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Piano vs loveseat... pls help me decide!!!

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We recieved an upright piano (M. Schultz and Co.... if that matters )from Freecycle last spring. It does need tuning (which I haven't gotten around to yet... don't know when I will). My thought was to get it for the kids, have it tuned and for them to take lessons which I did as a child. Pretty much right now it's just sitting in our too small as it is livingroom taking up space (although we do use the top of it for storing our photobooks and DVD's and underneath we put some of the kids toys). I just wonder if we should re-freecycle it to someone who would use it so we could have the space for a loveseat for the kids( we could REALLY REALLY use more seating). Right now in the livingroom we have a sleeper sofa, rocking chair, computer desk and entertainment center.....not to mention most of the babys toys and a tote of Little People... all this in a 12'x15' room. I just can't decide...... WWYD? Right now we rent and hopefully within 2 yrs will be able to buy a house so in the long run I'ld like to keep it but for now we really could use more sitting in the livingroom. There's no other possible place for it in the house either. I'm in a MAJOR purging effort of things around the house but I don't want to act too hastily and regret getting rid of it since the chances of us getting a piano ever again (especially a free one) are slim.
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I think it really comes down to you making up your mind and sticking with lessons, etc. If you don't really care about it now, you prob. won't when you move, either. Have your children expressed interest in playing? Maybe Freecycle it and find something smaller, like a guitar. My mother is an accomplished pianist and she tried to get me to play as a child and I had no interest whatsover. I really wanted to play the trumpet, so that's what I played. It's strange how we try and push what we do/did on our children like that. As for space, sounds like it's collecting junk. Where was I going with this? Oh yeah, I would send it on it's way to children who have truly expressed interest.
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HI Thanks for replying, I do lurk quite a bit in this forum but this is my first posting. I wouldn't say they've expressed interest in taking lessons but they do like pounding on it I guess it is kinda taking up space but it is nice to be able to keep the DVD's out of the little ones reach and be able to tuck toys underneath it so they're out from under foot. Arghhh... I just can't make up my mind, lol. My kids are only 7, 5 and 17 months so they do have plenty of time to take lessons and I would never force them to take lessons but I want the opportunity to be there if they do. Maybe I'm just caught up in organizing and simplifing our lives that I'm jumping into getting rid of it... at least thats what dh says
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I just got my piano from my parents' place and while it is taking up (valuable) space in our play room I consider it a very valuable item. For me a sofa and rocking chair sound like enough seating.
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I'd keep the piano.

You never know if having it around will encourage your kids to try it out.

Nothing like music in the home
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Maybe you could get an upholstered bench for the piano that would serve as extra seating. It is a lot easier to acquire a new loveseat than a piano so I'd hold onto it if in doubt. Maybe get it tuned sooner rather than later so the kids can start benefiting from hearing it in tune as the play with it.
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Have you had the piano checked to be sure it is WORTH keeping? If the sound board is cracked, or the piano needs other repairs, it might not even be worth the struggle you are having now deciding whether to keep it. Sometimes, a costly repair can be hard for the inexperienced eye to find. Perhaps getting an experienced piano tuner/maintenance person out to check it over should be your first step.
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We aquired a piano through neat situation last year. I have played music all of my life... but never piano. We have a VERY tiny house. It does take up a lot of space, but I love the energy it brings to the home. Every time a guest comes they cant help themselves but to play the "one" song they know. Kids plunk away at it. It is really worth keepiing! We rent though... I am not looking forward to the prospect of moving the darn thing! But I really love it... despite its space hogging tendancies. I love the suggestion of getting an upolstered piano seat!
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Ditto the suggestion to have the piano tuned. That way you do know if it is worth keeping or not.

Also we just had our piano tuned and my 6 year old has switched from just playing randomly on it to figuring out little tunes. I have no idea if that is coincidence or not, but he sure seems to be enjoying it now.
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Thanks everyone for all the ideas and suggestions... we do have a bench for it actually, it's just a small one and we actually keep it across the LR under a window to prevent ds#2 from getting to the outlet. I do think I'll look into getting it tuned then take it from there. Does anyone know how much tuning runs? Another idea I had was to move the computer into our bedroom.... not sure about that though....
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In the small city I used to live in, piano tuning was around $65. Here it's around $80 (DC metro area). Depends on where you live.
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