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check in week of Feb 21st... who is left?

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Well, I thought it might be fun to see who was left still pg at this point in the month...

I'm still here.... baby is still not due until Feb 27th. Had some decent timeable contractions on Sunday night but it fizzled out... so here I am still pg... IS ANYONE ELSE?
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Hi there, I am still here. Was due on the 15th and still hanging in there. I have had no ctxs that are timeable...the baby keeps moving further down...I feel the difference day by day. I think some days that I have eons to go, other days I feel like the baby will be here anytime. Some days are good...some not so fun. I am sending vibes, continuously to you and everyone else who is left!!!
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I'm still here too! EDD is the 23rd some days I think oh its going to happen today others I have no idea i just wish i knew when seeing i'm alone and dh is out to sea so I could plan for grocery runs etc better.
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I'm still here!

My DD is 28th Feb, so I just scraped into this DDC.

I had my 39 week midwife appointment today, everything is good. I'm just getting so impatient! I feel like a ticking time bomb. :-)
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Im still here! As bad as I hurt, I shouldnt be, but my body will fight me the whole way,lol. This is our 5th, and I think I hurt worse at the end more and more each time. When I stand up from sitting it feels like a knife going across where his head is resting on my girly... Have had some pretty good timeable contractions, but i go to bed in case I do go in labor, so I can get some sleep, and i wake up not pushing,lol. My husband is being a little freaky when I grimace or anything, youd think he hasnt been thru this 4 other times!!! Sending labor vibes !!!!!!!! ( But keeping a sprinkle for me....)
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I'm still here. And overdue. And ready to have this baby. :

Seems sometimes like I'm the only one who hasn't had a baby yet. Reading the birth posts just makes me cry. Time is ticking, I'm on my maternity leave and there is no stinkin' baby!!!! Boo hoo!
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Hi, I am mostly a lurker but I will happily commiserate with y'all ... no baby yet, due on 2/25. Both of my older boys were born at 38w5d so waiting this long has been a bit of a surprise for us. At this point, with few good contractions and a baby who seems to think that floating is great fun, I expect to be here until March. *sigh*

Best wishes to those still waiting. Hope your births are joyous!
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Still here! Due the 27th-ish. I didn't catch the exact day I ovulated but if it was the usual, then I'm due the 27th.

My friend was due the 17th and is still waiting. I'm REALLY hoping to go on time -- last time my water broke the day before my due date, but I had to kickstart the contractions, and it was a long, tiring journey. So I'm not sure if I went on time, or if my membranes ruptured a bit early?

I have NO idea what to expect. Dilligently drinking my tea and taking my PN6 herbs!
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still here.....she is breech and we were scheduled for a c-section this morning.....we tried, but she did not turn - i dont think she can, anyway, they called last night and resheduled for later in the day today, which was fine with us, coz we are not morning people, then they called this morning to say they had no beds call in the middle of the night tonight to find out if we can come tomorrow - then they called and said come in for a 10:30 section, then they called again and said come in for a 7:30 section so i can have my regular OB....i can not keep mentally preparing like this...i am upset enough about having a c-section - though most of the stories i have heard from people who have actually had one arent that bad......anyway, we are still here, but in theory should be holding her tomorrow morning!!!
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EDD was the 15th or 19th, and still no baby. I'm all for letting her cook as long as she needs to, but it's getting a little uncomfortable at this point! I'm sympathize with you mamas! I hope all is wonderful for you and you birth as soon as you're both ready
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well, i'm stiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiil here, too: i was due on the 18th and thought for sure it would be the 22nd... nope. i was checked today and am very "soft" and the head is about -1 to 0; 80% effaced still. i have had a wretched headache for two days now and a TOOTHACHE to boot, wtf???? my midwife felt concerned about the headache even though my bp was fine and is setting me up for a fetal stress test on friday that's just the thing i feel like doing............ it is getting harder for me to come to this board and see all the babes' arrivals....i know that is horrible! i honestly have fleeting feelings that this is never going to end, i'm going to be pregnant forever!

ok, needed to rant... good luck mommas.....

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i dont even want to talk about being pregnant... My husband was only allowed here for 2 weeks. My dr. promised that if i did not go into labor on my own that i would be induced (we just found out that she weighs 10 lbs or more!!!) well she changed her mind at the last minute so once again my husband is gone.. He still didn't get to see his daughter... I feel so sorry for him. I tired EVERYTHING castor oil 3 times the cohosh, raseberry tea, sex, walking, i was determined to shoot this stinker out, but shes to damn stubborn.. So he left on monday, but this morning i woke up with some bloody show, i'm dialted to a 2.5 maybe more now because the last time i got checked was on sat. night. It was so adorable i had gotten the castor oil thing over with and was having really painful contractions so we go to the hospital.. I look at my husband and i'm telling him that they hurt so bad (they were 30 secs apart) that this MUST be it. He started crying and asking me when he got to cut the cord... I've never seen him so excited.. I really wish he could have been here damnit!!! UGH>. ok i feel better now...
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I'm here too. I am ready. I am due on 2/28.
Hugs to you mamas who are still waiting. I know I should be enjoying pre-newborn times to get some sleep but I do feel ready. Like a runner who keeps waiting at the starting line for the race to begin.
Precious faerie I am so sorry to hear your husband had to leave again. Arrggh.

