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Poly Families

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Since it was suggested.... just as a sort of 'meeting place' til we get everything sorted out, and beyond if necessary...
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Moving back to QP!
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Ok NOW I'm confused. Better go catch up on that other thread ...
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Me too, but I don't want to read the whole thread What exactly is the purpose of this thread. Will we talk about blending families? I was curious about that, should I take my questions to the blending families section, but these would have unique curcumstances I guess. Like dealing with mono ex's when you live a poly lifestyle with kids, how to explain to your kids what poly is etc.

It was not something that i had thought about in depth but the closer I came to starting something with a woman who had older kids, made me really take a look at the reality. We experimented with poly when DS was younger and even though he knew about daddy's gf's he really didn't understand, and of course anyone that we were casually seeing weren't introduced to him as anything other than a friend. We took a step back for my pregnancy and because we moved in with family, but now that we bought a home and we are getting it fixed up, I would so very much love to meet a lady that I could love. Which has its challenges, because I prefer to meet someone who appriciates a more natural lifestyle if you know what I mean.

Anyway I'm rambling and its the middle of the night Just thought I would try to ge the ball rolling.
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We are poly fidelitious {I can NEVER spell that word right, ask my yahoo group!} Our big problem is that we're going to have to apply for EFT/Medicaid. and the fun is going to begin when there are three adults on the app, and both males are fathers to minor children *I* have had and the one who is not my dh's is only 6 m/o....
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What happened to warrant a poly family thread? I wanna know! (I'm so way out of the loop here...)
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questions regarding who and what is queer, suggestions about making individual threads for each lifestyle..
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Ah.....wouldn't that have been a near-impossible undertaking
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uh, ok.... so exactly what is meant by "queer"? i know the derogatory term, but am assuming it's not quite the same.

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Good question Roxanne...I assume it to mean anything different than being hetro ... and when describing relationships it means anything other than monogamous.
Now for my question...What is poly? If I have a relationship outside my marriage am I in a poly? If I simply dream about it or have been in a poly in the past am I welcome in this discussion?
Just like discussed in Qeer parenting there are so many thin lines!!!
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IMO if you are in any kind of poly relationship and a parent/prospective parent, you are welcome here. Likewise those with previous experience, as long as they are not here to condemn.

I'm not sure there are paramaters to poly. I can only speak for what defines my own relationship. I am in a polyanderous, polygynous relationship. In laymens terms, I am in a 'love based relationship' with two men who are with me and me alone. Well, at this point 'with' is a relative term because my ex dh and I are no longer physically intimate or anything of the kind. We still live in the same house, we still take care of each others non-sexual needs, we are co-parents of our children, and he is the godfather to my youngest dd and takes care of her as well as his own two bio children when I get a chance to work or need a break... My primary relationship, my beloved Viper, and I are intimate on more than just the physical level. That said, we are co parenting as a whole, and neither of them is in any way intimate with anyone else, and neither am I.
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bumping to see if I'm the only poly mama left here?
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Nooope, I'm still around. Not much, though - very limited online time at the moment!
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Hallooo out there. I only happened to see this by chance; I never look in here anymore!

I am, as my location currently says, frantically preparing for Pennsic so I'm doing quick drive-bys on mdc for the most part. We leave Saturday and I get to see my sweetie.

We're just plain poly I guess. No one to cohabitate with; I'm the only one with an OSO and we don't even live in the same country.

I always refer to people who are thinking about it, or open to it but no one has come along yet, as "theoretically poly" as opposed to "practicing" I guess.
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rock on. we are going through alot of changes {all positive} in our relationships right now and I need all the support I can get. Post as often as you can
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I'm curious about how those of you who are successfully living poly met your SO's beyond your first one. DH and I knew from the beginning of our relationship that we wanted it to be a poly one, but the problem has been finding a 3rd or 3rd and 4th (say, a couple) to join us. It's frustrating, as now that DD is getting old enough to make it more feasible to get back into the social scene of courting, etc., we're both really at a loss as to where to meet someone.
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actually my now dh and I were together long before my partner and I were, but that's a story for another time. Way too tired right now
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Still here too...
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so how is everyone?

Like I said, it's a time of upheaval of sorts here. Lots of changes, readjustments and improvements going on. I'll detail them more once they are firm and finished...
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