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Well, 37 weeks + and I have no clue how dialated or effaced or anything- I'm going UP/UC.
I have had contractions daily, and nothing is taking my breath away. I'm anticipating a prodromal labor which equals WINE!
Now I am okay with the baby coming anytime- especially since my BP is a bit high, and my heels are cracking from my posture and weight gain- Oh they hurt soooo much! I have to tip-toe around in order to keep off them.
So drinking 1/2 cup Blue Cohosh every night for BP, 3 c RRL tea every day, drinking 2 tbsp chlorophyll every day, downing the garlic and Uva Ursi, too.
Glad to see everyone still hanging out!
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39 weeks tomorrow, no sign of labor. I'm having daily BH's but they are mild. She has really dropped in the last few days, though! I'm just so glad she's still occipital anterior. Also having very loose stools; my body's really clearing itself out. I'm very busy here at home, unpacking boxes we moved on Sunday, so it's a good distraction. Oh, and I went bowling today! I even had a few strikes!
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I was sick this morning, throwing up.: For no apparent reason. The baby's head is engaged, LAO. I've been cramping quite a bit in the evenings and anytime I walk. I've been having BH, but nothing too spectacular.

I have mild SPD (symphysis pubis dysfunction). It's really painful and I cannot imagine what SEVERE must feel like. I can barely roll over in bed and when I do it is soo painful. When I get up from sitting or laying in bed it is very painful to walk. Basically everything hurts.

I am really trying to be paitent but, I am in such agony for most of the (and night) that I hope the baby comes sooner and not in another 3.5 weeks!

Urg. My poor little boy. I can't lift him and play on the floor with him. It's awful.

Sorry to be so whiny.

Hope everyone is feeling well and things are progressing for you all. The kicker for me is I felt really great a little over a week ago.
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Originally Posted by allismom
Phoenix I am also in week #37. 3cm dilated and 80% effaced for the past week with no change, but lots of anxiety over it seeming it should be any day now!

well, except for the 80% effacement, that's go tto mean something right???? i can't walk around like this for 3 MORE weeks can I ??
Uh, yea, sorry . I love hearing the progress reports, but alas, they mean nothing. This is my 3rd pg & I always walk around 4cm & almost completely effaced for weeks, it does usually mean labor will be fast though .

I have the big time feeling like I have to poop as well. Babe was at zero station on Monday & he certainly feels like it! Lots of discharge & contrax are causing me to practice my breathing exercises. We dtd on Tuesday night & with every (gentle) thrust, the poor babe would creep up my belly . I kind of expected those prostaglandins to do *something,* but no go. With Dd1, we dtd & labor started in an hour. So I guess there's something to be said for it!

They'll come when they're ready!! I can't wait, after seeing baby Noah, I am SOOOOO ready to meet this little boy!
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Originally Posted by etoilech
I was sick this morning, throwing up.: For no apparent reason.
My MW told me this is a common sign of impending labor - someone who doesn't throw up, suddenly throws up.

I will keep my fingers crossed for you. I kind of wish I would throw up

Originally Posted by etoilech
The kicker for me is I felt really great a little over a week ago.
I was *just* thinking that in the shower just now - "damn, I was having such a good time with this two weeks ago"!! That is over now. I am totally whiny and uncomfortable - I am like a big, round, helpless ball, and it is totally affecting my mood. Not to mention the anxiety.

My EDD is 3/6/06 - I don't want to be impatient or do anything stupid, but thoughts of squats and blue cohosh and all that jazz keep crossing my mind - I am trying REALLY HARD to lay back and be cool and let Nature take her course, but then I think, but what if it's not for another two weeks?? Aaaaaaggggghhhhh!!!!!
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well i was at the hospital monday night with that burning in my abdo getting worse, but unless bleeding or waters breaking they are not concerned. It was great they didnt even do an exam, atlhough a few more answers to set my anxiety aside would have been nice, but no definate reason, as siad could be many things, ligament, old uterus scarring from previous csection etc.
I have had so many less internals this pg, So i was sort of expecting one yesterday at 37 week appt but no, he said he doesnt want to stir things up down there and look if cervix dilated etc until after 38 week appt. Much less invasive than my last obgyb. saying that now LOL with all talking about how effaced and dilated you all are i want to know too!!!! cant win eh

My bh have slowed down, and nothing happening down there, but then all i can think about is getting better as i have had a stinker of a cold now for 2 weeks, just hit my throat and chest yesterday, so i want to be fighting fit b4 i meet my little guy.

