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Hi Everyone!
Welcome Kristen, happy to hear you have a healthy and happy babe! I too had a cesarean, after a 26 hour home attempt. I don't wish a drive to the Hospital at 9.5 centimeters upon anyone. Ever.
Rachael has 4 teeth, the top two just broke through last sunday...she went from sleeping through the night, anywhere from 5-8 hours and since the teeth started, In January, it's been 2-4 hours. Tough on all of us sleep wise. I give her on average maybe 2 food cubes a day, one in the mid morning and one in the mid evening, maybe I'll give her a little banana if I'm eating one myself.
She too, takes a while to settle down, creeping and crawling all over the bed!!!It's fun for a while, but then she gets frustrated as well and then it's hard to get her to settle down.
So, I'm confusing myself about falling asleep at the breast. Rachael would always pull off and go to sleep when ever she wanted, and then I got it in my head...from pressures of the outer world, that it's not good to fall asleep at the breast, so than I was taking her off before she fell asleep, not a happy camper, and waking more frquently...so tonight I let her fall asleep again at the breast and let her pull off, it took a good 40 minutes...time will only tell...
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Originally Posted by mamao'two
Anybody else go a few days without any notices of new posts then realize a new month has started? I do that all the time!
Um, yeah, like 5! It's been so busy around here, I just started missing you all tonight! Wow, lots going on!

Deb, so sorry about your cat. Hope you're feeling better!

Emily, Congrats! We have been talking a lot about TTC our next one as I am 37 and I have such mixed emotions. I can't imagine having another right now, but I can't imagine not having a sibling for August. We decided that we'd have another as soon as we could, so they'd be close friends and we won't prolong the infant years, they'll be toddlers together etc. Now it's time to see if Mother Nature cooperates, no AF yet so...we'll see. I can sure understand feeling overwhelmed by it, but I really do think it will be wonderful.

Welcome new mamas!

And hugs to those struggling with PPD.

Puddin'- Glad your back safe and sound with Adam!

My sweet baby August will be 6 months tomorrow and he just cut his first tooth last night/today. He is getting pretty good at sitting up, but is still a little wobbly. Ooh, I adore him! He gets more fun everyday. With that tooth coming in last night though, no sleep, ugh! Do any of you use a co-sleeper? We've had one next to our bed since day one, but it mostly gets used as a book/magazine holder. He's had a couple naps in it but I think I'd really like it if he slept there even a couple hours a night. I miss cuddling with DH and it's getting so crowded in our queen....I probably need a better bedtime routine too. He usually sleeps in our arms for 2-3 hours in the evening, before we all go to bed together at 11ish.

More later but wanted to check in and say hi!
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Originally Posted by mamao'two
I'm feeling really sad right now for my nephew. His mother is a great mom, loving and really wonderful - however - I saw yesterday that he was in fact circumcised. I guess I'm not all that surprised given who his father is. To make matters worse he appears to have a buried penis.

His mom also told me tonight that she has been putting cereal in his bottles to help with spitting up and wanted to know if I thought she should give him some during the day to help with spit up.
She's pumping and not getting as much as she'd like so I'm worried she may give up on that soon.

He was cranky tonight and she said she thought he wasn't feeling well since he was vaccinated yesterday.

Its like one thing after another that I have to bite my tongue over.
UGH! Sorry you're dealing with this. I would have a hard time biting my tongue!
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Yeah, I have a hard time biting my tongue too. I'm far from being an NFL poster child, but I know absolutely No One that parents anywhere near the way that I do....it's all solids at 4 mo or earlier, if you do breastfeed--be sure to wean by 6 months, don't co-sleep--ever, make sure you don't spoil your baby, spank spank spank, let them cry or they will be spooled, doctor this and that, etc....all I can say is Thank God for MDC!!

Carrie - s Sorry you had to wean. You've tried your best, and I'm glad that Adrian is doing better.
Sorry some of you are still struggling with PPD. Do you think you guys may also be experiencing some symptoms of SAD? I know that I struggle with SAD every winter, not fun.

