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Me too! Kaia is here!

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dang MDC had to go down right when I had my baby!

Very quick--nak! xposted on my other board(s) too

Kaia Lillian
Sat. 2/18/06 10:02 pm
born at home
8lbs even, 19.5"
nuchal hand and 2x wrapped cord, no complications! about 14 hour labor but only 6 hours were really serious

The story!

After early labor all morning since about 8am Sat., MW came over around 4pm, contractions bearable but not super close together. Around 6 they get really hard & she checks me to see whether to call the assistant yet. I'm 3cm and she stretches me to 4cm. Things get really going fast and I had a lot of back pain and was a little freaked out about that. We attempt to fill the pool while I moan and yell on the bed. Leakage ensues. Hot water heater sucks. Pool ends up unused b/c I went from 3-10cm in under 3 hours. It was rough mostly b/c I had no idea it was going so fast--even during transition I was thinking I was just going into really active labor and was sure there would be many more horrid hours. When I started to bear down with ctx I made my MW check me b/c I thought it was impossible that it was time to push already. She said my cervix was totally gone. I pushed for about an hour & my water broke sometime around the first pushing ctx--the first half hour was really bad b/c I couldn't get in a good position and I wasn't feeling a good urge. Then finally the last bit was kind of satisfying and I asked for the birth stool and pushed on the toilet while they got it out of the car. When I stood up (I had been on hands and knees) she moved way down and was nearly born on the toilet. I pushed about 3-4 more times on the stool and at last! Ring of fire not called such for nothing. She had her hand next to her head and had the cord wrapped twice! I got her on my chest and she yelled once and then DH started talking to her and she looked right at him and her eyes got really big and she stopped crying, spit out some goo (didn't even need to be suctioned!!) and started chattering at him, little twitters and coos and sqeaks, like she was saying "daddy you will not believe what just happened!"

She had apgars of 10 and 10 and continued to chatter for a long time. Latched on around 45 minutes after (not for lack of trying but bad position!) and I delivered the placenta at the same time.

She was 8lbs even and 19.5 inches with a 13.5 inch head. I actually pushed out a 13.5 inch head AND a hand and had only one superficial tear (near my episiotomy scar) that didn't even need a stitch. I'm in shock. Her head didn't even cone since she got out so fast.

I feel like a million bucks. Well, maybe only $750,000 since the afterpains are pretty horrid...but 2 thumbs up for cloth postpartum pads...gave up on the plastic this morning (ugh)

She nursed nonstop all night (and constantly since!), not sleeping more than a half hour at a time but got in a good 3 hour nap Sun. afternoon. She was nursing side lying within about 2 hours of birth. It took DS 2 months to get that!

DS is having a bit of a rough time but is being very gentle with her and doesn't seem upset that he missed the birth (he had just gotten to sleep & we didn't want to wake him). I'm glad he wasn't there--if I had been in the water it might have been different but it was so overwhelming for me I'm not sure I could have dealt with him there. It was magical though--so different from DS's traumatic birth.

Congrats to the other new mommies and ELV to those still waiting!!

ETA Pics here--
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Congratulations on your homebirth!!! Sounds like it was a wonderful experience. Meg came out that exact same way - but her head was only 12 inches.
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She sounds absolutely perfect! I am jealous. I want mine NOW, too...
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Sleepymama, Congratulations and thanks for sharing your birth story. I love reading about your baby talking to dada after she came out.
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Yeah S! I cannot wait to see her!! Let me know when you are up to a "quick visit" so I can get her outfit to her, before she out grows it!!!!!!

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Congrats! She is a cutie!
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way to go Steph!!!!!!
Welcome baby Kaia!
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Ohhhh! Congrats! What a sweet little thing! I am so happy for you, mama!

Liz (lurker on the PAL threads)
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congrats! great story!And cute pics!
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A beautiful birth story! He is a very alert baby! Congrats, he is adorable!!!
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Aw! She's beautiful mama! Congratulations!!!
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Congratulations! She is beautiful, enjoy that new baby bliss!
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Congratulations to your baby girl. I love her name, if Finn would have been a girl his name would have been Lillian!
I wish you a wonderful babymoon!
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Congratulations!!! What a great birth story. She is absolutely adorable, and I love how she was born chattering to her daddy. What a precious memory! Enjoy your babymoon.

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