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Healing the Gut Tribe ~ March

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Subbing. Happy March!
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From last month's thread...

Originally Posted by Cmadb12
If this sounds familiar to anyone, I would greatly appreciate ANY information you may have!!! My 4 year old son has been suffering from what two different drs. have only generally described as "constipation" and a "behaviorial" issue related to his constipation. He has been seen by his own ped. and his new allergist - so far. Neither of which I am happy with b/c I feel dismissed every time we have to discuss this recurring problem.

My son has been crossing his legs when he feels the urge to poop for over 2 years (pardon the medical terms - we're all moms here, right?) and holds in - or tries to at least- his poop. He cries, sometimes screams, when he does this. My husband and I have referred to it as the "poopie dance", until something just didn't feel right, after many months have passed. He has been constipated before, of course, as I'm sure many kids have, and he did once tear his rectum and get a strep infection after. this was when he was 18 months+ - a long time ago.

My son has a major peanut allergy along with many severe enviro. allergies, but according to his new allergist, not significant other food allergies. He was tested recently for milk and soy to which he reacted, but not severely according to his dr. He has eczema that come and go and has always battled it, even as an infant. His dr. says that he cannot def. say that he is "allergic" to milk b/c his skin reacts to even the control (water) slightly. But his arms just light up when they test him for everything, pretty much.

Most recently he's been on Florstor Kids (SOOO expensive!), Benefiber powder and his allergist just told me to put him on Lactulose liquid (sp?), even AFTER I told him that my son already has major stomach pain, gas and cramps (all side effects of Lactulose) and after we discussed his possible allergy or sensitivity to milk?!? My son rarely eats a "real" meal, if at all, cries at the table over his food after he tells me he's very hungry, but just can't eat it b/c his belly hurts. My son is thin and underwight, he east NOTHING. I've stopped letting him drink cow's milk (or soy for that matter) myself, but don't know whether to cut out ALL dairy, yogurt...the allergist says we'll discuss it at his next appt....right. Can't wait.

Also I guess something imp. to note - he ALWAYS has some form of poop in his diaper. Yes, I said diaper b/c he CAN go pee on the potty and wants to use the potty, but cannot be w/o a diaper at anytime b/c there is always poop literally hanging out of his bum. There is always poop, whether it's formed, which is the case most of the time, or a loose kind of liquid in his diaper. He runs into another room to cross his legs ALL day, even in public and shouts and cries if you even look at him. He strains so hard.

I cannot tell you how frustrated we are for him. We are afraid that he will still be in a diaper when he enters school and will be picked on-or worse. As I mentioned before, I am only being dismissed by the drs. and I can only look to you all for some informed advice.

By the way, we did try craniosacral therapy once, can't really comment on what that did or didn't do, but that was a while ago. Should I try acupuncture? Diet changes? Doctor changes? Does this sound at all like it's merely behavioral on his part? If you can, please help - I am at my wit's end and sad everyday for him.

Many thanks to you all for your precious time reading this message!!!
Oh mama, so glad you are here! My heart just aches reading your message. We will try to help any way we possibly can.

I don't know exactly what this is (sounds like encopresis) but it's NOT behavioral. And constipation always has a biological cause. His behaviors are only a result of the feelings from his body, not the other way around. I have noticed many many behavioral issues come and go depending on the state of my DS's gut.

I had to look up Florastor Kids: http://www.florastor.com/article.asp?id=2559

Sacch. boulardii is supposed to be good for yeast as well as intestinal bacteria. However, I disagree with them that the lactose in it is small. If one has intestinal flora issues, the lactose can indeed set off some gas, bloating and constipation. Just because Sacc. boulardii can make lactase, the enzyme that digests lactose, doesn't mean it's doing that in a damaged gut. Kirkman makes a Sacc. boulardii without fillers.

Lactulose is a disaccharide sugar that is very hard to digest, so it's no surprise that's a problem too.

Now what to do.... well in my experience, mainstream doctors know little to nothing about healing. There has to be a reason for the constipation, ykwim? And fixing the cause would lead to healing. But they don't seem to do that. Does your DS have a diagnosis?

Now it seems like they do think he has some sort of instestinal flora issue? Have they told you more about why this is?

