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Something besides cooking and cleaning...

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I am feeling like I need to do more. I love staying home with my daughter. These past 6 months have been the happiest of my life. Still, I am not COMPLETELY satisfied. Mostly it's because of where I live. There aren't any parks nearby, there are few sidewalks, not much of a community. I don't drive, and since this is a very car oriented city, it makes things difficult. I have NO desire to drive, by the way, and neither does my husband. I rarely go out other than grocery shopping. I would like to go to coffeeshops or something, but they are hard to get to, and everyone there smokes. I refuse to have Juniper around smokers. That's a big part of it. I used to live in San Diego, where we are both dying to live again. I loved going to Balboa park, seeing all the families and museums, it was great. Unfortunately, it is way to expensive to live there now. I don't want a job, I don't want to have a home business, but I want to do something. I am interested in natural medicine, but don't know much about getting into it. Any suggestions?
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There is a great Long distance college program called Clayton college. You can get various degrees. I am currently studying natural health. It is advertised in Mothering Magazine or you can go on line to www.ccnh.edu It is great, you can work at your own pace, no stress, and what a way to learn and integrate natural health into your own life! Good luck!
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I'm in a similar situation! I moved from sunny California to cold, gloomy Illinios (northern suburbs of Chicago). I have been here for 5 1/2 months and I can't get used to it. I do have a car, but there isn't really anywhere to go since it's cold......I miss going outside! Also, everything remotely fun that's family oreinted seems expensive. I suppose I am feeling sorry for myself a bit, but it's a difficult adjustment. And as much as I love my DS, I do miss adult interaction (for this I rely soley on my DH, who does what he can to help my lonleiness). I would also love to have some extra money, but I'm not much of a home-business person, I hate selling! Anyway, I should be giving you some pointers instead of whining about my life! The library has been a haven from me, it's kept me from going insane. There are children's groups and adult groups, and books keep me entertained at home! Hopefully you have a library near you.
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Hi Katrina! I grew up in upstate NY - so I can sympathize! I do suggest you learn to drive, even though it doesn't appeal that much to you. Upstate has a lot more interesting things to do, but you do have to get to them. Ironically of course we were always driving to Syracuse! But there's a neat alternative cinema in Manlius, there are a number of good Thai/other ethnic food places along Erie Blvd. You can go the lake to swim/ice skate, go to Ithaca for a hippy fix. I'm sure there's cool theater, concerts, classes, etc at SU. You'll find your niche, but driving will really help get you there.
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My husband and I don't believe in driving unless ABSOLUTELY necessary. The impact on the environment, both the cars themselves and the side effects like roads and suburbs, plus what they have done to people's lifestyles....... Yuck. We don't ever want to drive. We plan on moving in about a year to someplace less car oriented.
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I totally agree with you Katrina. I wish we lived in an area where we didn't have to drive. Unfortunately, living out in the stix (which we love!) you have to have a car. Plus I have been struck twice by dangerous drivers, this last time totaling my car. I am just plain scared to drive. I drive lately for the necessities only! Jennifer
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I really love learning about Aromatherapy. There are lots of great books and some pretty good web pages out there.
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I reccommend a book...

"At-Home Motherhood---Making it Work for You" by Cindy Tolliver, there are a couple of chapters in her book that will make you think. Hope it helps.
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yet another book

Have you already read this book?
"What Every Mom Needs (meet your 9 basic needs and be a better mom)" by Elisa Morgan

A mom's 9 basic needs are:

Would all of you agree with that?
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Sounds like good stuff for everybody, moms included!

One friend said to me "Kids need sane moms." Sums it up for me.
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I, too, share your feelings. I love my kids and think what I am doing is important for the future. But I need to remember that I am a woman, not just a mother, too. I try to go to the library once a week, while dh watches the kids. There is a plethora of information there to feed your soul. And stir new interests.
I have What every Mom needs. Did you also know that Ms. Morgan started M.O.P.S.? ( mothers of preschoolers) Try a search to see if there is a meeting in your area. Usually at a church, with crafts for kids and separate time for the moms.
Another group is MOMS (mothers offering moms support) and meetings can be found at momsclub.org.
I hope this helps you find the recharge you are seeking.
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