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Your preschoolers favoite jokes!

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My 3 yo loves jokes- too bad he just keeps repeating these 4 over and over again. Any one have some more good ones?

What bird flies over the Chesapeake (or just bay)?
A bagel.

What has 6 wheels and flies?
A trashtruck

Why didn't the skeleton cross the road?
He didn't have the guts.

Where do sheep get their hair cut?
At the baa-baa shop
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"Knock knock."

Who's there?

"Impatient cow."

Impatient cow wh- "MOOOO!"


"Knock knock"

Who's there?


Dwaine who?

"Dwaine the bathtub, I'm dwowning!"


The "Orange you glad I didn't say banana?" knock-knock joke has been banned in this household .
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My 3 year old's first joke:

"Hey, Mom, guess what?"


Hahahahaha!!!! hahahahahaha!!!!! [Falls down laughing...]

I'm sure his sense of "funny" will improve!
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At age 4 my dd told the entire church congregation this one:

Did you hear about the skunk who went to church?

He had a whole pew to himself!
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My ds (4) made this one up all by himself.. At least i THINK he did.. It is his 1st and favorite joke...


Who's there..


Cargo who??


laughs hysterically...

repeat every 10 seconds....

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My 3 1/2 year old has a really weird sense of humor, one day while I was getting him out of the car at the day care - he pointed at the guy triming the grass and said:
"There's my Daddy"
Then cracked up laughing........... I laughed as well, and now its an everyday thing, anyone cutting grass/trees/shrubs - is daddy!!

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My 4 year old's....

My 4 y/o came into the room recently holding a baby doll with a crayon up to her mouth. I asked her if she was giving her a bottle and she said,

"No mom, it's crayon-berry juice!".

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Hayden also loooooves the skeleton crossing the road joke ~ he will substitute *brains* for *guts* sometimes :LOL

Both kids (6&4) make up their own knock-knock jokes ~ most make no sense but crack them up nonetheless! We've also had to ban the *banana/orange* joke. MY favorite response to their jokes:

Knock, Knock

Who's there?


Jamaica who?


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4 year old son: Why did the bear cross the road? Cause it was the chickens day off!

2 year old son: Knock, knock...Who's there? Panther. Panther who? Panther no pant(h)s, I'm coming in!

34 year old mom: Why is a giraffes head so far away from his body? Because his neck's so long! :

Thanks for all the good jokes, we need some new material...
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Maeve just could never get the hang of jokes. She has her father's sense of humour, that is to say, NONE.

Her favourite was, "Mommy, the pig fell in the mud." and then to laugh herself sick.

She's still humour challenged.
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Thanks for some more! Please keep posting, I am sure in a few weeks I will really want some new ones.
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There was a thread in TAO awhile back about some jokes that had won funniest joke awards in some kind of international contest. They were a scream. The one best suited to preschoolers goes: "What's brown and sticky?" "A stick!"

Dd, six, loves that one!

I heard a kid on "Kids Say the Darnedest Things" tell a joke that was pretty cute. He was from someplace down south and a cute little accent to go with it. "What do you get when you play a country song backwards?" "You get your truck back, your house back, your wife back. . ."
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Q. What is invisibale and smells like a banana?
A. Moneky burp

Q. mommy, mommy, can a lick the bowl?
A. No, tommy, you have to flash it like eveyone elce!
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How do you make a kleenex dance?

You put a little boogie in it!
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okay...I'm usually the last one to get a joke and I've been working on this one all day. I still don't get it!
Q. mommy, mommy, can a lick the bowl?
Can somebody explain it to me? I so hate it when I have to ask but if I don't it'll drive me crazy!
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The *toilet* bowl....
No licking, you've gotta flush like everyone else...

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Thank you hahamommy! That's gross!! (but funny) I feel better now...
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I am sorry for my error! English is just...so english
My older son told this joke to my 3 y.o and it his favorite
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What did the burp say to the mouth?

Open up or I am coming out the other end!!!

Made up by a family friend when she was 4, now she is 18 yrs old and it is still a family favorite. When you space your children so far apart the *jokes* never get old!!!
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My four year old dd likes these:

What's a duck's favorite snack?

What does a cow listen to on the radio?

Not too inspired, but hey, she's only four...
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