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Anyone up for a March Spring Cleaning Challenge!?! - Page 2

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I'm not keeping up w/ the points, but this thread has inspired me to do some spring cleaning.

So far I have decluttered and reorganized my dresser drawers; cleaned all of the ceiling fan blades in the house; reorganized and decluttered kitchen cabinets and two closets; and cleaned my kitchen floor on my hands and knees.

I now have a huge pile of stuff for a yard sale!

Next on my list to do: clean out the frig.
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As a February declutter challenge dropout, I hesitate to join, but maybe, just maybe, earning points will motivate me. My house isn't exactly in a shambles, and most of the clutter REALLY IS dh's. But it just isn't as clean around here as I'd like it to be. And now that ds is mobile, he gets into everything. So I'm in. I think I'll print off the list, too. Maybe crossing things off a list AND earning points will be just the ticket for me.
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Well, I can finally reply! I keep getting Server to Busy messages :P

So far I've got 7 windows= 350
Clutter Spot #1= 100
All pictures in the LR dusted, ect.= 50?

So, that's 500 for me! I still need to do the ceiling fan, and the floors in the LR, and then I"m planning to tackle the kitchen (well, maybe). Sound slike we are getting some work done, Ladies!
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Well I've been busy

I pulled everything out of our closet - vacuumed/dusted it out and then only replaced the things that we are using/need. I also organised everything as I was putting it back. I've got a couple of garbage bags full of things to donate. I've got to hold onto it till next week as a charity truck is coming by for a pickup but then it will be out of here.

I've also cleaned our main computer desk. Took everything off - dusted everywhere (ick - it was really dusty!) Lots of papers into the shreader and only what belongs was put back neatly.

I just keep staring at my closet and desk - they look so nice - it makes me happy to look at them....now I just have to shut my eyes when walking through the rest of the house

So I guess my total so far is 300 pts.....
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Last night, I finished cleaning my kitchen table. I had amazing results. Last week, we pulled a chair off the curb that happened to match my kitchen chairs nearly perfectly. So, I cleaned that chair for the first time; it had some white labels stuck onto it and some white paint on the back. I got all that off and used steel wool on some rust spots on the chrome legs. Then I started to clean my original chairs the same way, and, lo and behold, most of those dark spots I thought was rust turned out to be old darkened food! I got those chairs second-hand, too, but now they look great. There are still a few rust spots, but they look much nicer. I also got some food bits off the table and the nearby wall. 50 points.

Then I got rid of all the cobwebs in my kitchen. 25 points.

Total: 175.
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well, we're about snowed in, we've got like 2 ft, and its still coming down, supposed to sno all weekend, so i'll hopefully get alot done this weekend
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I'm a little late but I'm in. This house is in deperate need of a declutter and a deep clean.
Thanks for taking the time to write out such a thorough list, Free Thinker!
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Okay so I got my closet cleaned out and orginized I have 2 bags for goodwill 2 bags for my sister to take to school for kids in need and 1 bag of GARBAGE how does garbage get in a closet???? tomorrow during Ds's nap I tackle KITCHEN CUBBORDS

So I didn't do the cubbords I did my whole bathroom I cleaned the tub and wahed the floor and counter and toilet I alsso did the kitchen floor. Now I just need to declutter one of the bathroom cubbords that will be tomorrow!

Karen and Baby Joe
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I just finished washing all my kitchen walls. I even got out my ladder and wiped down the top half of the wall and parts of the ceiling and got the funky stuff up there. 150 points.

I also cleaned my baseboards in the kitchen. 50 points.

The kitchen is coming right along. I still need to do the fridge, the stove, oven, and maybe the windows (hate windows). I also started on my bathroom. I gave the shower a good scrub and cleaned out the medicine cabinet, but there's still more to do in there. I need to wash those walls, too, because they're getting moldy. Is that part of the 500 bathroom points, or do I get 150 extra for that?

