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I just tested ++ for GBS and am frustrated. I used diluted hibiclens for 3 days prior to the test. ( I tested neg. with baby #1 but positive last year during a routine pap)I am going to an OB/CNM as well as seeing my homebirth midwife because I've had some wierd things this pregnancy (polyp, hernia etc..can I get a break?) I believe I've had a healthy pregnancy but am now concerned about my homebirth/waterbirth. I have read the archives but am looking for new info on numbers and treatment. My CPM called the lab and they said my count was 780,000 and anything above 50,000 was considered positive. Does anyone know anything about these numbers??? What worked for you in a homebirth situation.?? I plan to retest in a week or 2. ANyone use grapeseed extract?? Hibiclens?? Tea tree OIl suppositories??