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Feb. 28-March 7th UPDATES!

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I'm starting the new thread because I had a very exciting weekend!

Sunday, a fine grey seattle day, DH cleaned out the grill from the day before & put the old coals into a bag in our garage so he could grill up my lunch. Everything, lately, needs to be grilled for Preggo, otherwise it’s not fit to eat. Given our rainy weather this must be a truly amusing ritual to our neighbors.

After we finished eating (grilled tofurkey sausages, onions & peppers, OH MY!) I looked out of our French doors that would usually look towards our garage & saw only a thick wall of smoke! I screamed "SOMETHING IS ON FIRE?!" (emphasis on the frantic statement-question) & immediately ran over to get a better look. Naturally, I slid across the floor banana-peel-style on our kitchen rug & fell ever so gracefully on my ass before I deduced that the inside of our garage was burning!! I yelled to Tony "OUR GARAGE IS ON FIRE!" (by this time self-assured in my urgency!). He leapt into action, expertly maneuvering around my fabulous splayed out pregnant position on the floor, and had me call 911. He ran outside, moved the F350 (our car was safely outside the garage… yay!), unlocked the garage doors so the fire dept could get in, hooked up our garden hose & started hosing the fire down. <3 My hero!

By the time Emergency Response processed my call huge flames were shooting out of the roof, walls & now busted out glass window and smoke was billowing so thickly that my mom saw the cyclone from the freeway exit in Greenwood (in an amazing act of timing my mother exited the freeway on her way to visit just as our garage caught fire. What are the odds?! "Everyone is fine, Mom, but our garage is on fire so I'll have to call you back... oh, & park around the block because there's a firetruck blocking the street..."). Within an hour they extinguished the fire & chainsawed our garage open.

No harm, no foul. In this case “harm” meaning bodily injury or financial devastation.

The good news is we’re getting a new garage (we were going to remodel the old one eventually anyway) & though the insurance adjuster deemed everything inside unsalvageable, it’s all just stuff & we obviously have homeowners insurance so it’s also replaceable. I was just thankful they got the fire out before it got to our house! The cat carriers were in the garage & I don’t know how I would have evacuated 3 cats and a riley Doberman.

Only slightly lame is that among the tools, climbing, backpacking & snowboarding equipment, hardware,video games & CD’s, I had ingeniously stored my unpregnant wardrobe in plastic containers in the garage a while ago after banishing all ill-fitting clothes from the house. I still have my maternity clothes though! Heheh. I hear you have to wear those for a while post-partum anyway. Realistically I might not’ve ever fit into my pre-pregnancy jeans again and this way I’ll never know it, which is much better for my ego ;o)

We get full replacement value for anything we actually replace, otherwise it’s a depreciated value, so I’ll get my first Mother-Daughter shopping spree much earlier than expected! *squee!*

Based on her latest acrobatics the big alien girl is having a fabulous time so I have no concerns from my fall. Just bruised & overflowing with thanks that we got off so easy!

I <3 Firepeople!
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Yikes Carley I am glad you and your family are all OK. That must have been so scary.

I had an u/s on my gallbladder this morning. Of course they wouldnt tell me anything, just that my dr. would be getting back to me. He did hapen to mscan accross the baby really quickly while doing measurements and asked if I knew the gender yet LOL. I said yep, its a boy and hes obviously not very shy He was laughing because he wasnt even trying to check the baby and yet the one quick swoop he got of him happened to be in between his legs Definately a boy
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Carley, I am sorry about your garage. You seem to have a positive attitude about the whole thing. Holy cow- what a mess!

I am doing well. I am really large, though. Last week, at the midwife appointment, I measured slightly large for 31 weeks (I am now 32 weeks). They want to do an ultrasound to find out why, so I am doing that on Thursday. So many people keep saying things like, "You sure you aren't having twins? You look as if you could have that baby any day now". Those people can bite me cause I have 8 weeks to go!

My baby is still very active. I have no idea if it is a boy or girl, which is fine by me but so many people don't understand why we didn't find out.

You know, during my first pregnancy, I loved all the attention. This time, I just find it really annoying!
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Wow Carley, that is quite the exciting weekend.
Do you guys know what started the fire?

I'm almost a little jealous in a weird way though... spring/garage cleaning got done in a day and you get money to replace the important stuff. My basement is just full of crap we've just moved around over the last 4 years.


Nothing much going on here. I'm super cranky, can't get comfortable at all anymore it seems, am totally running out of patience with my toddler, and I still have 2+ months. Still attempting to go to the gym, but it doesn't happen too often.

