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MARCH Declutter Challenge!

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I didn't see a new thread for March, so here goes...

My personal goal is 200 items by the end of the month. My main target areas:

1) Linen closet
2) Home office
3) Kitchen

and if I am motivated enough...

...the "storage" room

Anyone going to join me?
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I'm game. I could probably find 200 items just in my boys rooms alone! LOL But I need to get along with the de-cluttering as the new babe will be here very soon and I want everything in order. Lessee....

I guess my biggest areas would be the...

master bedroom
boys room
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I'm in. I did the Jan. challenge and it really helped a lot but there is still so much junk to get rid of around here. I'll set my goal at 500 and plan on concentrating on:
The spare room
The storage closet
The livingroom

Thanks for starting a new challenge, anthasam!
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I'm joining you all this month.

My goals are
Laundry room/pantry
Master Bedroom
Ds' Room
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I'm in...'ll go for 200 items and will focus on:

1) Spare room - needs to be totally cleaned out to become dd's room
2) My closet (again - didn't get finished last month)
3) desk area - gotta do those taxes
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I am in...

I just dropped off about 25 towels to the animals shelter so I can start counting...

My main focus shall be the basement and all the rubbermaid totes in my closet....
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I'm in, hopefully subing to the thread will keep me focased b/c i did great in jan and then fizzled out in feb... so my goal is 500 items and i'll target my back bathroom that is still out of order due to the dogs trashing it and me and dh have both been putting it off... and my livingroom and my dd's room.
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I'm in if I can set the rather low goal of 50 items. Not much extra stuff around here, but I do have some. I hate to let go of really nice things that I just don't use. Maybe I can find someone else who will use them and then I won't feel bad letting them go. I am not settign three areas; I'm just going to declutter as I can and as I do my Spring Cleaning (see the other thread). But I do want to reorganize my computer area and maybe cull a few toys.
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I'm in, too! I am planning a yard sale for the beginning of April. I have gone thru most of the house--kitchen, bedroom closets and dresser drawers, linen closet. I have only one more room to go--the dreaded "extra" bedroom. So far I have a full sized bed covered in clothes, books, baby stuff, toys, kitchen ware and other stuff. I'm pretty sure that I have already gone over the 200 item mark. I think this stuff must breed in the closets!
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I'm in! I'll try for 500 but I fizzled out last time so we'll see. I need to target the "storage" loft, my extra room, and dd's clothes and toys. ( and a whole lot more, but those will be a start......)

sidshappymom I love your signature line. I'm always imagining throwing my keys into rivers, waterfalls, off bridges, etc. Weird obsession
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Some progress

OK, I have someone on the way over from Freecycle to get a bag of holiday stuff (15 items). Yes, I know it's March, but hey, at least it's finally getting out of here!

I also Freecycled 3 bottles of carpet shampoo, so my total is now 18.

I'm putting together a box for the thrift shop later today and hope to get some stuff over to the dog shelter...
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Managed to declutter most of the diningroom closet (again!) this morning and got 47 items just from there!
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I'm in...

I have been focusing on de-cluttering one room a month since January, and so far it's working pretty well.

I am definately in for March. This month's room is the loo, so I will need all the support and motivation I can get!

I still also have some "hold-over hot spots" from January and February, so (in addition to the loo) my three target areas will be:

1. All of my family's luggage. I need to wipe it all down, discard what is not functional, and store it (hopefully each piece inside a consecutively larger one, so that I just have to find space for 1 large roll-away.)

2. The hatbox full of photos. I'm just going to keep at them until they are finished, and : celebrate my little successes as I go.

3. My mending!!! The drawback to getting caught up on the laundry is that now I have a huge stack : of mending to do! But if I stick to my plan of working on it for 1 full hour every Thursday while I wait for my youngest son at Cub Scouts, (his Cub Scout meetings are all the way accross town - too far to go all the way home and back again) I should finish it before it no longer fits anyone! (Don't laugh...it's happened.)
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I'm in!

I started on the basement more yesterday. Donated about 10 things to the enimal shelter- a bunch of mouse cages and such from when I had them as pets. Went through 1 1/2 boxes of junk yesterday and tossed some of it. THe problem I'm having is what do you do when its your DH's crap? And he won't get rid of any of it!!
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I got rid of two things the other day, so I putting them up here before I forget. One was an old phone book, the other was... I can't remember. Oh, well.

Total: 2.
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i'm in. my goal will be 200 items, focusing on clothes and the walk-through closet.

so far, i packed up one box of baby clothes and offered them FFS on the TP. and i threw away a couple of dh's really holey shirts. and cut up another for rags. total: 23 items
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We had a super-productive morning. The following went to the thrift store and animal shelter:

20 kitchen items
6 coats/sweatshirts
11 shirts (men’s and women’s)
4 pants (men’s and women’s)
women’s terry bathrobe
2 twin-sized blankets
full/queen twill duvet cover
full/queen duvet cover w/shams
3 pairs of shoes
3 dog beds, 3 blankets, 3 toys

3 magazines, vhs tape and bottle of jetdry to parents

I think that all adds up to 66 items, plus 18 = 84

I even got DH to clean out some of the shirts he doesn't wear!!
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Today I had someone on freecycle pickup a whole set of dishes, cups etc, as well as a bag of silverware and a decorative santa thing. I've also tossed a TON of stuff and filled of a box with other random small items to freecycle, posted two diaper bags, an desk organizer and some pictures, but noones asked for yet. Hopefully soon!

I am determined to go through all the random boxes of crap- the leftover stuff each time we moved that we just threw into a box to move it, but we never touched again. Ooh, also I found my ring the my grandpa gave me that is SOOO important to me. I'd been looking for it for quite a while!
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Finished ds' room yesterday!

120 items :
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Just did some regular cleaning today and cleaned out under the kitchen sink.

Threw out 12 items.

Item total = 12
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