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love_homebirthing, aprilushka, eilonwy & boovert!!

nighten... i've read cooking in cast iron can increase your iron, especially if it contains acid & cooks for a while (like spaghetti sauce)

Still itemizing away here! Like I needed another reason to procrastinate "baby preparation" So looking forward to hearing from steelcitysistah!! I can't believe someone is here already!! You'd think that would get me "on the ball," but no! I'll find a million other things to do. I keep telling myself I'll get to it after the shower next week. Riiiight.

Sending everyone well-done baby juju!
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Today sucks...: I was in such a good mood when I woke up this morning, went and installed the baby's carseat, did some laundry, then I threw up twice and I've had some diarrhea. Probably got the stomach flu or something, which is just what I needed Now I'm having uncomfortable BH again (not regular and not like real labor ctx, just a big inconvience). I'm plenty hydrated, I don't have a bladder infection or anything, its just the same damn thing that happened for weeks on end before dd was born. This is day 2 of feeling like this and I have too much to do to feel so yucky! Our doula and her backup are coming to our house tonight so I need to clean up my house. It is SO dirty right now I still haven't finished setting up all the HB supplies like I need to for our homevisit on Tues, and I haven't washed a single baby item. I'm starting to freak out thinking he's gonna come early, and he is NOT ALLOWED to come for another 10 days because I AM having a homebirth. Okay, ending my ranting now.
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celestialdrmrmama - I hope you get some energy to get what you need done. I know how it feels. I have a quilt I want finished before the baby comes and there is no way and the diapers I was going to make. Yeah right! Calling DH right now to make sure it is alright to order more prefolds. I just can't do anything right now.

Allison K - I have to wait until the 25th to deliver at home also. 3 more weeks, I'm counting down! I will relax so much more on that day.

I am totally feeling like everyone else that's having b/h contrax like crazy. I've had a couple painful ones and keep imagining what it would be like birthing in the hospital and having my little one in the NICU. : I'm glad I'm not the only one, I'd be totally freaking out. Trying to keep good thoughts. Baby has been moving like crazy too, which I thought it would settle down a bit, but this little guy is a wiggler. I'm just glad my new meat and veggie diet has made my edema in my legs go away. Yeah! And my blood sugar is normal again.
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Carley - That's crazy about your garage. But as others have said, you seem to have a very positive outlook, so it sounds like you're doing well in spite of it all.

lmonter - I have moments of craziness, mood-swings too. I feel a bit worried about not feeling well when someone is going to want me to do something.

Adina - Yay on the closing of the townhome. We finally got our kitchen remodel done. And with all the construction done I'm happy, cause now I can start cleaning up the dust.

lovehombirthing, eilonwy, allisonk, aprilushka, celestialdrmrmama, boovert -

Originally Posted by nighten
Anyone else hurting when the baby moves now? She hooking her feet and hands into places that no hook should go and it hurts like hell.

And last night DH informed me I'd broken a record and peed FOUR times in fifteen minutes. I laughed and had to go pee again.
I wake up after about 4 hours sleep cause the baby ends up squished against my side and it hurts. So yeah, I know what you're talking about.

I had my baby shower this afternoon and now I'm tired. I have lots and lots of baby clothes now and no clue where I'm going to put it all. I'm very grateful to my friend who threw it for me. Can a baby actually wear all that stuff though? I need books and toys and teething stuff, etc. But I guess this is cool cause we get to buy all the fun things. I'm 34.5 weeks and doing pretty well. My only problem is I don't have ankles anymore cause my feet swell so much, but so what...? I'm still doing pretty well. I'm able to go up and down hills on my walks. Emotionally I'm not sure I'm so great though. Very snappy...