Oh, we did go test drive a new Toyota Rav4 on Sunday. I had never fallen in lust with a car before. Now I have. So dh and I are plotting how to get one next year by the time the baby outgrows the bucket carseat. There's 10 cup/bottle holders, under-the-floor storage in the cargo area, and 6'2" dh can have the driver's seat comfortable for him *and* we can put a Britax Marathon rear-facing right behind him. See why I'm in lust with this vehicle? You can read more of my ramblings about the Rav4 in my blog if you're so inclined.

Next midwife appointment is on Thursday, and dh is out of town tomorrow and probably Thursday. Hopefully ds and I'll survive.

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wow, I'll say that's some excitement. Glad everything is okay...well, you know. LOL

As for me...well, today makes me 35.5 weeks and I feel as though there is ABSOLUTELY no room left for her to move around in. LOL I have paid my midwife everything except for the birth kit and for each remaining visit fee that I see her. I have my next appt on the 9th an dI am hopping that it's my last visit before the birth. I have a wedding to sing in and be a bridesmaid in that same weekend (on the 11th) that I KNOW is going to kill me standing there and going through all the motions and stuff. The ol' variscosities don't like standing...AND HATE standing and SINGING too! LOL

Today I packed the diaper bag with everything we need EXCEPT the wipes solution. I have to go to the health food store this Friday and get the needed essential oils. Then I think that bag is done. The labor bag is all packed too, except for like my massage oil (I need to buy another carrier oil) and my labor candles. I have to wait until I see my mom and get her wax and wicks. I have everything else I need. Then I just have to get my clothes together, I guess.

I went for my day at the spa yesterday and couldn't get my aromatherapy massage since I am PG. Bummer. So I got the pregnancy one, and it wasn't all that wonderful. She could've been a bit better at it. But the facial was SUPREME! I have a credit that I MIGHT use to go get a nice clean up waxing before the birth. Or another facial. It included a neck, facial, shoulder, arms and hand massage too and was SOOOOOOO nice. Then we came home and my youngest started puking...and he's still at it. No sleep for me last night. Or him, poor fella. I just hope it stops with HIM and doesn't make it around the rest of us. The last thing I personally need with this huge belly is for it to heave to and fro with more puking than I already have to deal with...along with diarrhea.


I am getting the house in order. But I guess this will be like a once-a-week thing until Rachel arrives.

Hope everyone else is doing well.

p.s. I finished up probably 7 dipes today too. YAY!
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Well, we closed on our townhome...and now just the big hill to getting the place painted and cleaned. whew....

otherwise...wondering if people are gonna throw me a baby shower...like they said they were - or if they have (as with my bridal shower) decided to drop it. I currently have a few covers, some fitteds, and 18 prefolds, 5 fuzzibunz. So really, I can go for a little bit when she arrives. And I am pretty good on clothes. I just need a car seat...which I think (think) my SIL is getting us. But I don't know. This makes it all very hard to plan.... This virgo girl hates that! : Oh well. Guess it is practice for having a kid right?

Otherwise...feeling huge. Baby is very busy in there...don't know what the heck she is doing.... Enjoying being pregnant right now - as long as I can lie down a lot.
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Hi there everyone

Wow - I have to say - my weekend was BORING compared to yours, Carly!! Yikes! How scary that must have been. But thank goodness for insurance, that's for sure. At least there's a silver lining that you get to go buy some new things.

Jeni, I'm right on schedule with you, pg-wise, but you are SO much more ready for the birth than me!! I'm so totally not ready - not even thinking about packing a bag or any of that good stuff!! My house is a mess, piles of stuff everywhere. I have all these plastic crates full of stuff I *might* work on, sewing, photos, stuff like that... I don't want to put it in the attic (I'm scared to go up there because of the bear-sized spiders that live there ) and yet, I'm getting tired of looking at it in the living room, bedroom, etc. I need to start making some decisions.

Tomorrow is my appt. with the OB who will, hopefully, transfer me to the care of the midwife. Then next Tuesday, I have an appointment (my first) with her. She will be coming to my house, so that should be interesting. Baby is moving a lot still, so that's good. I'm curious how much I have gained now, but the end is getting near, so it WILL end. I'm really starting to look forward to having a normal shaped body once again.

I got all my medical records from my old m/w's office last week. It's pretty interesting reading! Funny what they make note of and what they don't - for example, almost at every visit, I have had a question about the hospital procedures, like the hep-lock, monitoring, early release. No mention of that in my records. They also did not make any notes when I asked about where they stand on home birth (they stand *veeeeeerrrrrry* far away from that!!). Anyway, they did make note of it when I told them I was getting a doula. They also noted that I "denied" having any problems sleeping (kind of makes it sound like I was lying or something!). I don't know - I just thought their selective note-taking was kind of interesting.

