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I just decided to bite the bullet and order some fancier WAHM dipes, I love them!! I got some Muttaqins and peewells and el bee baby, all used, but so nice!! I did get one new Muttaqins and then I also ordered from Bella Bottoms on Ebay. She makes the nicest diapers!! I just have to share how much her dipes have improved! I order from Bella Bottoms off Ebay when I was still pg and the dipes I got them were nice, but her new ones are even better! She has improved on the design, making them fit longer and more comfy! Her prices are reasonable and her dipes sturdy!

I am just so excited to have a stash filled with more than prefolds and a few pockets!!! I can't wait to put my pumpkin in theses wonderful diapers, why does the wash take soo long!!