My mother-in-law let me know today too that the family wants to throw me a co-ed shower, more like the typical family-style party we have for birthdays and such. But they want to do it for me on April 1st. Am I crazy for thinking this is a bad idea? I will be 38 weeks then, bigger than I am now, and not in any better mood. Can I have the shower and go hide in a room and watch a movie? I can't even guarantee that I'll be able to make it as I'm measuring ahead too, by about two weeks. Will I even be able to walk? But then part of me thinks I should go because I'll get more presents probably and maybe I'll be feeling better cause I will be not working at this point. What do you think? Is this a crazy idea?
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Hi all. Sorry about your garage carley, and I hope everyone is feeling ok. I am feeling good today. Tomorrow is my birthday and DH took me and the kids to dinner at a nice Italian pizza place. Great chicken alfredo...yumm. I'll eat the rest tomorrow for lunch. Very nice atmosphere there too. I got make up from m&fil for my bday. SIL got me a pajamas(nursing ones!!!yay!!!) and slippers. Nice fuzzy pink stuff. I hate pink, but I love comfy nursing stuff. I bought a pump and storage for bm on ebay last week and a sterilizer tonight. I don't know how I lived this long w/o that site. It was my first time this last week.

Had a dr. appt. on the 28th. He said I was measuring 30 weeks at 33 weeks... hope that means everything is ok. He said not to worry. I am having this baby at 38 weeks so as of tomorrow I only have 4 weeks left. I got all stuff from lay away now. I packed the diaper bag and am starting to put odds and ends in my bag tomorrow. I can't wait to shop for me and what I need for my bag. It kinda got old only shopping for the baby and my older kids. I got my bedroom painted and my room/babyroom done. Now dh is doing the rest of the house this week. Kitchen, bath, and living room painted Tuesday and kids rooms on wednesday. I also get new linoleum in my bath!!! Yippee!

DS has diarhea. Poor kid. Hes eating like a horse and in a good mood, but this runny poo has got me about sick... I can't wait for it to be over. Two days is long enuff. Slowing down on it now. He smells...

DH is sick. he has the flu. Hope DD doesn't get it or what DS has. I may go nuts...

Pain in my crotch is worse, dr said its normal cuz this is my 3rd, and as he putit the path is well worn. Felt kinda gross after that. My best bud is in labor RIGHT now. She is having her 2nd DD, the first will b 1yo on the 9th. Possibly she could have her baby on my bday!!!

sending all

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Kate - you could always tell you MIL that she could throw *me* a shower No one else is gonna. I don't think it's a horrible idea unless you just plain don't want one. Yes, you'll get more gifts, you can probably sit down through it, and hopefully you will feel a bit better once you're off of work. It's always nice to feel loved too, right?

Carley - I forgot to comment on your garage. Yikes! But on the flip side, you do get a new garage AND clothes shopping spree, so YEA! That part at least sounds good.

I got my space all setup for the birth. Have the birthtub up and running (just for relaxation at this point - I'm still too early for a homebirth). Set a little fold away table up with all my supplies. It makes me feel good to see everything so organized (cuz I'm a freak like that). I'm 34.5 weeks too and am just counting the days at this point. Hopefully I'll get safely to 36 weeks before any signs of labor strike. Oh, and I got a fetoscope so now I get to practice finding the heartbeats. I really think my mw was wrong about fetal positioning. I believe that only one of them is head down and the other is transverse, but what do I know? I'll have the other (more experienced) mw check on Wednesday (she wasn't there last week). Oh, and I'm definitely emotional. Feeling like dh just doesn't appreciate me for being an amazing pregnant woman. I feel like he should be thankful or something that I'm doing all this. Yes, yes, I know it's not like I'm doing it just for him - I wanted this pregnancy so bad and wanted twins even more, but still! Don't you think a dh should kinda worship his pg partner? I do, but maybe that's just the hormones talking. So I talked to him about it the other night and I was all weepy (don't know if he even noticed - it was dark in bed) and I was saying how I don't think he really appreciates me the way he should for doing all this, blah blah blah. And he said, "that's not EXACTLY true". Umm, what does THAT mean? To me it means that it's at least somewhat true, which kinda sucks right? Then he fell asleep (no snuggling me or anything). Anyway, I'm hormonal. End of vent.
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I'm kinda nesting now.

I can't sit comfortably at all, but all the beds are made, the pantry's half cleared out so dh can redo the shelves, I'm halfway through another pair of newborn longies, made a *ton* of spaghetti sauce today, and put my mom to work with half this today, too. I even took photos of most of it.

Dh also took ds with him out of town today, so it was nice being able to attempt all that without 'assistance' from ds.

