the time, but for me it really has been. I just wish more people knew about it (like, more people on my other DDB, lol!) :
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Oh, man, Ahwuko, I am really sorry to hear your story for the anxiety it's causing you and for that baby and family, but I wish I hadn't read it for myself. I know what I'll be dreaming about for the next few days. Maybe your post needs a little warning on it. Yikes. I hope you are able to get a good doctor and avoid that one altogether. I agree--try to get all the information about it that you can (of course, you will).

Daisie, your DH sounds like a gem.

I have a sore spot on my abdomen, too, a little above and the left of my navel. It was sore with Meg, and it's really sore this time--feels like ripping and burning. If someone bumps it, I jump. My midwife says all the veins leading from the umbilical cord into the baby's body turn into ligaments over time. It's those ligaments of mine that are stretching now with the pregnancy, and over-stretched ligaments hurt like the dickens and don't heal well. Uggh. Heat does help a lot, as does a warm bath. It will be the one thing I'll be happy to be done with.

I'm feeling lots of BHs here, and low baby feelings, but nothing too intense. Slow and steady, slow and steady. I've got tons to do, too, so I'm in no rush whatsoever. Lucky for me, I'm due at the end of the month so I get to cheer most of you on first.

Kam, mamamama! to Meg and one more
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Nothing's happening here at 36 weeks.

Cervix is closed, baby is high up. My dr is ready to deliver me though. He said that I can go ahead and go into labor any time now. OY! He did say my GBS came back positive and I will have to have IV antibiotics.

If you go by the dr's EDD, I'm 36 weeks, but I'm pretty sure I'm only 35....so I think he's pushing it for me to be ready to deliver now.

I did find out that my dr will be out of the office next week, so if I were to go into labor next week, I would end up with someone else delivering my baby. DH isn't willing to do that! Since I told him that sex can bring on labor, he won't touch me! He said the baby needs to stay in there at least another month. Gotta love him!
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36 weeks here. my BP has been going up and up. i also have protein in my urine. my labs were all normal, so for now i am just hanging out at home trying to rest as much as possible. i get reasonable readings sometimes when i am resting and not obsessing about the BP, but they are very high when i am worried about them.

i am not sure what to do. pretty stressful. my MW says baby is doing great, growing and moving all over. had an U/S last week and baby was measuring perfectly at 35 weeks and cord looked good, blood flow through cord good as well.

i am afraid of going to the hospital because at this stage they will just want to induce me. i don't want to be induced. so we are going to check weekly labs and see how things go. i have kind of told myself that i probably won't get my home waterbirth, but the longer i stay at home, the better. if i go into labor naturally, even better, the less they can do to me at the hospital.

baby is head down and very active. i hope that my BP improves (it gets to 170/90s sometimes, but can also be 130/80s in same day when i am resting). i am on high protein, all kinds of herbal stuff, nothing helping. i think my anxiety has a lot to do with the high BP spikes as i can't stop worrying about it.

i want to trust my MWs intuition and experience that babe is doing fine, but also don't want to let my fear of medical world keep me from the hospital. so frustrating.

send me positive vibes that this is just what i do during pregnancy. i did the same with DD. had high BPs and protein in urine, but no other labs changes and we did fine.
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