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Sopranos Fans

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HBO is airing a "Behind the Scenes" making of the 6th season Wednesday night (think it's at 8:45? EST). I'm planning my week around it :

Anyone going to be watching with me?????
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I'll be watching too. The Sopranos is the main reason I'm willing to shell out the extra money for HBO. I'm really looking forward to the new season!
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i am sooo excited about sopranos! it's the only reason we're paying extra for HBO.

i will try to remember the behind the scenes show. dp would love that.
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Anyone watch this and care to share? We turned off HBO until the 6th season starts.
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I saw it. It was okay, basically emphasized how hard everyone works and how well everyone gets along on the set.

Gave absolutely no hints whatsoever as to what's coming up in season 6.

I am eagerly awaiting the first episode! This is the only TV show I watch, and the sole reason we have cable (the TV's in our bedroom -- the kids are totally TV-free).
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Can't wait for the new season!!!

Hey, did any of you catch the "Big Love" blurbs on HBO? I'm interested in catching the show.
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Does anyone know what day the new Sopranos season starts? I havent been watching HBO for a while on Sundays, seems like there aren't any good series on right now.
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the new season starts next sunday (12 march) at 9pm.

i am very interested in watching 'big love'. luckily so is dp cuz otherwise i probably wouldn't end up watching it.

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We are pumped for this season too. We watched the teaser and agree really no info given. Looks like AJ has a mullet- Janet is going to get more wacko... that's pretty much all I remember.
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From the reviews I've seen regarding the first few episodes of the 6th season, this season is supposedly better than any of the others. The first epsiode in particular is supposed to be fantastic (and shocking).

Can't wait!!
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RedWine, yes! Dh told me he'd heard on the radio today that we will NOT believe the last three minutes of the show!!! I wonder if Adrianna comes walking in the door....

Dh is supposed to leave out of town on business Sun. night---he's actually going to stay home to watch Tony before he leaves....that's my guy! We're planning a huge day Sunday so all the little ones will be good and asleep before nine!!! Can you tell I'm SO excited??

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RothMommy, do you mean Janice, Tony's sister? I'm wracking my brain thinking of a Janet!
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is it true this is the last season?
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yes ,this is the last season...kind of. There will be 8 "bonus episodes" that will run 6 months after this season ends. So, including tomorrow night, there are a total of 18 episodes left of the Sopranos.

Yes, I've been hearing that the last 3 minutes are amazing. Someone's gonna get whacked. Paulie is a likely candidate, IMO. Christopher, perhaps? Christopher is just too central to the show to die this early. Melfie? WHo knows?

i feel so silly being this excited. We are not a TV family, except for this one show (dh and I did watch the last 3 episodes of Project Runway, however). Kids don't watch any TV at all. I feel REALLY goofy for looking forward to this so much.

Can't wait. :
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I found out some spoilers, if anyone's interested, pm me tonight or tomorrow. I hear the first episode is supposed to be incredible, and so jolting that it changes the feel of the show thereafter.
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OMG, I am getting so excited!!! I watched the Sopranos preview last night, and I agree--I didn't gain any insight except AJ's hair is a mess and Meadow and Finn make a gorgeous couple.

This coming from a mama who didn't watch TV for seven years.....I am so embarrassed at my excitement level over a television show :

And, to top off by nasty HBO addiction, I'm going to watch Big Love afterwards, and hope it's as good as it looks
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dp has been referring to today as sporanos day all week. i'm really trying to resist the urge to look at spoilers. i looove spoilers! and i'm loking forward to 'big love' too. i just hope i can stay awake that late.

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I love spoilers, too...but I am resisting the urge to peek ahead. I did that last season with Deadwood (yes, another addiction), and I regretted it. And, to completely come clean with the depths of my HBO thing....I admit to reading televisionwithoutpity.com.

Dh is out right now with the little ones, making sure they're good and exhausted so they'll be asleep in time for me to Soprano. I'm worried it might backfire! Am I pitiful or what!!??!!
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If you're pitiful, Georgia, then so am I. I woke up dh this morning by singing, "Woke up this mornin', GOT yourself a GUH-UHN!!!!!" He thinks I'm rather pathetic -- but I caught him watching a 6th season trailer online this afternoon, so I know he's looking forward to it as well.
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mama always said you were the CHOSEN one...one in a million....


Dh made sure he checked into a hotel that has HBO We're going to call each other afterwards to compare notes!!!

Yo, T....
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