Still cranky, hormonal and impatient though. At least it'll end eventually.
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I haven't posted for a while!! I kinda got sick of thinking/talking about pregnancy. BUT I'm nearing the end (I'll be 35 weeks on Thursday). I'm having back/hip/neck pain lately. It's misery.
I was given the best gift yesterday! My friend came by and had bought me an entire nursery set! I didn't have any furniture thus far due to finances, and now I have it all! I was worried that because I didn't have furniture I wasn't going to feel ready, and my mental vibes would keep this baby in for eternity! Now, as soon as we get his room all set up and pretty, I'll be ready!

I do still have a dozen or more diapers to sew for him. Since www.ClothThoughts.com opened, I've been SO busy! I think I'm going to have to close for custom orders by the end of the month at the latest! I don't want to go into labor with unfinished orders!

I had my baby shower on Saturday. It was VERY well done. My friend Ruth did a great job! It's my only shower, which I am SO grateful for! Honestly, I've been really tired lately and don't want to have to deal with any big stressful things.

Oh, and whoever asked, the baby's movements hurt me too at times. :
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(incoming complaints -- sorry)

So I typed all that good anti-insomnia stuff on the can't sleep thread but the past four nights the BABY has kept me up until WAY late.

Now how the heck do you combat that? Only thing I know to try is I get up and rock in the glider but as soon as I stop, she starts squirming again. And once she starts, she won't stop moving for HOURS at a time. I thought babes in utero were only awake for like 20 mins at a time -- or is she moving that much in her sleep? I'm talking from midnight til 3AM she won't settle down.

It hurts like mad too, most of the time. I started crying last night and woke up DH because I was so miserable. And I was like "I know we're not ready yet but I want her out here not in there anymore." For the first time I was able to understand why some women respond so readily to the suggestion of induction. (No, I'm not planning on that but I can def empathize now.)

So finally around 3 o'clock I ended up taking a phenergan because I was making myself sick. And about 30 minutes later I fell asleep. Thank GOD.

Is all that normal?

The only thing different I've been doing lately is I switched my iron supplement from Floradix (which wasn't working for me) to a diff chelated iron 25mgs from the HFS. I take it in the morning with food. 1x/day. Could that be affecting the baby's movement late at night so dramatically? I thought they slowed down toward the end. She's sped up. A lot. And the iron hasn't affected my energy levels from what I can tell -- not yet anyway. But last night she was up from 9 to around 11:30 then again from midnight til 3. It was miserable. I talk to her and rock and rub my tummy and try to shush her. But it doesn't work. If I play music for her, she moves more.

And I'm with those of you who are having BH almost nonstop. Especially in the evenings. Drinking water (and some juices) per usual but I think I pee it out so quickly nothing sticks haha.

Cervix is incredibly soft but last week when I checked it was still high and angled back. But I've just felt...weird...for a few days now and last night I got kind of scared because I haven't finished packing my bag yet and there's still a few things to do, so that's my main job today.

I've got a chiro appt today and will go to the grocery to stock up on loads of stuff but after that I honestly could see myself not leaving the house til it's time to have the baby.

Anyone else in cave mode? I swear my abdomen is made of concrete. And I'm pretty freaking miserable right now. And I don't even start week 36 'til Thursday...sigh.
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I was right about feeling like I was getting sick when I said that on Friday. I had the stomach flu all weekend....it should really be impossible to be that sick when you are this pregnant! I spent all Friday night throwing up so hard that my whole body hurt. I finally started being able to keep some fluids down on Saturday so I luckily didn't have to go to ER for an IV. Luckily DD seemed to not be too sick from it which made my life a little easier. I had worked SO hard deep cleaning, nesting, whatever you want to call it, on Friday that I was SO completely exhausted, then being hit with that nasty bug I am still so extremely tired. Still eating bland foods and feeling yucky, but doing much better today. I did get all the baby's clothes washed and put away this weekend, and started working on prewashing all the newborn diapers. I just have to give my house a little tidy up today and then I'm going to just relax. My homevisit is tommorrow, as well is dd's hearing test with a specialist so I'm a bit nervous about it all! I really want to continue scrubbing and organizing but I know that I need to rest because I'm sure I'm still slightly dehydrated.
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ohno! I have alergies, and that's bad enough. ew. hugs!!!

we're having more sun, which totally helps!