Well, I'm rambling on... I'll get back to work now. Have a great day everybody and check those fire extinguishers!!
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I'm glad the garage fire didn't hurt anyone-- I have to say, good excuse for a new wardrobe though, that's kind of cool.

I have very little done to prepare for baby, but I figure I'll have the last 4-5 weeks. I have to get past this last busy patch at work before I can do the last things. I need to find a pediatrician sooner rather than later though.

Today I feel like I could burst into tears at any time for no reason. Fortunately I haven't, but it's sitting in my chest and making it hard to do anything.

Don't know why. Maybe I'm just hormonally insane today.
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Life still sucks. That about covers it. I'll complain more later.
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Had a mw appt. today. I'm measuring 46cm by my own measurements (which I believe are more accurate) and 48cm by hers. I'm finally up to about a 30 lb. weight gain. I can't believe that I've gained so little so far, considering the twin thing. My SPD is out-of-control painful. I literally almost cried trying to get up from the table at her office today. I had dh plus the apprentice attempting to help me. It was a bit embarrassing. I felt whiney but it really really hurt. She thinks both babies are head down which is a shock to me cuz I really thought baby b was transverse, but then I'm not so good at this palpating thing. Movement has slowed down, which I understand is normal, but it's really disconcerting b/c I can't rely on *any* movement to mean that BOTH babies are okay in there, kwim? And I honestly can't tell which one is which so I'm generally clueless. Got my birthtubs back (had them rented out) so that's a relief. I think I'll set one up just to relax in soon. I could use that. My belly doesn't get covered in our tub even though it's a garden tub, so while that's nice it's just not nice enough. I'm really enjoying any bouyancy I can get at this point. So basically my update is: I'M HUGE! That's about it. Hoping to somehow sail through the next few weeks. Oh, and I'm going to start seeing the mw weekly now (which is a bit early for that, but I guess b/c there's two it's preferred at this point).
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Sorry about the fire! Eilonwy sending thoughts your way! LoveHBing I can't even imagine carrying twins, you are amazing mamma!!

Well my update,

I am sooooooooo sick!!!!!!!! Congestion, can't breathe, pee everytime I cough (which is all night)

Our toilet had a leak and yesterday when we got home there was water all over the kitchen. At least it was clean water. So the paint in the ceiling bubbled and was full of water. LOL. At least it was over the sink and we poked a hole in it and it drained. maintenace had it fixed by 10 am! So all good now.

Met with our "kid doula" today. I know her so it was really just her meeting the kids. Meeting with our doula on Saturday.

Next MW appt is Weds and then its our home visit. She says as long as I go into labor after the 25th then I can still HB. I hope baby stays in a little longer but I just feel like it is going to be soon. DS was born at 37 wks. Actually his EDD was 4/9 and he was born on 3/22. Sooooo....

Got the seats rearranged in the van and the kids love being in the very back! Have bought the birth kit, have the bed sheets, baby stuff is washed and sorted. Still have a few things left but nothing really important.

Nesting like crazy, had my mom help me move my bed so I could vacuum under it the other day. LOL. Still need to cut the plastic for the bed and ask MW how she wants us to sterilize anything. Also figure out how to fill the birth tub.

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Carley -- eep! When I was little our house caught on fire -- insurance paid for us to take our clothes to the cleaners (didn't have them dry cleaned just cleaned to get the smoke stains/smell out). I still have some sheets with my maiden name printed in teensy letters on the hem. Are any of your clothes salvagable? Wonder if insurance companies still pay to get someone else to wash them for you? Regardless, so glad no one was hurt!

JefsJen -- what's your wipe solution recipe? I was able to order some 7th Gen wipes and refills for wholesale (whee!) but was planning on ordering some solution to use with the washable wipes (would link it but can't find URL atm) but would much prefer to make my own spray if possible.

Adina -- grats!!!

Rynna and Allison -- sorry you're having hard times


Well, our garage door broke this week and it's gonna cost like $800 for a new one. Holy crap. But no one got hurt when it flew off the tracks and my car was out of the garage so it's just a matter of money. But damn. That's a lot of money.

Went to my m/w's appointment and turns out the Floradix is NOT working at all. My blood count was even lower than last time they took it?!? She wants me to start taking a spoonful of molasses every morning but the thought makes me want to vomit. So she said to double up on the Floradix in the meantime and eat more meat and greens, etc. Anyone have any suggestions for iron supplements that won't stop me up, but that will work? I ran out of Floradix this morning and am hesitant to spend $20 on another bottle when it's not working.

