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Kimberly - Glad everything is going well and that you had a safe journey!

Welcome back Nancy!

Biting....yes, I've been getting painfully bitten ever since the first tooth popped in. He tends to bite at the end of the feeding when he's almost done and struggling with a burp or gas or something.....not sure. Ouch! Not quite sure what to do with a biter as the first one only nipped me twice.
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Deb- I'm so sorry about your cat. Our dog has been acting funny lately. I think she hurt herself or has arthritis. I feel so sad. She does not get as much attn as she did pre-children, and I know she feels really bad about it. I do try to give her more attn in the evening when the kids are asleep, but she's not always crazy about it. I feel like she is probably depressed too on top of not feeling great (and having a toddler pick on her). We're probably going to take her to the vet to see what is up. She is getting old and I am dreading the day when she will leave us, esp since the toddler now calls her by name (or at least tries to, her name is, "macy" and he calls her, "cici.")

Emily- Congrats!!!! I know what you mean about feeling bittersweet. That was how I felt when my oldest was 9 mo old and I found out I was pg with baby #2. Don't worry too much about your supply. If you see a dip, it will most likely be in your 2nd tri, but if you make it to your 3rd tri, chances are, you are in the clear unless your baby doesn't like the taste of the changed milk. I do not know what your BF goals are, but mine was to be able to BF my older baby for at LEAST 12 mo, if not longer while I was pg. I was able to make it to 15 mo before my milk dried up and it became obvious he was ready to wean (a lot of biting and not really being interested and wanting to take the time to nurse). It was difficult, he weaned in about 3 days and seemed happy about it. I felt sad about it. I did not know how I would feel about tandem nursing once the baby came. I was going to just leave it up to my toddler to decide, and I guess he decided not to continue. When the baby arrived I wondered if he would want to try to nurse again (I heard this is common). He came up to me a few times with his mouth open, saying, "ahhhh." However, he did not really remember what to do. I was willing to let him try (although him coming at me with a mouthful of teeth was not thrilling, since he was a nasty biter), but he didn't. I think the key is to let them know they are allowed to try again, if they want to, kwim? Anyway, with the biting, I totally remember that feeling you describe of the teeth scraping. My oldest was like that. His latch was never the greatest to begin with, plus I also think that maybe since you are pg, your breast and nipples may be feeling more sensitive than usual. Something that might help is making sure he opens his mouth nice and wide before latching on. What you do is open your mouth nice and wide and say, "aaahhhh," and he will most likely imitate you (at least that is what my baby did). I would not let him latch on until he has his mouth opened up big enough, b/c otherwise he would latch on shallowly (is that even a word?), and it would end up hurting, esp with the teeth issue. I hope the discomfort gets better for you. I will admit that nursing while pregnant, at least for me, was rather uncomfortable. However, I did it, b/c I wanted to make sure that my son had at least 12 mo of BM. The first thing I did when I found out I was pg with baby #2, was freak out about what would happen with BFing baby #1. So, your response is similar to mine. Congrats again! Having two so young can be tough, but I am just now starting to see some of the rewards. Joshua and Jonah are 18 mo apart, and I can already tell that they will be great playmates, esp since jonah adores his older brother, and joshua happens to be a kid who is big on sharing and trying to entertain his little brother.

Nothing new here, except jonah now has five teeth and he is wagging his butt in the air trying to crawl! It's just so cute! I cannot believe it, he's growing up so quickly! What's weird is, he is not sitting up well on his own yet. I always thought babies sat up first before they started to crawl. Maybe it's b/c he's a belly-sleeper, he's always gotten tons of belly time and liked it (he doesn't like being on his back). At least that is what my toddler did as a baby, sit up independentally before crawling, but he was a back sleeper. However, he didn't crawl until he was 9 mo old... jonah's 6 mo and looks like he may start crawling in the next 2 wks or so! Ohhh, I don't know what I am going to do, b/c we are trying to potty train my toddler too, and now I've got to worry about jonah possibly crawling all over the place while the toddler and I are stuck in the bathroom. Guess I'll have to strap him on my back in my MT. I just started wearing jonah in the back carry position, b/c he's finally gotten past that spitty phase (although now we're in the drooly, change-the-bib-every-15-minutes stage), so I no longer have to worry (too much) about getting baby barf on my back (which is what happened when I tried to wear him on my back when he was 4 mo old).
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congrats emily!!! i found the idea of tandem nusing daunting, but the reality was much easier. you have our support.
welcome to the new mamas and r eturning mamas!

not much else- just wanted to pipe in
- kerri
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Thanks for the comments re: hitting. I'm definitely going to give Adam more tummy time and see if that helps (even a little). Adam and DH are currently curled up in bed, sound asleep, which is just the sweetest thing ever to see. (Adam coslept with his foster parents, so it was pretty easy to transition him to our bed.)
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Mags, that is so me - "the first thing I did when I found out I was pg was freak out about what would happen with bf'ing baby #1" - thank you, thank you for the reassurance & for sharing your experience with me. I'm beginning to feel better & more confident about being able to do this - & Kerri, you're a tandem mama, if I remember correctly, so thanks for the vote of confidence.