I am so uncomfortable. My stomach feels tight all the time, like the baby is hanging way out. My stomach looks like a torpedo. Nikisager mentioned that she has sharp pains down below...isn't that the truth. I feel like getting out of bed takes logistical planning.

I had a non stress test at the OB's today and got a little stressed myself. The OB (not my usual OB) noticed some lowering of the heartbeat (I still don't know what she noticed because to me the baby's heartbeat was not below 120.) So she suggested that we do an ultrasound to check amniotic fluid. I had my son with me, we had been in the office almost 2 hours already, and I just freaked. Ds was being so patient (he's not yet 3) but I started imagining worst case scenarios. Fortunately the biophysical profile done with the ultrasound showed that everything was fine but I was pretty upset. I still don't know what exactly concerned them. Lack of movement? Not enough fluctuations in heartbeat?

Then I got home and the little bug was moving like crazy LOL.

If I hadn't hemorrhaged at my last labor, I would have a midwife and a homebirth with this baby.
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A couple of days later, and here I still am. Like I said, due the 15th...we could strectch that to the16th or 17th...but gee! I feel, still, like nothing is happening. Some days I am incredibly positive about it, others, I feel like I'm going to be put the in a position that I don't want...like induction, u/s...etc. I just want to get the baby out so that we don't have to fall into the western medicine pit fall that inevitably awaits. I've got at least a good week before there are any threats of anything, but still. I do know that some babies need more time...I also understand that I could just wake up in the midst of a night and I will be heading toward hard labor.

I, too, feel that it is difficult to read about the many other births. I feel for those mamas whos partners were here, briefly, and still missed the births of their own children. Hang in there, ladies...send your experience to your partners in your dreams...connect them to the experience, include them, although they are not near! I wish you all luck. I would have a tough time without my Matty, I am sure.

Let's stay positive together!!! These babies, truly, cannot live inside us forever!
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Originally Posted by russianthistle
These babies, truly, cannot live inside us forever!
Thank you You're right, I need to stop convincing myself I'll one day give birth to a four year old!

Special s to the mamas who will be without thier partners. You'll have all of us in spirit!!
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Well, I'm going through a divorce, and I'm GLAD her father won't be there. No sense in him screwing up my labor.

I'm 2 days postdate. I know it's ridiculous to worry about it, so I'm just trying to enjoy the last few days with DD as an only child. I'm sure I'd feel differently if I was more uncomfortable. I'm having a homebirth, so there's no pressure to do anything, test-wise. The only concern right now is that the baby doesn't want to swing into a good position. She may be a little small as well. My fundal height hasn't changed in 2 wks, so that worries me a bit, but not the midwives.
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Hi all. still nothing!

well, i developed a horrible toothache/headache combo and had to see the dentist emergently today. apparently i have a horrible gum infection around my wisdom tooth and have to take antibiotics (lovely). it hurts so bad to eat and i am worried about putting these pills in my system, and also whether it will work or not. my midwife is making me do a fetal stress test tomorrow at the hospital because i had a headache on wednesday (due to my tooth, not high blood pressure!). PLEASE GOD LET THIS BABY COME. i am losing my cool, big time. sorry for this raving........

the comment about not giving birth to a 4 year old helped, thanks!

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Hang in there, Sherri! Remember, you don't have to do anything you don't want to. If you know that headache was due to your tooth, you don't have to do the NST (I'm assuming it's the NST). In any case, I hope that all goes well and you're be in labor soon.

I'm ok here. No labor, nothing. 3 days post date, and I don't think I'm going anytime soon. Just a feeling.
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Well, I'm still here. Thought something might start up last night...but it didn't. I did have a rush or two... but that might be the only difference. I am collecting the energy my people are sending and trying to gather it all to make it more productive! I'm not feeling nearly as negative about my state as I have been in the past couple of days. Feeling more distracted, lately. Trying to keep myself busy...but never sure what I should do or what I want to do. who knows maybe that's a sign...the distraction.

Today, I will go for a walk, start another project, go out to eat at my favorite restaurant with some of my best friends, and focus on birthing a child. What an interesting list of things to do! My life has never been like this before!

I have a suggestion for the toothache that recently worked for my partner. Your infection may be a bit more progressed that his was, but here is how he treated it.

Swish everyday several times a day with Aloe Vera Juice (can find this at your nat. food store). You can swallow it...he didn't, though. It is a bit sour tasting. In addition to that, he took 20 drops of Goldenseal three times a day. I would NOT recommend that you take Goldenseal...not sure of its safety for the baby. If you wanted to supplement the swishing with an herb of some sort, I would recommend Echinacea.

ANyway, Matty's infection disappeared within a day or two...and he didn't keep up his routine with this (as I think he should have...) once the infection disappeared. The infection did not return.
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Ladies, I am visiting from the March DDC - am due 3/6, so I feel I am close, although you are all ahead of me for sure - I've got the torpedo belly, baby head on my sphincters, big feet etc.etc. so a month is just a calendar thing.

I just wanted to say, keep going. You are brave and strong. I am right behind you. You will all have babies before I do, no doubt. Hope that helps.

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