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How long did you push? The poll version... - Page 2

Poll Results: How long did you push (check more than one if you had more than one baby)

This is a multiple choice poll
  • 29% (88)
    15 minutes or less
  • 18% (56)
    15-30 minutes
  • 8% (26)
    30-45 minutes
  • 10% (30)
    45-60 minutes
  • 4% (12)
    60-90 minutes
  • 5% (17)
    90-120 minutes
  • 9% (28)
    2-3 hours
  • 5% (16)
    3-4 hours
  • 3% (10)
    4-5 hours
  • 2% (7)
    5-6 hours
  • 3% (10)
    6 or more hours
299 Total Votes  
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I pushed for about 10 minutes with my dd.
I gave birth in the hospital, but the birth was natural (no pitocin, no IV, etc.)
I had the doc compliment me in that he'd never seen such fast pushing in a first time mom. Whether it was true or not, it was nice to hear in the middle of labor. Boy, was I proud.
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Gee whiz, now I'm feeling pretty uncertain.

My first (and only) I pushed just over 6 hours. Home / water birth, no medication, etc.

It sounds like everyone is saying they had to push longer when in the wrong position, or with an epi, or whatever.

So I'm wondering if something went wrong for me.

I tore like heck, too, because after 6 hours I finally decided she was coming out in the next push no matter what. It took 2 pushes from when I made that firm decision, and I definitely tore myself. Still glad I did it.
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I pushed for 6.5 hrs. and ended up with a c section...

Hopefully, I will push for less than 15 minutes with this baby !! Hope springs eternal....
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I pushed for 6+ hours in every possible position with rolling contractions, and then I had a csec.
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1st baby (8.6 Hospital birth)--2 1/2 hours

2nd baby (7.10 homebirth)-- about 25 minutes

I'm hoping this one is just as good or better than the second, but we'll see
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wow i envy those women who only pushed 15 minutes - OR LESS
my first was 2 hours before i was sectioned,
next 3 were homebirths so
baby #2 - 4 hours
baby #3 - 30 minutes
baby #4 - 40 minutes.

i never got that quicky birth i wanted
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I have one child, he was born in a hospital. After being in a little over 33 hours of labor, my nurse was convinced I'd be one of those who takes a few hours to push cause both myself and my body were so tired. The doctor was in the office and they called him told him to take his time, but I was 10 cm. He walked through the door 30 mintues later just in time to see my sons body slip out into the nurses waiting hands.

They all looked at me stunned saying "wow, for a first timer, you really know how to push!"
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20 min. wiith the first, 12 min. with the second.
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Both labors were around 4 hours from beginning of active labor to the delivery. With DS1 pushing was about 30 mins and with DS2 it was 11 mins.
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I voted 3-4 hours. I pushed for about 3 hrs and 20-odd minutes at the end of a 40 hour induction at 36 weeks. Before I was a full 10 cm I felt an overwhelming need to push, and DS was posterior throughout most of 2nd stage, but we finally got him to turn. I think his position was the main reason I pushed for so long. Luckily no tearing - only a small "abrasion."
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from my first urge to push, it took about an hour. cannot remember how many surges, but do know the time of rest in between them was long and glorious. of course, the release of his body and holding him were far more glorious than that though! I had a home waterbirth and my midwife got there just as I started to get my push urge. Mary
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Most of them I pushed fr less than 15 minutes. My 5th (homebirth) I pushed for 5 1/2 hours.
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About 90 min with my first, 20 min with my 2nd.
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45 min. with my first (9 lbs. even, no tears)
2 "pushes" (my uterus did it for me- I held back until I got out of the car!) with #2 (9lbs5oz, small skid mark)
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About 20 minutes with each, though possibly less... I wasn't watching the clock.
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I pushed for about 7 hours in every conceivable position. No meds. Ended up with a c-section because DD never made it past 0 station.

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so even though you can click on more than one box- I can only click on one box-but if I could I would choose-- the 15 min or under time slot..... 4 times ; )

always waited for the irresistible time to push- even in the 2 in hospital were fast when it came to pushing
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10 minutes with my first 2, none with my 3rd, as he ended up being a csection due to poor positioning and being unable to get him to move.
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I had to clairify my answer as well.

it depends on your position, when you begin pushing, size and position and number baby you are having.

#1 4+hrs (pos 9lb), #2 1hr (pos 9lb girl), #3 4+hrs (pos 9lb boy)

all of the above I started pushing at -1 or 2 station and as soon as I found the slightest urge

with the last 2 I pushed only when I could no longer hold back, and baby was crowned. half a push with #4 (ant 7lb) and 4 pushes (had to get her out by midnight so I started a little too soon) for #5 (pos 8lbs)
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With dd, most likely 20-25 minutes. Two years later, my son popped out in three pushes. I got smart and tried it standing up with him. Gravity really helps!
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