My bf'ing goal for Adam is - exactly like yours, Mags - *at least* 12 months for him. I'd like to continue nursing into his second year, but I would like his minimum to be 12 months.

Really, you guys are the best. I feel like I'm more comfortable with the whole idea over the last few days, being able to share here.

Happy weekend, all!
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Real quick...I read some of the posts and don't have advice about hitting or about being preg a second time, so I hope you all find the help/support you need at this time.

DH and I are way overwhelmed. I'm happy that we've talked this out and are figuring out how to get some time for ourselves.

We're heartbroken at the thought of having the baby in daycare 40-45 hours per week. Our babystitter watches too much tv -- see my post in LWAB -- and we're going to have to get rid of her (the sitter and not the baby! :LOL). We had her in daycare for 18-20 hours per week and then DH had her most Mondays and Fridays...but he might not keep the same schedule or job, so that could change. She was decently priced and very convenient AND flexible, so now we'll have to get someone else. It'll be more expensive for certain. >sigh< I'm so burnt out on researching and researching.

I might go down to 4 days per week. It depends on DH and his job. I looked at our budget -- thanks Katie for the tips!! -- and don't see many places where we can cut back so I can stop work completely. And I don't want to stop work completely. I like my job most of the time and like what I learn there -- and the people. So.

Lots of thinking to do.
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Anybody else go a few days without any notices of new posts then realize a new month has started? I do that all the time!
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Just want to echo what some of the pps said about this great group of mamas. I love reading everyone's comments, even when I don't have time (or feel like) posting myself. It always gives me a lift. Keep up the good work, and congrats to baby Adam's family and to Emily on her pregnancy news!
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I'm happy to hear that sharing my experience has helped you feel a little bit better. Just give it some time to sink in and you will realize it's really not as bad (the BF thing) as you may have blown it up to be in your own mind. For me, I did not know anyone who nursed while pg, so that is the main reason I freaked out. However, soon after finding out I was pg with baby #2, I started finding posts on forums about other mamas who nursed while pg and tandem nursed after the other baby arrived too. It made me feel so much better to know that there were other women in the same situation who were doing just fine in the same situation. Tandem nursing is one of those things you really don't hear much about until it happens to you, and then you wonder how it was that you never realized that there were so many women doing it, lol. It's weird how taboo it is in american society, when it actually seems to be fairly common.
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hi everyone!!! didn't make it to the feb thread - it was a busy month here. had to wean adrian to neocate elemental formula - but he gained 2 lbs in a month! I'm pumping and donating now, and hope that when he is 10-12 mo he can handle ebm. i don't think he'll ever nurse again, but who knows. his early intervention speech therapy starts next week (he is still very eating averse).

