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Sex ed naturally, in the tub

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I'm staying with friends right now who have a 6 y.o. boy (intact), a 3 y.o. girl and a 1 y.o. girl. All 3 kids born at home, boy intact, father circ'd. Today I put the boy and his 3 y.o. sister in the bath together and the baby girl came crawling right in and stood up holding onto the tub to watch the fun. After being on this list for a while, I definately could see a lot more distinctions about the boy's intact penis and sure was happy that he will have that intact advantage all his life.

After playing for a while in the tub, the boy said "Can you put some more hot water, I'm getting cold." He's a skinny little thing and his sister is more chubby and I notice that he feels the cold more than her. I ran some more hot water in and I noticed out of the corner of my eye that he was twiddling and twirling with his foreskin. He seemed to be in deep trance so I averted my eyes and respected his privacy to do whatever he wanted. His sisters were doing their thing and seemed quite oblivious to anything but their own fun in the bath.

I was reminded of all the baths that I had with my brothers and sisters and the "party tricks" my intact brothers did to entertain us in the bath. It was so innocent but also fascinating. (that's actually the only time in my life I've had "penis envy" ) I'm so grateful that my first introduction to the male sex organs was in a natural, family situation where the adults were centred and relaxed about kids playing together.

I only have daughters but they, too, had lots of baths with their little boy friends. I hope all the kids that I have looked out for in my life remember me as a calm, centred adult that forwarded their acceptance of their beautiful bodies.
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this is sort of o/t, but reminded me . . . .

for a girlfriend's hen night we took her to see "puppetry of the penis" and one of the guys was talking about how he got started by doing tricks in the bath for his siblings . . . . . he also mentioned that one really needs a foreskin in order to do many of the "tricks"

i hope my dd can learn in the same way as yours
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Ah, kids... : aren't they the greatest? That's a cool story.

I was reading this forum the other day while my daughter nursed. She is just starting to be able to read, so she asked me what some words were and what they meant. Before you know it, I was explaining in a neutral fashion that some people felt that part of a baby boy's penis needed to be cut off when he was born. I wanted to see what she'd say if I didn't make any kind of a judgment on it. She looked at me, SO alarmed, and said

"WE didn't do that to OUR baby! And he likes us for it!"

You know, it's something that's inherently obvious to a 4-year-old...
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