Read about the diet that a lot of us are on to change intestinal flora, read these links in order and tell me what you think:

It All Began with A Child:

SCD Overview:

Science Behind the Diet:

Yogurt for Probiotics:
(I use goat's milk for DS as the casein molecules are smaller and easier to digest)

SCD and Allergies:

Karen DeFelice's book on Enzymes talks about battling encopresis with her son: www.enzymestuff.com

Her books (they are both the same) on using digestive enzymes for gut health are a must read for understanding leaky gut, digestive problems, and food allergies.... and the behavioral issues that come with them.

Stay stong mama. I think the similar things about my DS too. It's a horrible feeling when you love them so much and are trying everything in your power to help and nothing seems to be working!
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Update on DS:

I did a stupid thing... remember how I said I wanted to treat him with coffea cruda for sleeping issues? Well I decided to give the (sugar) homeopathic tablets with enzymes.... BAD CHOICE MAMA! We have anger, yelling and aggression up the yin yang. This is also on the heels of some organic apple cider (which is legal for goodness sakes) which apparently set him off too.

And I'm not sure he is tolerating the uber expensive X Factor Butter Oil either.

Sigh. I don't even know why you listen to me when I can be such a dolt IRL!

The good thing is that he's finally tolerating (at least before all this) Zyme Prime enzymes at every meal and snack. And No Fenol a couple times/day. I had taken him off all enzymes and worked back up VERY slowly to using the gentler V-Gest with even less proteases. Then the Zyme Prime which has more than V-Gest.

When everything calms down, I'm going to start the Pepitzyde high proteases again. It's the only thing that is going to make a difference in him I feel. But I'm literally going to have to start with 2 little grains at first b/c the last time was NOT pretty. He got so hyper.

Oh more good news I guess... DS can swallow capsules now and is so proud of himself Of course now that I have the bulk powder enzymes. Will look around for some smaller than 00 gelatin capsules that the hfs carried.

OH... and just tonight a Mass. mama posted an MD/Homeopath who is on my insurance!!!! Hey I guess things are looking up after all... Now should get to bed to have a few hours of sleep before I'm summoned by Mr. Fidget.
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Oh for goodness sakes, I don't know how I missed several posts in last month but I did... just a reminder to myself to go back to 2/27.

Firefaery, I think the intuit thing is AWESOME. A close friend of mine works with one, I need to check her out!
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elimination diets and daycare

moving post up one level...
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Jennifer, is your son still nursing substantially for his nutrients? This thread is really not about elimination diets, although there are some here who have done them. From what I understand, if he is still nursing at his age, he's mostly getting his nutrition from bm anyway. You and he would both have to go on elimination diets. As far as whether you can do that with daycare, I have no idea. You might try posting up one level, in Health and Healing in general.
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I read "Breaking the viscious cycle" yesterday, and the author suggests taking a Vitamin B supplement. She gives guidelines/suggestions for what they should and shouldn't contain, but is there anything else I need to know about the B vitamins? I'm really leary since I know almost zilch about supplements

Also, if raw milk is illegal (I think it is in Canada anyway), how on earth do you get it? I have a friend who has a source for pastured cows milk (i.e. pastured in the warmer months, not sure what they get the rest of the year). She said that it will take a while for her source to trust me enough to sell raw milk to me. I don't know how I'm going to "get to know her" since her only other product seems to be beef, and we don't eat that. This source also knows someone who has organic pastured goats, and if I can establish a relationship soon enough, I might to able to buy some of that this spring when the kids are born.

I'm so out of touch with all these issue. Someone please enlighten me. TIA
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I'm subbing too because I like to keep up with how you mamas and kiddos are doing!

Not to mention I learn lots of things too!
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We are on day two-still feel in the dark-but thank all of you for being willing to share your stories and knowledge!
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Siana- don't know if it will help, but i'm in Canada too, and yeah, you just have to establish a relationship with someone who will sell you raw cow's milk right off the farm. Cows can be kept outside all winter, as long as they have some shelter from the wind and snow (even a well-treed pasture). They can be fed green feed all winter (alfalfa, grass mixes, silage, etc.) If you are having trouble building trust with someone, you might suggest paying them a fee upfront so that you are a *part-owner* of the cow, and the cost of the milk can be translated as a fee you are paying them to milk *your* cow for you, kwim?

