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Oh, the poor little sweetie! Thanks, Em, for updating us on the yahoo group. I haven't been visiting MDC lately because of all the server issues & it being down...

I'll be thinking of Rhain and your family and I hope she gets better super quickly! Hugs, mama.
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Are you at childrens? I would love to help you out, can I bring you guys some food or something? Do you need a place to stay? I can come down and bring you whatever you need, please let me know. I will pm you my phone #.
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Sending you and your little ones lots of LOVE.
Also, praying for the doctors, nurses and caregivers who will be assisting her.
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Sending you lots of love and strength! You and little Rhain are in my heart an thoughts!!!
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From Dec 2005 DDC, but I had to post. I am so sorry this happened to your sweet little girl. My Dd was hospitalized at 10 days old for fever, but it turned out to just be the flu. I can't imagine what you're going through. I hope she is doing well, I wish you and your family lots of love and wellness wishes!
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I'll be thinking of you guys. I hope she's better soon.
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Thinking of you all and glad Rhain is doing better. I can't imagine how scary this must have been. You sound like you really held it together.

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I got on here just to see if there'd been updates. I'm still keeping Rhain in my thoughts and prayers! What a harrowing ordeal. MNuch love to you to mama!
Namaste, Tara
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Keeping you and Rhain in my thoughts. I hope she gets to go home soon.
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she had a CAT scan tonight which showed fluid bulid up on the right side of her brain. the neralgest came up and draned via a syrage through her soft spot about 10cc of fluid, luckaly it did not look like puss, but it was not clear it was sligtly yellowish but still translucent. I am sooo scared right now. thay sent it out for a culture, protine, and white cell analasiss. she was so hapy today and was finaly acting like her self, this realy caught me off gaurd. she seems realy comfertable right now and she is sleeping after a nursing sesion. i am scared to fall asleep for fear something else will hapen.
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Please keep us updated! Have any of the tests come back yet? We are thinking of you and Rhain!
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Thinking of you and hope that things are getting better! Hang in there you will be home soon!
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I am so sorry for everything you, your family and your precious treasure from heaven are going through. My heart & prayers go out to you all; that Rhain would be home soon, healthy & happy.
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I am so praying for you and your sweet little girl.Much love being sent you way.
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Any more updates for us? It has been a long time, I hope all is well. I was looking through the pictures on the yahoo group today and was reminded of you and your precious little girl. Thinking of you all!!
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We are home finaly. Rhain is doing real well she seems to have no long term effects. she will need another CAT scan on wed of next week. now I need to decide what to do about her VAX I was resolved to not give them at all but now DH is questioning that desion. Thank you for all of your kind thoughts and consern over my little girl It helped to know you were all there for us.
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I'm so glad to hear that you're home & doing well! Hug that little cutie!
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it must feel sooo good to be home. I'm so happy that little Rhain is ok. Please keep us updated over at our yahoo group! Everyone has been thinking about your family.
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I'm glad to hear that Rhain is home and doing well.
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