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Want to take Omega 3 supplement but the one made me sick!

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After reading about it, I know I'm not getting enough Omega 3 in my diet, or maybe even any. I am at 21 weeks, and at my last appt. the doctor gave me samples of PrimaCare One Liquagels. I tried one (in the morning, with my regular prenatal, with food) and that evening my tummy did NOT feel good!

Not sure what to do. I know there are a ton of different brands out there, but I don't have the time or the $$ to keep buying bottles only to use one pill to see if it makes me sick or not.

Anyone else have problem taking omega 3/fish oil and find one that doesn't make you sick to your stomach? I don't think I'm "technically" allergic to fish although it makes me gag. But obviously, even in pill form, my body had a problem with it.

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fish oil omega 3 supplements actually can become denatured and cause free radicals to run rampent unless you take a vit e supplement to counter this effect.

also there are lots of foods to eat to get your omega 3s. one very simple one is walnut oil. about 7 dollars for 12 oz of cold pressed organic oil. number one excellent source. mix with salads, yogurt, on toast 2tablespoons a day. also dark leafy raw greens such as spinach, broccoli, bok choy, etc. and surprisingly melons and cherries have omega 3s. a combination of all these things should get you enough omega 3s from fresh sources not processed like in a supplement. and if you eat fish and can find wild, known to be low mercury content: deep water fish is high in omega 3s such as salmon. wild pacific though, not farm raised or wild atlantic.

quit taking the supplement. complain to the company that it did not sit with you right that it might be denatured. request a refund and stick with fresh sources of omega 3s.

you should be fine during pregnancy if you eat a balanced diet with the above included.
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Thanks! However I am highly allergic to nuts/peanuts etc. so the walnut oil is out. And also anything with high concentrations of soy. About the only dark leafy green I can handle is romaine lettuce, although I don't even know if that counts. I'll have to check into the melon and cherries. Are grapes omega 3 or are they more of antioxidant?

I can't eat anything that makes me gag, so fish is out, and I also have the same problem with a lot of vegetables
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Flax seed oil is another alternative. It's high in omega 3's. You can use it anywhere. I put a tsp on top of a helping of spaghetti, use it in salad dressings, put it on potatoes - I've even put a tsp in smoothies.
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Hmmm, not even sure if flax seed will work either. I tried a wheat bread once with flax seed, my tummy was NOT happy with that either! I'm not trying to be difficult, I think my body just has a hard time/intolerance/allergy to those types of things (nuts, seeds, soybeans, etc). And I actually have horrible reactions to sesame seeds.

But maybe the oil would not affect me like the seed would. I'm not sure.
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