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Plans Anyone?

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Okay, I confess - I am an obsessive planner. So here are my plans that I came up with yesterday for getting ready for baby and nesting in general.

During the first trimester, I'm going to finish up projects I already have planned for the house in general. I knit a curtain valence for one window in my kitchen - I need to knit another one for the other window. I have fabric to make two twin size quilts for the beds we are supposed to be getting from my parents (the set I had when I was a kid). Then I also have fabric to make a quilt for our bed and I want to make or buy some new curtains for the windows in our bedroom. I have a sweater half-knit for myself that I want to finish as well. I'm giving myself until about the end of April to get all this done.

Then during the second trimester, I will be knitting baby things. I will start knitting with the yarn I already have leftover from items I have made ds. I have made a list of what I want...from diaper covers to sweaters and hats...and I will be knitting stuff for 0-3 months (small) as well as 3-6 months (medium). DS doubled his weight in two months, and with a newborn, I don't know that I'll have time to get the yarn and knit an entire 3-6 month wardrobe. If I already have it half done in gender-neutral colors, I should have time after the baby is born to finish it up in gender-specific colors. As for diapers, I already have some yummy sherpa I will use to make a few fitted diapers for Dh and babysitters, and then I'll make some smaller flats to use myself. And baby quilts - I want to make at least a couple baby quilts. I haven't found the patterns or fabric I like yet, but I'm shopping for it. I want a crib quilt (45x60) and a smaller quilt (30x40) as well as a lap quilt for the car (20x20). So I'll be doing all this in May, June and July.

And finally, the third trimester, it's back to knitting for myself. I want to make striped knitted stockings for everyone in my family for Christmas, and I also want to make linen dishcloths to use as gifts as well. I want to make some new socks for myself (which I already have yarn for). The stockings should be fairly mindless (good early labor project) and the dish cloths and socks should be more interesting. If I have enough things lined up, I can worry about getting them all done instead of pining away for the baby to come. See my strategy?

Since this is our second, there really isn't much more to do. I'll have to buy another car seat, and I may pick up a few infant clothes at garage sales this summer since there were spit-up stains all over ds's and I got rid of them. But other than that, we have what we need, and I am sure we will probably get some gifts as well. So that's really all there is to do.

Anyone else have silly plans like this?
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WOW Tana you got it together girl!!
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Not yet....
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well, I'm just planning to have everything I need to have ready (new carseat, baby clothes, diapers, etc) by July 1, becuase I know sometime soon after that I will probably be on bedrest till babe's born. Once I do go on bedrest, I'll be a knitting and pattern writing fool trying to keep myself from going crazy, LOL! so, in anticipation of that, I'll also be a yarn dyeing fool this spring, hopefully to keep the site stocked for a good long while while I'm out of commission.

But ya know what they say about the best laid plans...
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well im getting married when im 18 weeks (LOL).. and as soon as we know the sex i have to start garage sale shoping for baby clothes. I hate neutrals!

Anyhow, im hoping to get most of my stuff (i got rid of all of what i had except the stroller) by august.

We also have to decide if were going to move in august (our lease is up and we want to get a house).. so.. i may be busy enough as is.

Oh and I should be finishing school in September (CMT) so hopefully Ill work up till i pop and then stay home until i get rolling as CMT.

The only actual big furniture im going to get before baby is a co-sleeper, because my fiance is really reluctant about baby in the bed.

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We'll be moving in April. I had a ton to do, painting, sealing tile, staining boards for a fence, all stuff I can't do now I'm pg. We've already hired a guy to do all that stuff for us now, DH doesn't have the time. We have to get the house we are in now ready for renters, and then when the renters move out of the other house on April 1st, we have a month to tear out flooring, etc...and get it ready for us to live in. I'll spend most of the summer, working on yard work.

DH hopes to downscale his business by this summer so he'll actually be able to take time off when this baby comes. I'm giving him till August.

I kept everything from dd, I just need to get some newborn CDs, more mama cloth for me, and I want a new sling.
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I'm still trying to figure out if I actually am pregnant or not.

If I am, then I need to try and get some clothes back from the lady who inherited all of my clothes with her recent baby. Thanking God that we didn't have a chance to have a garage sale last year, so I still have all the big stuff.

Baby steps, baby steps........
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I'm usually such a planner but the only thing I can think about these days is how tired I am and when I get sleep next...so I surely haven't planned anything beyond leaving work today and going straight to home and jumping into bed...yawn
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My favorite thing I'm looking forward to is crocheting a baby blanket. I usually make them for my friends when they are due, so I've done a ton of them... I just need to decide pattern/colors for this one. My son's blanket didn't get finished until right before I was due...

I really need to get my knitting skills up to par. I bought a pattern (actually, from you, Knittin') when I was pregnant with my son, but I was so ill that I didn't feel like doing much of anything for most of my pregnancy - especially if I had to think

Other than that, just rearranging and getting things in order. I just went through a period of high-energy (before I knew I was pregnant) where I organized all the baby clothes/diapers by size.

I'm sure we'll think of more things as time progresses, though
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