DH got the rest of the gear put together, including the new swing which is so freaking awesome I can't get over it. And he moved some of my grandmother's furniture into the attic to make room for the changing table and glider in the nursery and I just sat in there last night, and quietly rocked. It was so nice.

Have only a handful of must-do things left to do (mainly just packing my bag and food prep), and I'm so thankful I've been doing everything as I go because my energy level is so low right now.

Went to my soon-to-be-cousin-in-law's bridal shower Saturday and my Bitchy Loaded Aunt was there. She blew off my baby shower the Sat before mind you (showed up, dropped off a gift for a BOY baby and left) but of course stayed for the whole bridal shower -- and I was seated next to her. I can't stand her -- she is one of the rudest people I've ever known. She lives in a freaking castle, talks like Mae West, is outspokenly prejudiced and arrogant as hell (and claims to be a Christian but she's just a bloody Republican and there's a special place in hell for her kind). So I'm trying to be nice to her despite all this because I figure why get myself worked up and she asked who my doctor was (she's a big name-dropper type too).

When I told her I was seeing a midwife, she was horrified and said, "You mean you haven't seen a doctor your ENTIRE pregnancy?!?" She was totally unconvinced when I explained that despite being high risk I was very healthy and everything was fine, etc., and she said, "Are you having the baby at home in your bathtub too?" in a really nasty voice and I said, "No, I'm too old and not comfortable doing that, but there's nothing wrong with it for women who do." I might as well have said we were all taking acid and having an orgy to welcome the baby.

This from a woman who had her uterus ripped out on purpose 30 years ago because she hates kids....


Anyway. *ahem* Sorry but I'm still peeved over the whole thing.


Anyone else hurting when the baby moves now? She hooking her feet and hands into places that no hook should go and it hurts like hell.

And last night DH informed me I'd broken a record and peed FOUR times in fifteen minutes. I laughed and had to go pee again.
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I have a chiro appointment this morning, hoping that it will make it so I can actually walk without saying "owww" with each step. Had a great night last night, went to a knitting night at Starbucks with some friends, then we shopped the clearance aisles at Target for a bit. I felt refreshed from some time just for me when I came home.

Our doula is coming over tommorrow to meet with us (DH has never met her, but she's a friend of mine) so I have to get my house cleaned today. Our MW is coming on Tuesday for our homevisit so I was planning on picking up the last few items on my HB list today but now I'm not so sure I feel up to it. I'm feeling really, really pukey and spent a good 20 minutes gagging into the kitchen sink first thing this morning. DD thought that would be a good time to take everything out of the pantry shelves that she can reach I'm afraid I'm getting the stomach flu or I have food poisoning. DD has had diarrhea the last 2 days, so I suppose its possible we are getting something viral. I don't know how the heck I'm gonna make it to the chiro and back without having to stop the car to throw up. UGH, today should be so much FUN.
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I feel like crap

Well, thought I was going to have to go to the hospital last night! I feel like I have a raging bladder infection which has moved into my kidney's. I was crying and unable to EAT any FOOD for 12 hrs last night. (I think I only got to eat about 1200 calories the whole day). I'm flushed and sting down there all the time and just don't feel like myself.

Went to my mw appointment today but had to deal with her assistant instead. (who's 19 yrs old). She didn't even know where the mw has sterile urine bottles stored in her office. She did find some blood in my urine but its like oh, oh well- not enough to have problems with. BUT she did send it off to the lab to be checked. : I hope they figure out what this problem is because there is nooooo way I'm going to make it! and another thing ~~Guess what! 3 weeks ago they said I was around 34 weeks along- can you guess what it is this week??? Yup I'm still at 34 weeks- : WHAT'S that all about? I'm very angry- are they being slow or just dinking around with me?

Only 3 more weeks til I stop working- looking foreward to it. I'm dragging these days. AND 4 more baby showers to go. brother...

Baby's head is in the down position but his other half isn't- Hoping by next appointment this will work out.

Anyway, I'm getting VERY SCARED about this whole HAVING THE BABY thing and my bladder/ whatever infection. I still don't want to do this.:
Signing off for now~ boovert
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Renee-- try disolving the molasses in warm water. It sounds icky, but it tastes delicious. My kids beg for it every day, often several times (we call it "kid's coffee"). I also put molasses in oatmeal for them (huge hit) and make yummy molasses cookies. My son has a genetic disorder which can cause severe anemia, so I work extra hard to make sure that he has enough iron in his diet.

