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we spent the weekend with df's parents (his mom works as a nurse in the baby/mother center in another state) and we just told them we are getting married (we actually had the place booked before we even got PG!) .. and he didnt want to break two big pieces of news in with them at once. LOL

I dont see the point in waiting with them, but eh.

I will prolly tell my sister and dad this week as they seem to think im hiding it if i dont tell them ASAP.
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We told our parents and my best friend. My husband is a pastor, though, and we're not telling his congregations for a couple months. Last time around, I was SOOOO SICK that we ended up telling them at about 9 weeks... this time, so far so good... so I'd like to hold off sometime second trimester.
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I'm waiting. I've told one good friend, she's due within a month of me, and lives on the other side of the continent now, so we felt safe in telling each other, knowing that it wouldn't get around I haven't told dh yet, though I have been telling him I think I might be (I just tested yesterday).

Luckily, we just moved, and so even though I think I'm popping already, I don't think most people we will meet will realize that it isn't my normal figure

We'll probably wait until at least the end of the first tri. to tell anyone. My SIL is due late in June. I'm trying to figure out if it would be better to announce it before or after her baby is born... she's such a sweetheart, I'm sure she wouldn't feel like we were "stealing her thunder," but still. Besides, this is baby #4 for us, and we have both genders already, so there's very little excitement left, right? ILs will be happy for us -- my dh is kid #6 of 7 kids; one of his sister just had #4, and his other sister will have 5 soon -- but I'm *terrified* of telling my family. One set of my grandparents had 6 kids... everyone else since then has had three at most, and most of them had 2. I will probably tell a couple of more close friends. My problem, as others have said, will be my older kids. My oldest is 6, and they came with me to midwife appointments before... I'm pretty sure he would remember them, and if he's in the room with me while I'm talking to the mw... it wasn't an issue with the last pregnancy, because dh was working a shift that let him take me to the appointment and go for a walk with the boys for the first half of the pregnancy But now, he's got a regular old 9-5 job, and I'm not sure what to do. He has just started, I don't know how easy it would be for him to schedule a morning off.
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I have told one friend so far and my baby's father was there when I did two pregnancy tests. On Friday, I am getting together with another friend and sharing the news. I have decided to wait to tell anyone else based on what I have read. I would find it so hard to 'un-tell'.

My parents are going to be very upset with the news so I want to know for sure that everything will be okay. (I am scared to tell them too.)
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