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Asher Tate has arrived! (long)

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Monday afternoon I started having contractions that felt different than the braxton hicks ones I had been having but they were very random in length and spacing. By 11:00 they were uncomfortable enough that I had to get out of bed and walk around. I began watching the time and they were fairly consistent at 3 minutes apart, but seemed to vary in length and did not seem to be getting closer or more intense. They kept up this pattern until about 2 when I decided to call my mw. I felt like I was doing ok on my own and we decided I would call back when I wanted them to come over. They kept up like that until about 6:30 then stopped: . The rest of the day they were like 10-30 minutes apart.

Then that evening (tues.) they again picked up. I was really nervous that they might just keep up again all night and then disapear in the morning. By 10 they were once again about 3 minutes apart and a little more consistent in length. I decided to call the mw to see what she thought. We decided to have her apprentice Betsy come check me and see how things were going. Betsy was checking me, looking at the ceiling and then in her quiet amazed voice, goes "Wow, this is the most open cervix I have ever felt!" I was 5-6 cm! So she called the mw who came over and by then intensity had definatly picked up and we filled the tub. I got in the water at around midnight, and it felt soooo good! The mw were so hands off it was great! They mostly rested on the couch and let me be. At the end of transition I was having really hard contractions on top of each other with no break and getting discouraged and they quietly piped up with just the right encouragement. At one point in a break I said "I change my mind I don't want to be pregnant anymore!" The mw said "Don't worry, you won't be soon."

The contractions then changed a bit and I felt pushy so I started pushing. At that point I so wanted to be done that I just pushed with everything I had. I told the mw when I felt burning and she came over to the tub. I was sitting on my heals which does not leave much room for babe to come out so leaned back and pushed him out. I only pushed for 13 minutes. Dh caught him (at 3:13am on 2/22) and handed him to me, then went to go get Sonja who had somehow slept through the whole thing! Her room is right next to the living room, and I was LOUD! He said "Do you want to come see your new brother" She replied in a grumpy sleepy voice "No" So dh said "Well I am going in the living room." And Sonja goes "But I have to get dressed first!"

Asher calmly sat with dad while I got stiched up for a first degree tear and Sonja watched from a distance. He was 9 pounds 4 ounces and 19 inches long. He has huge round cheeks! Asher and I went to sleep by 5, before the mw even left. My mom came over at around 10 in the morning, did our dishes, then took Sonja for the day so we could sleep! We were so greateful! Nursing seems to be going well, I think my milk is going to come in soon! Yeah!
This birth was so different than dd's long labor in the hospital full of interventions. This birth was very healing for me.
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Congratulations and I love the name!
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Congratulations! Sounds like a great birth! And I love the name!
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oh congrats! sounds wonderful--my HB was very healing for me too, I can't believe how different it was

My Ds didn't want to see her either--his friend was here with his mom and he would rather play than see the baby!!
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Congrats! That was a very beautiful birth story.
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Cyndi Lou - congrats, he is soooooo cute and I can't wait to hold his cute little body again
-Sue Sue
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