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Can I share a pic of my cute nb dipes?

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Okay, I think I've got this picture thing figured out, so I'd love to share a picture of the nb dipes I made a couple of weeks ago. They're a super soft quilting flannel with hidden internal soaker. I plan on pinning so there's no snaps or aplix. I made six with this particular fabric combo. Thanks for looking!

turtle dipes

Here's another set of 6 that I made........

white dipes
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Those are cute!!!! I really love the turtle fabric! Great job!

So what pattern did you use?
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they're real nice, I too like the turtle pattern, most of mine are so plan jane..I love when people make them with patterned fabric

Peace Lisa
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Great Job!

love the turtles!!!
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Thanks guys!

The pattern is just one of my own that I traced off of a random diaper I really liked. It works really well with pinning because I can fold the front down and pin close to the center, or I can fold up and pin the wings together and it fits for a long time!
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Those are awesome! The turtle print is super cute!
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Very cute. I love the fabric.
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very adorable. i love the turtles.
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Very sweet! You did a great job sewing them. They all look uniform and your top stitching really made them look finished. It makes me want to top stitch now. Did you top stitch before you put the elastic in? Can I have your detailed regime?
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Very adorable and so well sewn! I esp. love the turtle ones. I want a new tiny baby!
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They look so soft and sweet. Nice work!
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Oooooooooh! They look so soft and comfy! What did you use for your soaker material?
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You did a great job! Your diapers are so cute. And of course, like everyone else I also the turtle print. Awesome job!
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Thanks.....I'm glad you guys like them! I keep them stacked up on the changing table here so I can walk by and pet them and squish them once in awhile because I think they're so cute, but no one else around here really cares about them!

The soaker pad is just 3 layers of diaper flannel since these are going to be for a newborn and I have some lay in doublers to use for extra absorbancy. There's a hidden body layer of diaper flannel, and the soaker and elastic are sewn to that first. Then I sew all the layers together and turn right sides out. Then I topstitch all the way around. Pretty simple!
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I can soooo relate to being proud of your accomplishment. My husband says, "That's nice" but he doesn't get enthusiastic about it. I feel so creative when I'm done making a diaper and I feel thrifty and genius and special.

Those diapers are really nice and thank you for telling me how you do it. I haven't topstiched any of my diapers but I think I might because it just gives it that last finished off look. Wonderful.
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