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Originally Posted by BettinaAuSucre View Post
Id rather start local and work toward long term than wait and wait and hope and pray that something magical happens that brings the person to my area.
That's interesting, I operate entirely differently. I'd rather start by finding the person and work on making "something magical" happen to bring the two of us together physically more often. I figure finding lovers is the hard part, and logistics are just minor kinks to be worked through.

Kinky Coffee, huh? Sounds like a blast.
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I don't chat here much but I thought I'd pop in and try not to be green with envy.

I am of the the universe will drop those you need into your life... but it's been a long time. And have been wondering if I should help the universe along. I've found myself trying to come up with a cuddle buddy ad for CL a couple times in the last couple weeks. Sigh
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BettinaAuSucre; I totally understand.
I'm just also really shy IRL and find it hard to meet people, but online for some reason, everyone loves me

shanetedissac; sounds like fun! good luck with your dates.

MommyBear; wow! you sounds so busy! and kinky coffee

Indigo73; heya! haven't seen you around for a while. I'm sure there's a snugglebunny around for you.

As for me... sigh. I am going out dancing tomorrow night, and there might be this woman I've seen at the village dance a few times. Last time I saw her we got to rolling around in the dewy grass under the moonlight after the dance and she lives about 5 mins from me but she also seems to be a little bit crazy. well, aren't we all?
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Date with Chris

Hello: Had my date with Jason. It seems that he is better at texting then at emailing, so communication got better after we started doing that. We had dinner at a very casual pizza joint then went to Applebees for drinks and dessert. It was very nice to chat with a new person. He and his wife just opened their marriage about 4 months ago. It has been his wifes idea for many years and he is now opening up to the idea. My conclusion of the date was that I do not have physical attraction at this time. I'd go out with him again though, it was not awful.

My date with Chris for Friday prolly will not happen. He's sick with ??.

Hope everyone is well!

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I have a date on Saturday with a guy who messaged me on OKC. He seems really sweet and he said i was the trifecta! LOL i am sort of excited but nervous. His pictures weren't that great and i worry his physical weight is more than the pictures show. I dont mind big guys, my hubby and BF are both big, but there is such a thing as too much. I hate to get my hopes up.
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BAS, my pictures on OKC aren't great, but it's just because I don't have a camera and someone else to take better ones. Everyone I've ever met in person who has seen them has said that the pictures don't even begin to do me justice. The last guy I met from there literally had his mouth hanging open when he actually saw me. So it could be something like that, too.
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i certainly hope so some of the pictures are nice, he looks attractive, but a few others, beardless, eek me out.

pictures dont do me justice either. ive been told that i am much better in person. Thankfully.
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MommyBear: Yay for play! And Kinky Coffee sounds neat!!

majikfaerie Awww, shy? I used to be a lot shyer than I am now. Rolling around in the dewy grass under the moonlight sounds lovely! Hmmm... crazy in what way exactly? There's good crazy, and bad crazy... (which includes stalking you if things don't work out! )

shanetedissac If you don't have an attraction, why bother? Be picky! It's good for you.

Thanks for all the warm fuzzy thoughts about my soon-to-be-new mattress!! It should be fun for kinky times as well. :nana
(I can't believe they don't have the smooch smilie on here anymore! Was that too graphic or something? haha)
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so hurt right now....the guy i was supposed to go out with this weekend canceled saying he wanted to "just hang out with his family" today which sounded really flimsy as he LIVES WITH THEM.
come to find out, he has his ex over. I feel so used and lied to. He couldnt stop saying how awesome i was and how excited he was to meet me, now i find out he was seeing his ex on the side.

I hate dating. I am done.
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I just wanted to say hello, I just sat here and read EVERY page of this thread! It is very interesting and appeals to me alot...however I can't even find one guy to date me lol...I have been single for a year (and active on dating sites) and haven't been asked out once...oh well. I am jealous of the relationships alot of you have, you are so lucky...
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I'm having a bit of a down weekend. My girlfriend broke up with me on Thursday. That wasn't a big deal because we were kind of just dating in title only. Now, my new play partner doesn't seem to want me around. I'm sure I'm just overthinking everything but dang, the rejection hurts a bit.
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Sorry everyone's feeling so down. My biggest problem is that Mike doesn't think my car is going to pass inspection. This will affect not only my love life but EVERY aspect of my life. I'm absolutely livid, and hoping that he's wrong (but I don't think he is-- the transmission valve is shot, for one thing... ). I've got to stop thinking about it.
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Roll call

Hello all:

I know there are quite a few of us here and I'm getting confused keeping up with who is who. Plus, knowing where we all are geographically would be nice.

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Originally Posted by shanetedissac View Post
Hello all:

I know there are quite a few of us here and I'm getting confused keeping up with who is who. Plus, knowing where we all are geographically would be nice.

If we're going to do that, could we perhaps start a new thread and ask that this one be archived? It's kind of really really old and long.
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i hope you can get your car fixed soon Eilonwy! I think a new thread would be helpful with a roster of who is where and how many partners we have? is that too much information?
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New thread! It's long past time, after all. If someone else wants to start a roll call or maybe post a definition of poly or some such... right on! I've got to get back to schoolwork with the kiddles.
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is there a new thread? it doesnt really make sense to put it in the queer parenting section does it?

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