I totally freaked myself out last night..... I did some work on the dresser, did some cleaning (nesting finally?!) and even lifetd some things-- bad mommy-- and was rewarded with one hour of every 5 min contrax for 30 sec. I've never been able to time them before, so i kinda freaked.

Much better today. but ugh.

hugs to all!
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Hi all!

I am sorry everyone is so uncomfortable. Me too! I feel okay during the day, but at night, it is a different story. I have been fighting a mild cold all weekend, so I have been more congested than normal. That means I snore even heavier (if that is possible), which means I am not getting any rest. I wake myself up with my own snoring - very feminine and glamourous, let me tell you.

Anyway, I have been waking up every hour on the hour at night, sometimes gasping for air. I wake with a sore throat and congestion. It is definately sleep apnea, but I don't know how I can be treated for this since it is pregnancy-induced. I drink lots of water, which then means every time I wake I have to pee. Gosh, me so sexy right now.

Other than that, I feel okay. I have major nesting urges these days, but nothing has come of it yet. I've been sewing some diapers for the babe. I washed baby clothes and diapers, but I have nowhere to put them. I guess I need to make a trip to IKEA.

Anyway, that is new with me. Hang in there, ladies. It will be over soon and we will be cuddling our new babies.
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Oh my goodness, I'm so tired too and baby is keeping me up also! She was posterior but turned, so now she is anterior something- her back is to my rights, getting lots of kicks on my left side. Yeah, she's night owl! It doesn't help that I seem to be having lots of things on my mind- Friday night I was exhausted but couldn't fall asleep b/c I was so upset about seeing a 3 yo boy slapped on the head/face by his grandmother at B&N... I keep wondering if I could have or should have done something. I've had a "sleep deficit" since then.

I had my MW visit here this morning... things are looking great! My BP keeps DROPPING, but that's good... a few weeks ago I was 130/80 at my old MW's, then at my first visit with my new MW I was 120/62... today I was 110/62! I am spilling a bit of protein so I need to make sure I'm getting enough protein she said. The baby is measuring "on time" now, 36 cm at 36 weeks, and her head is in a good position and she's pretty low but not engaged. My MW says to expect another big baby- dd was 9.5 lbs!

I need to buy my homebirth supplies- the chux pads, aspirator, that sort of thing. I'm still on the fence about a fishy pool- I am worried about our drafty house and whether I would feel OK using it in our dining room. Plus I might have to go to my MW's house anyway- her nighttime child-care person has fallen through. I get the feeling that it is 50/50 about whether I'll stay here or go to her (which I'm fine with- just don't want to be in a hospital!)

I can't believe it's only a month to my EDD- we'll have our babies before we know it!
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I'm sorry everyone feels so horrible. And sorry if I came accross sounding like I was snotty for not feeling like having a shower 2 weeks before my due date. It's just I'm hobbling today at work with back pain and grumpy. I don't think I'm going to make it to my scheduled work leave. I also checked and I have a baby shower for a friend of mine who is having a girl on the same day as the potential shower. So I've asked my mother in law if we can schedule a get-together for after the baby is born (about a month) when my husband's dad can fly in from Asia.

In any case I hope people feel better. It must be horrible to have the flu now. Good luck, celestialmama.
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My SIL had a little family get-together yesterday to celebrate our pre-baby state. It was too bad because everyone arrived so excited to talk about the pending birth and baby, but as each topic was introduced everyone realized how controversial it all was and it got more and more tense.

For instance, dh's dad is a pediatrician, so dh asked him if he would vouch for us to get an early discharge from the hospital. FIL said no in very strong terms, and my mom actually pumped her fist in the air in triumph. : It makes me so mad because she's never read a single book on child-raising in her life and she just plucks her opinions out of tv or her friends' gossip or wherever and then pushes them so strongly. I mean, this is a woman who let her OB talk her into a c/s after only 6 hours in the hospital with everything going fine. And then she raised us so well that both my sister and I suffered depression for years. The hitting and emotional manipulation in her childraising technique was lovely also. She should feel happy I'm having kids at all, let alone that I should treat them even remotely like she treated me.

