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Miss Nora's accidental UC

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So....here is the story. 11 days past my first due date (according to lmp) on the evening of Feb 20th, I had my first real contractions around 9 pm and decided to go to sleep. My sister was out here visiting and she had the stomach flu that day, so it wasn't a great time to go into labor since she was supposed to be Zoe's support person. I slept until around 11:30, through sporadic contractions. After that I definitely had to get up and move around during contractions, or at the very least consciously breathe through them, but they still were really sporadic and not consistant in intensity. And I kept jumping back into bed between them trying to sleep. Around 1:30 AM I got out of bed for good, and started watching the clock to see how far apart the contractions were and thinking about waking up dh and calling the midwives. My contactions were still 5 minutes apart at that point and were pretty easily managed by bending over the arm of the couch and rocking back and forth. I was trying to keep really relaxed and loose and just go with things. It took me about 15 minutes(in between 3 contractions) to wake up dh . He kept telling me he was getting right up. I kept telling him he needed to get up and set up and fill the birth tub. He kept insisting he had plenty of time. And then I would have a contraction and have to go back to the arm of the couch to deal with it, and he would fall back asleep. Let's just say he is a pretty heavy sleeper . I called the midwives around 2:00 AM and could still pretty much talk through the contractions over the phone, and I was sure at that point that I was calling too soon. After I made the calls, I went maybe 6-7 minutes without a contraction, and I knew that my labor had stalled and that I had called them for nothing. That was maybe 2:10 AM. Then I started throwing up, had bloody show, and the contractions were 2-3 minutes apart. At maybe 2:20 I moved to the toilet, and the contractions tripled in intensity. My water then broke, and I called dh who was trying to fill the birth tub. I told him I wasn't going to make it in the tub. And he told me I still had plenty of time. Then with my next contraction my body was pushing like crazy. I felt her head moving down insanely quickly and told dh that the baby was coming right now. He started trying to convince me to move to the couch or bed, but at that point her head was crowning. I had my hand on my yoni trying to support her head or maybe trying to slow things down. I told him her head was out and I needed him to help me catch the baby. He said, "Holy s@#$" Then she came out with the next contraction, and he helped me catch her and then I had her. He ran to get the suction bulb, but she didn't even really need to be suctioned. She started pinking up really quickly. Dh ran and got Zoe up, and the placenta fell into the toilet. Which is kind of funny, because we have a composting toilet, so we had to wash the sawdust off later. Then dh and Zoe went and got my sister, while I was asking them to bring blankets. Dh says that next time, he will get blankets first. So we got Nora bundled up, the placenta scooped out of the toilet and put in a bowl, and we all made our way to the couch. A few minutes later the midwives arrived, and apparantly the look on their faces was priceless when dh told them that Nora was here and doing great. They helped us get her warmed up with a heating pad, she had definitely gotten a little chilled, and was just pretty pissed off in general from the superquick birth. We cut her cord maybe an hour after she was born, and did the whole newborn check. Dh put Zoe back to bed and I got checked out. No tears and it didn't even hurt to pee. It is still totally wild to think about. I feel great, and am just trying not to do too much right now. After 9+ months of puking all the time (HG pregnancy) I haven't puked once since she was born, which is really just awesome. I am not sore at all, which is crazy, since it took a week after Zoe was born before I could really sit down or walk around without horrible pain. I'm not sure if it is second baby stuff, or due to the fact that Nora was a pound and a half lighter than Zoe was. So yeah, that is the story. The midwives keep making fun of me for not calling them sooner, telling me it makes them look bad to miss births, they are mostly kidding though. And they told me next time to call them at 9 when I have my first contractions, as opposed to waiting until I'm sure at 2:00. So that was our accidental UC. Nora is doing great, she is nursing pretty well, although I really have to work to get her to open her mouth WIDE. Zoe is really excited about Nora, and would love to just lay on top of her and smother her with kisses all day long. And I think dh and I are still in a state of shock from how it all unfolded. But we do indeed feel very very blessed.
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Wow!! What a birth! Congratulations to you and your family! Welcome, little Nora!
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Beautiful! Thanks for sharing that,

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Wow! That is great! And congrats on your new little girl, pretty name
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Congrats - what a great story! Enjoy!
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That is an awesome birth story Abby. I am so happy for you and your family!
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congratulations ! a lovely story to read- thankyou
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Congratulations. I love reading birth stories.
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What a wonderful birth, I'm glad your dh was awake for it!
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Originally Posted by Mom2JandG
What a wonderful birth, I'm glad your dh was awake for it!
Me too!!!!
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Awesome birthstory! I'm glad everything went so smoothly.
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Thanks for sharing your amazing birth story!

I'm glad things went so well.
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great story!
my dd was also born on the toilet, the midwife didn't make it either, and my placenta also fell into the toilet and we had to fish it out.
but she is my first. and dh missed it because he was trying to fill up the tub.
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Very nice story! my 2nd baby's birth was similar. And the funny thing is, my dh also ran to get the suction bulb first thing. It must be a father reflex.

The composting toilet sounds interesting!

Oh, and that is one of my favorite girls names, lovely.
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Nice story! I had an accidental UC too, and I bet my MWs were more pissed off than yours. We (me, dh, and the baby) didn't let them in for almost half an hour because we were to busy enjoying the baby.
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