Emily - Did you get this freezing rain? We just got coated over here. I was driving and lost control, totally spinning out in the ditch yesterday. I was so scared....but guess what? The second car to drive by was a TOW TRUCK....what are the chances of that?? We got out all right and the car wasn't damaged. And I can't believe that on the busy road I was on that there were no cars when I spun out of control. I would have definitely had a head-on collision. Someone was watching out for us that day.

I'm soooo tired. Johnathan picked up a cough from the first time I put him in the church nursery. We tossed-and-turned all night and he wouldn't nurse lying down.
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Thanks for the hugs Jamie. I joke that I'm the only ffing LLL leader I know I'm still hopeful that he'll tolerate ebm at some point! I think when he hits 10 mo i'll trial it, as long as he is doing well in other ways.

Deborah - so sorry about the cat! we had to find a new home for ours - dh is allergic (has been for years, gets shots/just deals), but poor adrian was getting rashy from them we were lucky and found an awesome new home for them, and dh and dd go to visit

I am so ready for spring. i also need to work out - i gained wt since i went off the ted. do you think 45 is too cold to take the baby on a walk? (it is overcast today).
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Originally Posted by Adrienne
Is anyone else's baby still TOOTHLESS? Seems like lots of teeth in this group.

Owen is still gummy and bald! But adorable, of course...
Kiernen is bald and toothless and as beautiful as ever. He seems to think he has teeth, though, based on what he's been trying to eat

He's now eaten oatmeal, butternut squash, avocado, pear sauce, applesauce...he loves to eat! We only do it once a day though, and watch watch watch his pooping, because it can sometimes take awhile to adjust.

Sleep? Yep, I'll second it being a crapshoot. I am exhausted pretty much all the time. Somehow I manage.
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Chasmyn and Adrienne: Tova is still toothless as well, at nearly 6.5 months. (Lots and lots of black hair, though. She's had it since birth, as did DS.) We keep expecting a tooth to come through, but it's been two months of drooling, chewing and night waking/fussiness, and so far nothing. I think Griffin was about 7-8 months when his first one came through.

Sorry for the folks who are dealing with PPD -- I went though it with DS and it is no fun. Getting outdoors is definitely a positive thing, I always find. Tova and I do treks in all weather, really. We've had a relatively easy winter her in Nova Scotia, though, compared to some years.

Tova had her first solid food today -- banana mixed with BM. DS and I took turns giving her little bits, and she seemed to enjoy it. We did it as noontime when DS is home from school, and she's alert and adventurous. I think we'll keep it at once a day around that time for the next little while, see how it goes. I'll be interested to see if it makes much of a change in her poops -- I can't really remember that transition from when DS was a baby (or maybe I've blocked it out!).

I'm also sad about your cat Deborah -- my old kitty, Molly, is 17 1/2 years old now. She's doing OK, but I know I'll be going through the same thing as you in the not-too-distant future. All the best as you deal with this.

To everyone else, happy Monday. It is Monday, right?!
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The other thing that Kiernen does is he sits up to eat. So he'll be in my arms nursing, lying down, then he'll decide he wants to sit up and nurse the other side. This requires me to sort of stretch and contort my breast to meet him. Then he'll fall asleep this way, but woe to thee who allows the nipple to slip out of his mouth while he is nursing! It is rather funny to anyone who isn't the one having to contort for him

Hugs to the Mamas with PPD - I sometimes wonder if this is me, and of course living in the PNW, SAD can easily be a factor. Thank goodness we got some sun this weekend!!!

edited to add: He also likes to nurse while sitting on his potty :
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No teeth here yet (but lots of teething pain and bum rash) and dd1 didn't get any until 11 months. Also, still ebf as Annabelle has NO interest in food, but will open her mouth for her teething tabs. Haven't tried bf on the potty, Chasmyn and am trying hard to get a visual on how you do that, exactly....