On top of that we couldnt even get out of our street this morning as that much snow, so i am keeping my legs crossed and hoping for some better weather as well. I also phoned the town council to ask what happens if we get snowed in again and i go into labour, they gave me a 24 hr number and said they would come plow our street and not to worry, so now im reassured as i dont think dh prepared to birth his son alone.
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I am right there with you, etoilech - when I roll over at night, I literally yelp in pain, and when I get up to walk to the bathroom after laying or sitting for awhile I look like I am 900 years old. Yikes. It's just gotten really bad the last week or two.

This baby dropped somewhere new yesterday, though, I tell you. Last night I suddenly felt all kinds of different pressure in my pelvis - I can just tell she's sitting in a different spot. Hopefully she's just making her way down and this labor will go quickly once it begins, because I have felt like I could go every night for at least a week. Unfortunately I just can't bring myself to initiate sex because I just feel like a whale, and DH certainly isn't taking any initiative so I'm left with walking as much as I can stand and eating pineapple.

BTW, I am 39w5d according to ovulation (41w5d according to LMP - boy am I glad I was charting and that my MW this time actually believed me when I said I knew my cycles, or else I would really be going nuts thinking I was 2 weeks overdue!) I have not yet had an internal and unless I go way overdue will not have one until well into labor. My choice and my MW's blessing.
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Mrs. Dimples, you are 3 days ahead of me.

Today is a nice day to have a birthday, IMO-
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Like several of you, I am beginning to get very uncomfortable. I am 37 weeks tomorrow, which brings a sigh of relief. I still want to hold out another week and a half, though, so hopefully the babies are in agreement with that. Although I'm beginning to think I'll spend a lot of that time horizontal! My belly is so distended & sore & heavy. I've tried the pregnancy girdle thing & it helps for a short time, but it's not very comfy. And it seems to make my back hurt worse, while helping my front feel better. Not sure how I like that trade-off! I've been having BH pretty much every night, with a few that take my breath away! Last night I took a warm bath & that made them stop. If I had the energy I would try to do that every night. Of course our pathetic bathtub only holds enough water to cover my back & my entire front (breasts, belly, etc) just stick out. I'm sure it's a humorous site.... I declined the internal exam last week, since I don't want to be stirring things up & plan to decline again this week. Hopefully Dr will be agreeable once again. Had my 2nd & final u/s last week, as well, to make sure both babies are growing well & everything looked good. So now it's just eat, drink water, rest, & try to keep my dd happy until these 2 decide to come and meet us.
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Hey guys -

I'm trying not to get too excited, but I feel weird today. I cannot stop pooping (that's how my labor with dd started), I feel a little nauseated, I'm nesting like crazy for the first time in almost 2 weeks, and I just feel a little.....aware and bizarre.

But I don't want to get geared up again, so I'm just going to keep on nesting and try not to think about it.

I'll take diarrhea over constipation anyday, not to be nasty.

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OOoooo, CharlotteSometimes!! Keep us updated! I know I'm sitting on the edge of my seat, I'm so stinkin' excited that our month is *finally* here!!
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I'm ready to be done, but only because I really want to hurry up and meet this baby. Overall it hasn't been a tough pregnancy at all. And I hear you about the snow - we had nothing but ice all day today - made me nervous. Figures that we had almost no snow all winter until MARCH, right when the kid is due!

My belly button hurts And all I want to do is eat oatmeal cookies.
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Ahwuko, my belly button hurts too!
I never heard of that before--it was one of those little late-in-pregnancy surprises for me.

I'm 36 weeks and had my first internal exam today. Owie! But I was pleased to hear I'm 2-3 centimeters dialated. I thought I probably was because I'd had lots of cramping over the weekend, but I was glad to hear that the pain actually amounted to something. The PA that works in my OB office did the exam because I couldn't get an appointment this week with any of the docs. I was fine with it, but then I didn't really like her as well (which is okay since she won't deliver my baby), and she coudln't find the heartbeat so I was like...um...that's where her knees are...her bum is over here if you want to try there. So she put the doppler where I pointed and was sort of surprised when she got the hearbeat immediately. My regular docs just look at my belly and know where her parts are (which agrees with where I think they are). Oh well, all was still fine!

Good luck, contracting mamas!!
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Is there anything to be said for eating like a pig in the last week or two?

Today, with all of the icy weather & rain, we stayed in & I cleaned my upstairs bathroom (the one I secretly want to "accidentally" deliver this babe in ) it's so clean you'd almost want to eat in there!

Then, since I was *starving*, I came downstairs to cook blueberry pancakes while Dp made steak tacos (sous chef from Mexico = awesome tacos .)

I couldn't decide which smelled better, so I ate 3 pancakes, then 5 tacos, then I topped it off with 3 more pancakes :!