hopefulfaith, congrats to you!!!! dd was older - 18 mo - when i got pregnant with ds and we had hoped to tandem. i think b/c she was older though she weaned on her own at 21 mo when the milk went away. she was better able to cope emotionally without nursing than a younger baby would have been able to.
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thought i was doing well...then had a ppd day yesterday. it's amazing how they just pop up out of seemingly nowhere for me . laurel was a fuss budget off and on all day...well for the past 3 days. she does NOT want to go down for naps right now...fighting them with all of her will. i'm being mellow about it...the boobs there when she wants it...we try to lie down and nurse, she freaks out, we move on, try again later...she'll be sooo tired and then arch back off of the boob and make some awful faces and sounds...like she's in pain, but if i look at her and make a zerbert sound she'll immediately stop and start laughing...then she'll be all happy and nursing, then get super upset, then we get up and walk around...hours and hours...i was sooo looking forward to dh coming home last night. i really needed a break. he came home early...he was only gone for 12 hours yesterday...8 to 8. he cooked dinner, too. he was being wonderful, but i was so drained that i was pretty grumpy, then he got upset with me being grumpy and i just wanted him to be compassionate...and let me be grumpy...but that truly was asking a lot...and it didn't work out...so today i was grateful for a workday...and grateful to go pick up dd afterwards...babysitter said she barely napped, and was pretty not so happy all day...she was content until bedtime, when she was tired and ready for bed...but fighting sleep again...took 2 hours of patience and boob and creativity...and now she is sleeping away . thankfully, i'm not feeling so much of the ppd today. but i'm sure hoping this is a phase that we pass through quickly . just needed to . thanks .
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glad to know I'm not only one still struggling with ppd. Today is already shaping up to be a nightmare. I haven't gotten much sleep, the older kids are fighting, arguing and refusing to obey simple commands, and Miss Em is trying out her new screaching ability... I've already snapped at the girls for ignoring me once... ugh. and now we're off to deal with my parents. I swear if my mom wasn't making liver, I'd stay home and curl up in my bed with my new novels and let the guys deal with the petites monstres...
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Mamas, sorry you're dealing with ppd stuff. I did with dd1 too (oh, and my life sucked too - I keep forgetting that....) so I know how you feel. Hang in there. Jeremy, your Laurel sounds like Annabelle when she's teething. Could that be going on? We've been getting immediate sleep relief with Hylands Teething Tablets. I give her two and nurse her off to sleep. Good luck and I hope she's resting soundly soon enough. She's had symptoms for a month and still no teeth.....

There's lots happening here - I just woke up at 10:30. Dh having a all-papa day (love it) and I'm taking dd1 to a movie this afternoon. She learned to knit this week from a mom in one of my list serves here in Boulder and she's doing great. Picked it up so fast. Now she wants me to change her smilie to the knitting girl!

Annabelle is transferring back and forth from sitting to hand and knees and kneeling. She is pulling up to standing from a kneeling position and has done a bit of crawling before her knees fall out from under her. She's really doing great with signing "toilet" and we've had a nice breakthrough there. She's still waking two or three times a night to eat and is experiencing some teething pain and BAD diaper rash - even though she doesn't sit in wet/poopy diapers. So glad I'm ECing. I can't imagine what her tender bum skin would look like if I wasn't!

The weather has turned so spring-like and all of our moods are lifting. I'm grateful that another winter is gone and the birds are singing. I'm grateful for my wonderful husband and beautiful daughters. I'm so grateful for my circle of support - and that includes all of you!

Sorry I've been lurking so much. Welcome to the new mamas!
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Kate, just realized that you live in Boulder. I used to live there, right after college, pre kids. It was great. I love the library there. I was a waitress at Murphy's Bar and Grill on 28th and Iris ( I think that is the address ). I loved Boulder, so beautiful. It looks like my 18 yo niece might be there next year. She just got accepted to UC Boulder.
One of my daydreams is to be out there and taking courses at the Naropa Institute
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Hi all, I have been reading but not posting -- I gets lots of web surfing time in while Henry naps on me, but if I try to type he wakes up! Finally getting a moment to check in!

(((HUGS))) to all who are going through rough times, especially PPD.

Deb, so sorry about your cat. My cat died about ten years ago and I still think of her often.

Emily, congrats! I know the news is overwhelming, but it's still something to celebrate!

Puddingpop, congrats on the adoption. That's so wonderful.

Sorry if I'm missing anyone who needs congrats/sympathy/replies...

Henry is doing great! Well, sleep is a crapshoot, but other than that. He's got two bottom teeth, he's really fast at the army crawl, he goes up on all fours and rocks/hops, and he's almost got the sitting thing down. We're still EBF'ing here -- I'm trying to hold off on regular food for as long as possible.

Co-sleeping is going well. He goes down okay, though it takes him about 1/2 hour to stop crawling all over the bed and settle in, and I have to lay with him. Napping is done in the mei tai. I want to work on getting him to sleep in our bed and creeping away, but I haven't been brave enough to try that yet.

I'll try to write more later -- Henry is crying.
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Is anyone else's baby still TOOTHLESS? Seems like lots of teeth in this group.

Owen is still gummy and bald! But adorable, of course...

We are slightly concerned about the teeth since my dh had horrible problems with having too many teeth for a small mouth when he was young. His teeth came in really late. So far, Owen does have a small mouth and we're hoping it's not a sign of things to come.
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Heyyyyyyyyy mamas!: a lot of lurking and no posting for me... how is everyone!!

been feeling dead tired last week till today.. DS has not been sleeping well till last night! His bottom 2 teeth is popping through very slowly. I am having biting problems while nursing too! I am biting my tongue and hanging in there though..sometimes he bites and sometimes he doesn't. Ahh the joys and pains..