Total: 375.
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I'm in. I'm gonna have to print out that list too.
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Originally Posted by BinahYeteirah
I need to wash those walls, too, because they're getting moldy. Is that part of the 500 bathroom points, or do I get 150 extra for that?
I think it would be 150 extra for the walls!
(What does bs"d mean at the beginning of your posts?)

I don't have any points yet because I haven't finished any one job, but I've been motivated and have been doing some cleaning. I did the fridge yesterday except for vacuuming the coils and pulling it out to clean behind it. I also did almost all the baseboards in the living room and almost finished vacuuming that room. I did the baseboards as I was moving the furniture to vacuum under it. I would have finished the whole room, but ds decided he wanted to eat the vacuum cord (of course, I didn't let him, but I had to put away the vacuum). Hopefully both of those jobs will get finished this afternoon and I'll be on to some more.

I think there should be bonus points for each task depending on the number of children you have! Now that ds is mobile, I am finding it very difficult to do this! I can't imagine having more than one to keep track of!

Hey, it's only March 5th and it seems that several people are off to a great start!
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I also was wondering what bs"d means??!!

Tonight I took out my steam vac and cleaned my livingroom couch tomorrow morning I plan on doing to rug and hallway. and maybe even the familyroom rug if not that rug is not in bad shape at all so I could do that at a later date Ds and I are in the livingroom all the time so it has priority. I haven;t kept track of points because my printer has no ink so I can't print out the page:

I did the ruga nd hallway!!!

Karen and baby Joe
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i got my lower kitchen cabinets done this weekend for a start of 100 points
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Originally Posted by trini
I think it would be 150 extra for the walls!
(What does bs"d mean at the beginning of your posts?)
Thanks for the feedback regarding those wall points.

And regarding the beginning of my posts:

It is an acronym for an Aramaic phrase that means, "with the help of heaven". It's a reminder that everything I do, even posting at MDC, I do with G-d's help.
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Yesterday, I did some more work on my bathroom, but it's still not done. It's hard to work there when my kids are asleep, because the light burnt out in there and we still haven't replaced it. You have to be able to see that dirt if you want to clean it.

Instead of working on that more, I cleaned out the built-in sideboard/cabinets in our "dining room" (it's meant to be a dining room, so we call it that, but it has no furniture other than the built-in). I had a box of things I'm attempting to sell, dd's changing pad, diapering stuff, and random clutter on the built-in's countertop. I rearranged the things in the built-in's drawers and put the diapering stuff in the drawer below the changing pad. Then I put the box of stuff I'm selling into the cabinet and put away some of the clutter. It looks much nicer now without all the diapering stuff and the box out there, but I still have my nice changing station close to the bathroom. I'm giving myself 100 points for that since I figure it's roughly equivalent to a dresser. 100 points.

Then I removed the cobwebs from the dining room. 25 points.

Total: 500.
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wow we're all doing so good I think we should give ourselves a big

Karen and baby Joe
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Babysteps. I cleaned one window inside and out and the screen. I de-cobwebed the entryway, the living room and the dining room.

so 125 for me
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I CLEANED the fridge today. scrubbed the inside of the fridge and freezer, pulled out all the shelves and drawers and washed them in the sink and am defrosting it. Yay!

The house in general is a disaster right now since we're putting in tile, but it will finalyl get paid today, and grouted tomorrow, then we can put the sink and toilet back in.
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I was going to take this month off, but with the baby coming I think I really need to start sooner than later. We're still working on painting dd's new room and I'm going to be gone the next 2 weekends, so we'll see how well things go with trying to do it during the week. I'm trusting that everyone here will help keep me going. That being said, we are now 7 days into the month and I have yet to do anything. My goal is to do something, however small, every day. Wish me luck.
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So I finally finished the bathroom. Everything in there is CLEAN. Yea! 500 points.

I even washed the walls, which is good since they were getting mildewy. The fan in there broke and even keeping the large window open all the time isn't helping. I suppose it will come back, but it looks better for now. 150 points.

Total: 1150.
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