Who asked about the co-sleeper? Was that you mountainsoulshinemama? We use one and really like it. I've used it since day one and I do still swaddle. I absolutely need to have my dh in my arms when sleeping.

For those with ppd stuff going on - do you still have your placenta frozen? I used mine to make capsules right after the birth (I think they lasted six weeks or so) and I know they helped a lot.

New Mama, your blog pics are hysterical!

In all honesty, I live in the burbs outside of Boulder, about 10 minutes away, but our goal is to move there next summer. Housing there is sooooo expensive! I do love it though and one of my bros and one of my sisters lives there. The reality is that we'll probably only live in the states until dd1 graduates from hs (in 10 years) or decides to move away from her dad as a teenager. Until then we are stuck here and trying to make the best of it. Neither dh or me are crazy about CO and he's longing to return to Europe or move to Hawaii. Aloha! Funny how the best interests of one child can control the lives of four other people.

As for getting outside with babe - I've been walking dd1 to school most mornings since Annabelle was three weeks old, even through this winter. I just bundle her up really good. The shelter of the stroller seems to help keep her toasty too.

Here's a quick look at the girls this week:
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Originally Posted by ktmama
Haven't tried bf on the potty, Chasmyn and am trying hard to get a visual on how you do that, exactly....
He has the Baby Bjorn little potty - I have it in front of me, between my legs. He sits on it sort of facing me and nurses...Funny little guy. : Hey, I'e never seen these before, are they new? Cute!!!
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I am going to sound nuts, but I found a PIS with the old style colapsible shields in the rummage sale on another site, and I bought it.. I had alot of success with the symphony with the colapsibles, and am praying that this will happen again.. I'm also in touch with a LLL group that seems more ap friendly than my last one and they are offering to help in any way possible..
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Sneaking in a quick post between ds going down and starting the mountain of dishes we've accumulated.

no teeth here either--but looooots of teething, drooling, chomping, etc. when will the blasted things appear?!

nice to hear other babies aren't so interested in solids either--we introduced pears, banana, avacado, etc, and jonas just looked at us like we're crazy. He's all about drinking from a cup, though, and lunges towards any glass held by anyone--which made for an interesting time at the wine and cheese reception I took him to this evening. No crawling yet either, though he figured out yesterday how to get his knees under him and push up to hands and knees. Aiiiigh! Babyproofing, here we come.

Anyone else splitting childcare responsibilities with a partner and having a tough time finding a balance? Dh and I are both under the gun work-wise, just got a new sitter for 10 hours a week, and find ourselves bickering all the time about who got more work time, etc. We both adore spending time with ds, but both feel the pressure of making progress in our academic programs. Siiiigh. Man, I hate fighting with dh, and hate that it's over time with ds. I guess the good news is that we're both completely focused on ds when we are hanging out with him. Ugh ugh ugh.

Dishes call. Thank heavens for my mei tai and wrap or I'd never get anything done.
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: Johnathan pulled up on the coffee table by himself yesterday.....uh, oh, we're in trouble!

btw, I think 45 degrees is fine for a short walk provided you have a good hat. We went for a walk at 40 degrees and if was fine, just wouldn't have wanted to be out too long.
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question... my older two were rather cool-blooded, much like me. Em is not. she's very warm blooded, much like her daddy and her grandfathers on his side of the family {his lethal attacking abilities aren't the only reason he earned the callsign Viper} So I'm wondering, with the older girls I didn't ditch the snowsuit in favor of a heavy jacket for anything under 60/65 degrees. Em sweats up a storm if it's 60 and she's in her snowsuit...

