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coming to join you :)

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Even though technically I'm not positive on due date yet (acording to LMP it would be very end of Oct, but according to O it would be Nov 9) And who am I kidding, according to the way my body works, it'll be sometime in Sept, LOL! (All three of my others were early, from 4 weeks to 8 weeks)

Anyway, brief intro: I'm Theresa, mama to three boys - AJ is 6.5, Ethan will be 5 in march and Greg was 2 in dec. DH is desperate for this babe to be a girl, and I think I'm finally in a place where I wouldn't be horrified and depressed if I have a girl, LOL! (I did NOT want a girl with my other pregnancies at ALL!)
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So happy to see you!

I would go with 11/9 as the official due date.
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Thhhhheressssssssssaaaaaaaaaaaa . . . .

I am SO SO happy to see you here! Can't wait to spend the next 9 months with you . . . .

Congrats, mama!
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So Theresa, do you think you timed it right for a girl? Sorry...inquiring minds...
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well, if I thought DH made girl spermies I'd say yes, timed well for a girl (two days before O) BUT since I'm convinced he only produces boy swimmers, not so much, LOL!

we will be finding out for sure, though, come June.
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