Christopher is bold too Adrienne...hehehe...I want to shave him hair off in the summer and let him regrow his hair.

Sorry to hear about the PPD. I've been through all that too..I think last month? my memory has been lapsing...but much better now! I agree that I need to take care of myself first before i turn my attention to Christopher!

And welcome new mamas to the thread!!

I need a whole day to myself to just SLEEP! i think the sleep deprivation is kicking in....lalalaala

Oscars is tonight for us! anyone watching?

Have a good Sunday night!
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Newmama your photo blog is hysterical!

DD is sitting up unassisted now. Yay! Took a while but she finally got it. She can bear weight on her legs for a good time, while I hold her hands out in front of her. Also, when she is sitting, she sometimes leans foward until her face touches the ground, then she slides her legs out and ends up on her belly or sideways. I believe this is the precursor to her begining to crawl. Whoo hoo!
Her two bottom teeth are still trying to make their appearance. Any day now!
We went to a 1 year olds bday party and DD just loved it. She was amazed at all the kids running/crawling around. Maybe she got some motivation and ideas from them. Hopefully she does not remember the kid who tackled every walking baby, and clotheslined one of them. Do any of you mama's have kids like that? They must run you ragged. I am going to update DD's pic after I post this, so check it out! It is her in her little outfit she wore to the party.
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I survived!

I just survived the Art at the Market fair this weekend with dd. My husband is an oil painter, and his art is our family business. We are both exhausted and ready to get back to our routine. Thank God! It wasn't easy, but she did really well. She was the star attraction. I'm proud of her. I got a few negative comments about my sling and many weird looks, but I got more positive ones, and was able to explain how wonderful they are. (Slings aren't something you see where I'm from.)

DD has started clicking her tongue when she wants solids! It is so cool! I love watching her mind discover new things!

Emily - Congratulations on the babe. I hope all goes well. Hang in there. You will find a way to make it work, because you have to. We all have to as mammas.

As for biting, dd did when she was getting her first tooth at 5 months, but she doesn't anymore. When she would bite, I would take her off the breast, make a sad face, and say that hurts mommy, then I'd let her latch on. At first, she laughed at me, but I think she eventually got the point. She doesn't bite anymore. To get a good latch on, take your nipple and move it downwards from their nose to place it in their mouth. This technique has helped us. Our ped has a lactation consultant, and she helped us a lot with these issues.

As for spring, yeah it'd be nice to take walks without freezing our buns off. I dread summer though. I'd rather be cold than hot. Kentucky summers are humid!!!! Yuk! I love fall. Winter is okay when it snows, but we've not gotten any this year -- it's been unusual.

Glad to be back in the mix! Oh! I just got a newsletter from the hospital where dd was born saying she should be eating babyfood 3 times a day 4 ounces at a time, only water in between, and bf only in the morning and at night. That seems ridiculous to me. My dd couldn't handle that. She eats 5 ounces of food a day and bf at least 8 times, she also gets water from her cup. She's 19 pounds and 28 inches and I still don't think her little body is ready for that much solid food. Wow!

Kristen - I'm a c section mom too. I was duped into mine though. Naive. I'm glad your babe is okay. Man, isn't recovery rough. I refused my pain meds because I was breastfeeding, and my incision tore back open. I'm going to try my next birth vaginally and all natural. I had wanted a Bradley birth with dd and was all ready for it, but the doc said she was too large, 10 lbs. or more, and would have cerebral palsy or get stuck if I tried natural birth. They scared me. DD was born and only weighed 8lbs. 13 ounces. I was angry at the doc. I was so hurt because I wanted what was best for me and my babe, but I'm okay now. I have a healthy babe. I know your c section had to be difficult and frightening. I'm glad things turned out well for you! Welcome to the board!

Look forward to talking with you all!
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I am so glad I have MDC so I can talk with like minded people (24/7!). I do have a lot of good friends IRL too and am so blessed to have them!

I'm feeling really sad right now for my nephew. His mother is a great mom, loving and really wonderful - however - I saw yesterday that he was in fact circumcised. I guess I'm not all that surprised given who his father is. To make matters worse he appears to have a buried penis.

His mom also told me tonight that she has been putting cereal in his bottles to help with spitting up and wanted to know if I thought she should give him some during the day to help with spit up.
She's pumping and not getting as much as she'd like so I'm worried she may give up on that soon.

He was cranky tonight and she said she thought he wasn't feeling well since he was vaccinated yesterday.

Its like one thing after another that I have to bite my tongue over.
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