I'm really ready for this baby to come out, and that's pretty awful because I'm only, what, 33 weeks? I'm just sick of being pregnant on top of everything else. Too much in my life right now, I just don't need any more.
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Yeah, I feel so totally done being pregnant...and I'm only 34 weeks. I'm sick of DD climbing all over me too, but she's just a baby herself...

On a positive note, I ordered our carseat yesterday! (posted a thread about it too--go look!)

MW appt yesterday, and I'm measuring 36. Baby *could* be head down, but is REALLY low and sunny-side-up, so if she can't tell for sure she'll do a vaginal exam @ 36 weeks with the GBS. In her words, "34 weeks and breech isn't a big deal, but 36 weeks and breech is entirely different, so I just want to make sure."

I had a friend take some photos of my big pg belly last time, and she is leaving for Morocco tomorrow (*sniff*) so I have to find someone else to do it. I think I'm going to try Sears (we have the Smile Saver thing, so no sitting fees!). I called yesterday, and they will do pg photos with exposed belly skin! Then I asked about nursing pics, and she immediately said NO, but then said, "Wait a minute..." and I heard a heated discussion going on in the background. She came back and said that they *could* do it as long as I was mostly covered and not "all out there." I said that was fine!

I'm picturing me wearing a button-down white shirt, with one button done right at boob-level and the rest hanging open, Livi nursing in a white onesie, wrapped around my belly, maybe DH sitting behind us with his hands around me and on my belly... Ahhhhhhhh.
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I had a horrible night last night. I started to get all paranoid about going into labor early b/c of steelcitysistah's post about her water breaking yesterday combined with me noticing last night the first mucus discharge (sorry for the TMI - I have no clue if it was just normal mucus or some of the actual plug). Then I woke up constantly during the night due to contractions! So in general I'm just kinda freaking out! Yes, I want to be done, but they're not ready yet!!! I just need to hang in there another 2 weeks and I'll be cleared for a homebirth. Can you imagine how different my experience would be in the hospital? They'd want me in the OR for crying out loud with an epidural in my back! It would be some big dramatic scene with a million people in the room all waiting to save my babies. And I'm so convinced of the power of the mind that when I start to get nervous about labor starting early then I get scared I'll make it happen, kwim? Like last night every time I sat on the toilet I was just holding my breath hoping my water wouldn't break. Ugh - this sucks!

Chelsea - that's so funny/weird about Sears. It wouldn't have occured to me that they'd do pg/nursing pictures but then when you said that they had to debate the nursing thing it made me kinda mad! I'm glad they'll do it though. It's good to have memories like that.
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Apparently their manual/book says they cannot do them, but they had a trainer standing right there who said they can, as long as you are "covered" with a blanket or something. I wasn't picturing my nipple hanging out, but apparently they were, LOL!

ETA: I totally forgot to say... I'm doing that "I'm going to make myself go into labor because I'm thinking about it too much" thing too. I feel like I'm not ready at all (baby-wise), but body-wise I am done! I have tons of BH ctx all day, especially when nursing (they even get a little painful) and as far as mucus...let's just say that it's not a new issue for me. So yeah, when I read the water breaking post, I got a little nervous...

If I make it one and a half more weeks, my MW won't stop me! How scary is that!!!
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The water breaking post scared me too -- I've been having many more BH lately, and yesterday kept having intermittent strong and strange pains way down low in my crotch, and baby was moving like crazy. Is it supposed to be painful when baby turns? I'm *hoping* it just was repositioning itself to be head down, but try as I might, I can NOT figure out what position it is in. I'm hoping my Dr. can tell me on Monday when I have my next checkup. It's driving me crazy. I keep feeling around, but can't make head or tail of it (sorry).

I'm definitely done with work (but 5 weeks left), and was having fun reading the SAHM board yesterday -- a lovely thread about what they love most about being a SAHM. I'm so excited!!!!!

I ordered some Charlie's soap yesterday, after searching every supermarket in vain for some of the detergents that are recommended for dipe washing on a website I found. I did buy some Washing Soda, but can't figure out how much to use because the box only talks about it being an additive to regular detergent, not how to use it exclusively. Anyone know anything about this?

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Originally Posted by love_homebirthing
And I'm so convinced of the power of the mind that when I start to get nervous about labor starting early then I get scared I'll make it happen, kwim?
Hang in there!! I'm sorry it's getting so nerve wracking - but *try* to stay focused on the outcome you want.
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