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I wish I could get some kind of that freaky cleaning energy, lol! My house could really use it. I hope that means labor is imminent for you ladies! I did finally clean the upstairs floors today. Not because I had this restless urge to clean, but just because they REALLY REALLY needed it, and I've procrastinated it long enough.

Shari, I think membrane stripping is one of those things that only works if baby's ready anyways. So, even if this is the beginning of labor, I wouldn't worry that your baby's being forced out before he/she is ready. I had my membranes stripped with ds, but he still didn't arrive until 42 weeks!

Ell-Bell, good luck on the move. Wow, I can't imagine moving a household at this point. I can't even get up the energy to cook dinner!

Thanks for listening to my whining yesterday, everyone! Ds and I had a 3-hour nap, and felt much better after that. The rest of the day was nice, and I'm feeling a lot better today after a good night's sleep.
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Originally Posted by Daisie125
36 1/2 weeks... Had an AWESOME mw appointment today (my first 'real' appointment with her) OMG!! I swear I will NEVER go to an OB again. What a difference!!! Her and DH chatted and decided that he was going to catch the baby, so he's really excited about that. She gave me a list of what to pack, and when to call... etc. Said obviously I'm not due yet, but she feels comfortable to deliver this baby anytime, so I won't have to worry about a transfer from here on out!

She said he feels like he's on the small side (woohoo! lol) picked out body parts & showed us exactally how he is positioned. She said he's in a perfect position for birth and I just need to talk to him and encourage him to stay there
Congrats on your decision to switch to a mw! I'm glad you had such a great appointment. I had a great fp doc with ds (she is still our fp), but there is still SUCH a difference in the kind of care you receive with a mw. Enjoy your baby preparations!
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Had my 39+ wk appt today....I'm 4 cm dilated, 90% effaced & babe is still at zero station - I swore he was lower! I can totally feel his head in my yoni .

Had many more BH's this afternoon & spent most of the first part of the day gardening - that'll get things going!

Scheduled an appt for Monday - hope I don't need to go to it!
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so are there many of us left, lots of babies being born, i wish mine was one of them.
i keep thinking every cramp, twinge, back ache is the start, of course its not. I am having some menstrual like cramping, but comes and goes, i just want to hold my baby. I would love for him to come now so i can aim for my VBAC or i will be having a section on the 21st. so send me baby come out vibes.

hope to hear everyone elses updates
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Lots of heavy duty BH yesterday, some that were uncomfortable, some that were just belly-tightening. So much that I even started noting them for timing, just out of curiosity and for a while they were about 30 min apart, but then I went to bed and everything chilled out. :/
Cleaned like crazy yesterday morning (I have a spotless fridge now haha) but alas, that urge meant nothing so far

I'm loving reading everyone's baby reports!! yay!! Can't wait till its my turn!
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Still hanging out here. Getting impatient. Maybe the full moon tomorrow will bring on labor for those of us due or past-due!
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I sooo hope I don't go past due. I feel soooo sorry for those of you that have! ACK! I am already super-impatient-ready to meet her.... and I am just entering week 38!
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Still waiting for action here. I breathed a sigh of relief last night because my MW is back in town, which means she can act as labor support for me at the hospital. Yay!! Now I'm mentally ready to go whenever these babes want out.

Physically, I'm getting useless. Fortunately I've had a lot of people offering to help with meals, entertaining dd, etc. so I've been able to get extra rest & well, basically, sit down a lot! I did vacuum today....a major achievement!
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Still waiting here too. I'm 39 weeks today, not really surprised though that nothing is happening but trying not to think about how many days are left till my due date. I finally sorted through some baby clothes and put them away in the room that will be the baby's room once Anthony is old enough to share a room with Emma. I realized too that I haven't packed anything to take to the hospital so I think I'll probably get on that today. I am soooo disorganized this pregnancy, I can't seem to remember any of the things I need to get done before the baby is born.
I am planning on doing a whole bunch of baking tonight when dh gets home from work, I have had a major craving for some muffins and thought I'd make a few other things to put in the freezer.

Better get back to cleaning and laundry!!
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