what temperature do you switch out outerwear for warm base babies?
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Little Clara Justice is 9 MONTHS today! It's so hard to believe that so much time has passed! We just got an invitation from the hospital where she was born for a reunion of graduates of the NICU. I know that I still have a lot of healing to do from that first month in the hospital, and I'm not sure that I'm ready to go back to the NICU. It is amazing to me how much she has grown though, if I can get myself to look at those awful pictures of her so tiny! In nine months she's gone from 3.5 to nearly 19 lbs! She's sitting and playing and really engaging in her world... reaching for people that she loves and "talking" up a storm. She sure loves what little solid food I let her have, but her GI track doesn't seem to feel the same! She's definitely been constipated of late. No teeth yet, though we've endured months of drooling and night-waking that I thought was teething... We'll see. She's also not showing much of an interest in crawling. She still hates to be on her tummy, though now that she can roll she's happier, because she can just flip herself over! We definitely go out in all sorts of weather that is colder than 40 deg. If we waited for it to be 40, we'd be inside all winter, and I just couldn't stand that! I pretty much don't spent time outside if it's less than 20-25, but we walk at least the short distance to the dinning hall (we live at a boarding school) in weather much colder than that! If it's really cold, I wear her in the MT under my coat so that she can have the extra warmth of my body, but otherwise I just bundle her in the stroller and she loves it! I can't wait for warmer weather though, and a break to all this bundling!

to all you ppd mamas. I'm still feeling the tug too, and I know that it's a mix of ppd, SAD and my usual plain old depression. I'm hanging in there though, and my dh has 3 weeks off right now for spring break, so that's a relief. My counselor wants my MD to test my thyroid, adrenal and iron levels, because I have no ENERGY! I know that spring will help with that though.

Someone said something about falling asleep at the boob... That's Clara's #1 way to go to sleep, and personally, I'm fine with that. We snuggle up together in bed and she's usually out in 5-10 minutes.

Well, to you all! I MDC!
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9 months old??!? Happy birthday, little Miss Clara! I can't believe it's been that long.

I'm amazed that your little guys & girlies are crawling - Adam is still doing the frog-swim in place and getting mad after about 25 seconds on his belly. He pulls himself up & around when he's on a lap or on the couch, but still despises tummy time & nascent attempts at crawling....

Two teeth here, and he's starting to bite bite bite again, just like he did before #1 came through. His poor fingers have cuts on them, as he prefers them over anything I offer.

Solids coming slowly over here - Adam is still slightly bemused by them, but seems to like them for the most part. Prefers peas, bananas & pears, and tolerated avocado & sweet potatoes. He's only doing ~0.5-1 tsp once a day, so I'm not too pushy about it.

Jamie, I am so glad about the tow truck & all of the other factors into play - Someone was watching out for you! Really, that is ... amazing. That must have been so scary. No freezing rain here - it's in the 30s all week - HOORAY! - and I'm bundling ds up and we are walking, damnit. My SAD has kicked my rear end this winter, and I need to clean out the cobwebs from my head. We're only out for 10-15 minutes, warmly bundled, but it's better than the subzero temps/inside all week thing we had going on all winter!!

Kate, I love the video! A is getting so big - and Lily is quite the knitter. That's neat!

Happy day, all.
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The differences in development are amazing!

And to those who asked you can nurse without solids for quite some time. dd had some big eating problems and only nursed until 21 months. It wasn't until the last few months that she was loosing weight (while still gaining height though). She was exclusively nursing and 25 lbs at a yr 27lbs before 1.5 yrs...
In the first year solids are just for experimentation, they don't provide much nutrition. Just keep an eye out and try again when baby seems ready.
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More on falling asleep at the boob: That is also how Tova usually does it. I also have to swaddle her, for the most part, but then she's happy. Occasionally, especially when she's overtired, she'll refuse to nurse and I have to walk and jiggle her to sleep, which can take 10-30 minutes. I'd much prefer nursing her off to dreamland!
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just popping in to say hi!

here's some new pics of baby Christopher..about 18 pounds now? seems so heavy!

still no crawling yet, but he whistles! and he's a champion fliper..haha

have a good night!

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