Cmadb12- I am so sorry to hear about your little guy's suffering. I just couldn't help but draw parallels between what you are saying and what Jordan Rubin's story is. He is the author of The Maker's Diet. I'm not trying to diagnose your son, but Jordan developed severe crohns-colitis (a bowel disorder) and talks about how he spent 2 years runnning to the bathroom 20 times a day, being in constant pain, feeling like he had food poisoning that never went away. You might want to check out his book. He is Messianic-Jewish and the diet that cured him was a bible-based traditional foods diet along with supplements to make up for what he claims is lost in our depleted soil. Here's a link for a little more info.
I really hope you find the help you need here. The mamas on this thread can provide you with much better info than any doctor will. It's sad that most of us have had to take healing our families into our own hands, and can't rely on any help from the medical establishment, which only offers band-aid solutions that tend to make things worse in the long run.
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hi mamas
I feel like I'm not much help here but I'm mining you guys for all the info I can get. Thanks for letting me.

We are on day 10 and I beleive that my yeast rash is finally going away. I'm kinda glad I wasn't pg and had af since I know that is an avenue for flushing out toxins. Poor dd has a horribly scabby yeast spot on the front of her vulva. And lots of little satalite spots all over her rear/hips. I hope this is the begining of the end for her too.

I'm feeling a little less like I'm losing my mind with this diet and getting more of a ryhthm to it. It will be a while before I feel less overwhelmed though. I'm so glad my chiro has read the book and is well versed in following it and can help me with it.

I've got so much pulling at my time right now. I have dropped everything to think about our diet and now I need to start picking some stuff back up or I'll be in big trouble, but it is like having a n/b. I'm not ready yet, but I can't expect others who are counting on me to really understand.

The worst thing about this is that die off is happening at the same time as two year molars and my dd was super high needs w/o either of those things. I don't have any family and most of my friends work or have little ones too so they aren't much help either. I do have a mothers helper who comes for 2-3 hours every friday afternoon that dd adores and that really does help but I wish I could find one for every day of the week (not that I could afford it but you kwim).

Ok, I gotta go eat lunch and get some dishes done while dd is napping. I can't beleive how many dishes I go through in a day making all our own food!
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Wow I notice such a difference in this post compared to previous ones! You have hope!

I'm very glad to hear things are on the upswing, just hang in there. It will get easier when the cooking becomes second nature. Once you get standard recipes under your belt, you can knock them off in less time.

We have lots of dishes too. Some days (like today) I just let them pile up and then madly do them right before DH gets home
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Another update:

Well now DS is back to solid poops, less hyperactivity and more sleeping today. We have an appt. with the MD/homeopath in two weeks so I just have to hang on until then. I started writing out all of DS's quirks and behaviors and it's becoming quite a long list. I actually think it was a good thing we just went thru a recent setback....since I was able to remember so much about his behavior, even more than I already written down from before, and correlate it with his gut.

This doc is going to be way overwhelmed with pages of info when we walk in there. I'll know she is the right one for us if she likes it!!

I've finished Amy Lansky's book on homeopathy, it's really really good.
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Originally Posted by bluets
moving post up one level...

I posted last month a very large post on my current view of elimination diets. For us they helped for a time, but never fixed the problem. I think you have to go beyond "there is a certain food or foods that is causing this" and look to the entire immune and digestive system. Why is it that they cannot handle certain foods? And we definately discuss that here.

The concept of a "food free" diet is very well discussed in Karen DeFelice's books: www.enzymestuff.com

Her explanation of leaky gut will make more sense why a bf'ing babe can react to mom's milk... it is not supposed to be that way. It means you are not digesting your food properly and whole food proteins are getting into your bloodstream. Thus just eliminating one or several foods won't fix that problem because if the problem continues, there will just be new foods to react to.
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I've finished Amy Lansky's book on homeopathy, it's really really good.
JaneS, what's the title of the book? I'm looking for good homeopathy books right now. tia.
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Jane, let me know how your appointment goes. I don't think she'll be thrown off at all. My DhT sends a packet out that is 14 pages long, tiny print, both sides. If that wasn't enough you also have to write an essay. I'm sure she'll be thrilled to have someone as observant as you are. You'll have to let me know what his constitutional is as well. It's really an addiction with me! Glad you liked the book. Homeopathy really is wonderful. We have had such good experiences and Selkie's new remedy has completely shifted her. I started a new one today and my fingers are crossed. I'm hoping I don't prove it, because that would about destroy me right now. Selkie proved her first one, so I think the odds are on my side It's pretty rare.
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