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well, i developed a horrible toothache/headache combo and had to see the dentist emergently today. apparently i have a horrible gum infection around my wisdom tooth and have to take antibiotics (lovely). it hurts so bad to eat and i am worried about putting these pills in my system, and also whether it will work or not.
I just wanted to put in my $.02 about antibiotics while pregnant - a few months ago I started noticing some horrible looking stuff on about 4 of my DD's teeth, I took her to the dentist thinking "Oh my god, my baby has tons of cavities and she's not even two!". The dentist took one look at her and asked if I'd been on antibiotics while I was pregnant with her. They can affect whatever's being formed when you take them, now she has a discoloration on her teeth. It's no big deal since it won't be on her permanent teeth, but it was scary for us and I'm worried about what would have happened had something else been growing at that time. It's frustrating to me that no one mentioned these risks when they gave me the antibiotics! Of course, at this point your little one's not growing much

(Here's a pic where you can see some of the discoloration, although it's hard to get pictures of and I don't really try to!