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Rib pain while pregnant?

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Has anyone else had this? And more importantly, what can I do? I'm 34 weeks yesterday and in tears because there's a spot on my left rib that is beyond excruciating. I don't know if it's a foot or if it's even a baby, but it hurts. Badly.

I've tried cow/cat yoga positions, stretching, lying down, standing up. Between that and the SPD between my legs I feel like my body is shutting down in phases.
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Oh yeah . . . that brings back memories. I had that towards the end too . . . honestly, it would come and go as my son moved slightly (I think there wasn't much room by that point). Hopefully your babe will move soon and give you some relief. Hang in there.
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I have that too, and the SPD. I feel your pain . . . literally. I'm not sure mine's actually the rib but it could be. It's sort of like the whole area below my left breast. It's always been like this for me (with every pregnancy and it started early with this and my last one). It seems to be worsened by lying on my side, especially if I'm curled up at all or have my arm extended straight out or down (compresses that area more). I know it's not a baby poking me - I think it's just lack of room (my uterus jammed up into my rib cage). I ice it and sometimes that helps.
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My baby B's head was stuck under my right ribcage for a while -- talk about excrutiating! As he grew larger his head kind of worked its way more above the ribcage so I did eventually get some relief....both my babies were stacked on my right side though, strangly...they said it appeared that the left side of my uterus was hardly stretched so my babes only had about as much room as if I were carrying quads if that makes sense. Makes me wonder if that is why I delivered at 29 weeks. Anyhow, hope you get some relief soon!

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Ahhh...I feel your pain and your description brought back the memories. My dd at times planted her feet in my left rib and the pain.... She was stubborn and sometimes would not move for days. Sometimes putting headphones on my belly with music on made her move. Hang in there...
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I had that when I was pregnant last time (not multiples). That was my very least favorite part of pregnancy. Sitting or standing upright were so painful, and forget driving! I don't really think anything helped, I just tried to adjust the way I was breathing and stretching to avoid pain whenever possible. I'm hoping since my ribs are already stretched they won't hurt this time around. On the good side, it doesn't last forever. Take some mild pain relievers when it gets to be too much. I hope this passes quickly for you.
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I had that when I was pregnant with my boys. It was diagnosed as costocondritis (sp?) of the ribs - basically the ligaments were inflamed and seperating from the stretch caused by the fast growth of a twin belly. Itg was very painfuil - I feel for you! It went away almost immediately after the birth. It is very important, however, to mention this to your health care provider, as upper quadrant pain can sometimes be a sign of preeclampsia.
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Add another to the "thanks for the memories" bandwagon. It was truly excrutiating. I remember asking my obstetrician if it was possible for the babies to break one of my ribs with their pressing and kicking. "I've never heard of that happening," was her response. (I was hoping for a more reassuring, "No, that's physically impossible," but am pleased to report that it never came to that.)

Switching positions provided mild relief for me.
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Although it's been over 3 years since I was pregnant with my twins, I can remember all too well the pain in my ribs. Mine came from Baby B's head pressing into the left side of my rib cage. I did find that rubbing her head would most of the time get her to move but not always. And toward the end she had nowhere she could go so we were both kind of stuck. I wish I had a magic answer for you. Hang in there, Mama...the light is at the end of the tunnel!
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Sometimes it is from your ribs being out. You can try chiro care, it helped mine some (when the babies left the ribs alone for awhile).

I also had SPD, sigh. I felt like I was just coming apart at every joint!!
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I can feel your pain! I had that with both my pgs. Excruciating! I did not have multiples, but I have a bicornuate/septate uterus, so they were essentially on one side. Both my ds's were breech, so their heads were in my ribs. I was positive ds1 was going to be born with a big groove in the top of his head!

The only position that was remotely comfortable for me was lying down with my arms above my head, stretching as much as I could. During my 3rd tri with ds2 I was taking graduate classes all day and spent most of the time standing and stretching in the back of the classroom. It used to make one of my profs so nervous!

The pain went away immediately when I delivered.

Hang in there. The reward will be so sweet!
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