I also asked FIL a careful question about the chickenpox vax, just to test the waters. He responded with little respect for people who question vax, and then my sister said she has two friends with autistic kids who both feel certain it was caused by vax - and then we all got quiet. A fun party.

My mom even freaked out at just the mention of flushable diapers. God forbid cloth! What's her problem?

But it was useful because we learned where our parents' limits are, and which topics we can discuss with them and which we can't. So I guess it was a learning experience. It's a bit sad, but dh reminded me that we're still a lot closer with our parents than most people are.

Anyway, dh installed our closet organizer and we may have found a painter to paint our apartment. So it's all moving forward, and hopefully the place will be all fixed up by the time db arrives.

Also, dh called our Bradley teacher with a question about what relaxation techniques we should be practicing, and she busted out with compliments about how we are so much more well-informed and willing to work with the program than most of her students! How nice to hear! All we have done is read the Sears birth book and Natural Childbirth the Bradley Way and practice the exercises they recommend. I don't feel like we've done a lot but it makes me feel better about the fact that only 50% of NYC Bradley students make it without medication - I hope it means we have a better chance.

The excellent news is that I had a stroke of brilliance that may land me in a better birthing situation. My MW practice is breaking up because basically the ones I like are ditching the ones I like not so much. I was supposed to be their last group patient, so I called my favorite one and asked in I could be her first private patient instead! And she said yes! pending administrative stuff and arranging backup. Her backup is going to be the other MW who I love! So this is wonderful! I could be guaranteed that one of the MWs I love will attend my labor/birth.

My brain keeps up its mischievous little game of letting me sleep just fine on the weekends but not letting me sleep when I have to go to work the next day. Good practice, I guess!

Have a good week, mamas!
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There is a major advantage to having a reputation as a geek. Most of the people who want to question my parenting decisions have long since learned something about me: I research *everything*, I've probably done more reading on any topic about which I have a strong opinion than any "layperson" should, and I'm not going to change my mind unless you can present even more research than I've already accumulated. My FIL tried to say something to Mike about the fact that I nurse in public, for example, and Mike just shut him down quickly and calmly without even blinking. "American sexualization of the human breast is an American problem. Breasts were made for nursing babies, whenever and wherever." SNAP! Mike rocks. My mom was a bit unnerved by me nursing in public, but it was mostly jealousy; "My breastfeeding barely happened in the house! It must be nice having a supportive husband." I have to say, it really is.

Anyway, I just quote statistics at people. It's quite funny, really. That said, I haven't told anyone other than Mike that I'm hoping to have this baby in the bathtub.
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Rynna, you rock. Your dh also rocks. It's difficult though because my FIL is a pediatrician - he will always believe he knows more about any child-related issue than me, no matter how much research I do. Even though he got his education in the 1950s. : I hate the way Drs think they are gods.
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Originally Posted by Citykid
Rynna, you rock. Your dh also rocks. It's difficult though because my FIL is a pediatrician - he will always believe he knows more about any child-related issue than me, no matter how much research I do. Even though he got his education in the 1950s. : I hate the way Drs think they are gods.
My FIL was a minister; he thinks he knows more about raising children than anyone else, because he knows The One And Only Correct Way To Do It! He also used to cut hair, so he talks about hair as though he knows something about it and lemme tell you, he so doesn't. (I'm mixed, though, and I've got a real thing about white people talking about my hair... ) Anyway, I work very hard not to point out that he obviously went astray somewhere with Mike, who, though he was "trained up in the way he should go" most assuredly departed from that way when he was about 11 and hasn't even thought about going back. :

I'm sure that FIL spends a lot of time musing about what went wrong with Mike... I'm just as sure that MIL doesn't think that anything did necessarily go wrong with him; she sees a good man who loves his family and who strives to do the right thing. FIL just sees a guy who didn't go to church after he finished his first year of college (he went to a Christian college for a year because his father asked him to and he didn't really have any direction anyway so he figured, why not? ). At least, not until I found out that there's a Quaker Meeting House about 2 blocks from us, and that the Quakers actually seem to really suit him.
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Hope no one minds that I posted the new update thread. Here's the link: http://www.mothering.com/discussions...36#post4720936
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