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This is so different then just meeting some boy in person and wanting to see him again! At least you know he isn't some 50 yo perv that is acting like a 18yo on a website like myspace. Very scary
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Please tell me they are at least going with her!
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nope! she is there now and no they did NOT go with her :
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i know this tread is kind of over. but, i just wanted to say she is going back to idaho in may. she will be there for 4mths.

i think my inlaws are trying to get rid of her :
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THis reminds me of 2 scenarios.
1 - my inlaws are obsessed with this guy my sil is engaged to. She is 30 and they have been helping her financially all her life (school etc)
They have tried really hard to get this guy a good job, they are super nice to him etc. He is a bit rude and not much of a "find" But they are pushing this relationship. They even offered to take them on a cruise if they would get married. So i think they are trying to get her off thier hands.

2 - an girl i used to be friends with had parents kinda like this. When she was "grounded" as a teen they would still let her go on dates but not out with her female friends. They would make hurtful comments like "if you keep hanging out with HER you will never get a man - she is cuter than you" They encouraged her to get married the first time - to a guy she had only been with for a few months. Needless to say the marriage was annulled a few weeks later. Her second mariage (only a year now) she married the guy her parents liked - now she hates him, they have a child together (that she browbeat him for) and now she is mad becase she is forever linked to him. They will either miserably stay together for the kid - or they will split up.

It is so sad.

So i assume she is home and safe for now?
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