I just ate an enormous dinner on top of all of that lunch. I've reached a weight I've never been at before, with my Dd's, I was the same exact weight at birth. I'm about 4 lbs over what I was with them - no biggie .
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Oh my gosh, Metasequoia, I am so hungry!! I walked to my prenatal appt (the doctor's office is only 1.5 miles, so it's a nice walk) and on the way home, I stopped at a local family restaurant for dinner. I had a HUGE rack of ribs, a plate of sweet potato fries, a salad, a roll and a big serving of rice pudding!! : I was shocked even at myself. (I've gained 48lbs and feel great! )

Also, I am sleeping really irregularly. I slept my usual 6 hours last night (this one was 1am-7am) and saw Tom off to work, then fell asleep on the couch while reading until after noon!! Now of course I am up late again... this being-off-work thing is fun. Everyone keeps telling me, "Enjoy it while you can, you'll never sleep again!!"
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Well, I wish I was the only one feeling poorly. I wouldn't wish this on anyone that's for sure.

I did manage to get some sleep so... that's a good thing.

I had some intense pressure and pain last night. Not sure what that was.

The throwing up. Well, if it's a good sign... bring it on.

My due date isn't till the 13th so, I really shouldn't be expecting anything these days. It certainly would be nice though. Especially since DS was sooooo early and it's unusual to go this long when you've had a preterm birth. I am soo greatful NOT to have a preemie though. I love my little man to bits, but I don't fancy going through that again.

I've been hungry too. For SWEETS. It's terrible. I ate...

- a kitkat bar
- a piece of strawberry torte
- a caramel ice creme bar
- half a tube of Smarties

Yesterday. Geeze. I need to get myself under control.

I did make a lovely Vegetable Chicken Casserole last night though, so that counts... right?

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Originally Posted by etoilech
My due date isn't till the 13th so, I really shouldn't be expecting anything these days. It certainly would be nice though. Especially since DS was sooooo early and it's unusual to go this long when you've had a preterm birth.

I've been hungry too. For SWEETS. It's terrible. I ate...
Same here.....had preterm labor from 32-37 weeks with DD and she was born right at 37 weeks as soon as I came off bedrest. When I was cramping at 34 weeks with this baby everybody was sure this one would come early also. Well here I am through my 37th week and baby is not coming yet......you just get in the mindset that it WILL be early.......and then when it doesn't you actually feel late!! And I still have 3 weeks to my due date!

As for sweets, I have been awful too. I didn't eat a single ounce of chocolate with DD cause of the caffeine. Now i can't get enough brownies....oh and girl scout cookies arrive today!
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I've been really good with the sweets, I'm actually not really craving them - strange - unless it's brownies!

I've been REALLY bad about eating my veggies this time though, I feel really guilty . I can't tell you the last time I ate a salad. I'm alright with eating steamed veggies with dinner & I've been eating a lot of sweet potatoes, but aside from that, it's a pretty sad story. I'm worrying that I should look into getting some teas to up my Vit K content to pass to the babe via booby juice since we're not doing the shot.

I shouldn't even say this, I might jinx myself...the last two nights I've slept pretty darn well! I've gotten up to pee maybe twice, but I have no trouble falling right back to sleep. Usually I lay there thinking & cannot sleep. I went to my chiro on Wed. after two weeks without & I think that might have something to do with it. My pubic bone feels so much better at night after I see her, sigh.
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I think something is happening...

Have been so cranky and mean. Yesterday was better because I went to visit a friend and we played cards, and I beat her so badly it cheered me up enormously, since she usually beats me. How mean is that?

Now this morning when I got up, a little pink liquid trickled down my leg - so I went to the bathroom, and when I wiped, there were little blood spots. Now I feel crampy.

Is meanness a sign of impending labor?
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Yesterday was my "official" due date, and I had a mw appointment. She asked me how I'm feeling and I said "tired and cranky." She laughed and said that was a good sign. So "meanness" would probably qualify, too!

I'm ready to have the baby this weekend. I just all of a sudden got tired and uncomfortable (sharp pains in my right hip no matter how much bellydancing I do). The baby's lower than it was, but otherwise I don't have any real outward signs of impending labor, though. I keep trying to remind myself that it could be another 2 weeks yet.

I hear you about the sweets. I've been eating a lot lately... and now I've started getting a little thrush on my nipples (ds is still nursing...I've had it before, so I can generally catch it before it gets bad). I'm trying to nip it in the bud by taking accidipholous tablets and applying unrefined coconut oil (my mw's recommendation... who knew?). So, now my breasts smell like coconut. I'm still craving the sweets, but I've stopped eating them. I REALLY don't want to start my bf relationship out with thrush, so I should be hoping the baby waits a few days.

Hey, my birthday's Monday, so that sounds like a good day! Hear that, baby?
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