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Too old for this forum, too young for preteens?

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I feel lost!

My DD is seven, and I find that most or many of the threads here are about kids between the ages of 3 and 6, and the "preteen" forum is mostly 10 and up.

I actually dislike all the "preteen/tween" labels - I feel that they were created by marketing executives. Plus I think it sort of invalidates the child's actual stage of life, implying that they're just somehow waiting to be a teenager. I think this is a great stage, at least for my daughter - she's happy, energetic, enthusiastic, loves to learn and play, and is just plain fun to hang out with!

Anyway, maybe there should be a forum for "early elementary-age" children? Of course, not all kids attend school - hmmm, what on earth could it be called???
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My ds is 7 and I don't even read the preteen forum. There does seem to be an overlap between this forum and the older and younger age forums.

Maybe the toddler forum would be better labeled the toddler/preschool forum, encompassing up to age 4 or 5. Then have the childhood forum be for ages 5-preteen.

It's hard. Some issues are difficult to label by age. I post in this forum for ds, unless it's school related. I've noticed most of the posts in the school forum are for elementary age kids. That probably pulls a lot of posts out of here.

It is a great age! I wouldn't know what to call it other than childhood. Pre-pubescent, maybe? But even then, kids hit puberty all over the map. I don't know. I guess I'm at a loss, too.
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I know how you feel. My ds will be 8 in just 13 more days, as he will tell anyone who will listen.
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This is an interesting topic.

I think that the original division of ages was based on the demographics of the site. Their are TONS of moms with infants, then a lot with toddlers, some with young children and very few with older kids. To make the traffic at each board relatively equal (and you'll notice that its not--- even having the "teen" forum be 9-18 it still gets way less traffic than the infant/toddler/child forums) they divided them unequally.

How I deal with that is I post based on where I think I will get the best answers to that specfic question. If I'm concerned about kinder readiness (well, really I'd put that in Education) I'd put in in the Childhood Years, but if I had a question about peer pressure I would be more apt to put that in Teens.

I, personally, don't think that toddlers and preschoolers should be lumped together becasue 1) that woudl be a rather overwhelming size group and 2) the concerns of a 15 month old and that of a 5 year old are so radically different. If you would really like a new division, the best suggestion I would have would be to go to Q&S (or is it Q&A) and ask Cynthia if she would reconsider:
Young Children
Slightly Olders

Or something like that.
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I have a soon to be 10 yr old and a 19 mo old.
I seam to get myself in torrible in toddlers, I just dont see things the same as the rest do, and most are much younger then myself. Having been through these ages already with my STB 10 yr old, I find the advice and thoughts different then myself, and from my experience there its doest fly right ..lol
I dont think that going to teens is a good option for discussing my almost 10 yr old ..

I have thought about this before and have come to the conclusion that unless there was a age slipt for the forums ....IMO I think that in the teens forum you will get the best advice. MOst of the ladies that go there have teens and or grown children out in the world, so who better to get advice from.
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I agree, I think that it has more to do with the demographics of the site. There simply aren't as many moms with older kids here. And, as PPs said, there are more places to post questions about older kids. I'm much more likely to post a question about my older kids in the parenting issues or homeschooling forum than I am to post a question here.

Also, I've parented longer, and I simply don't have as many questions about parenting my older children than I did about parenting my first baby.
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I agree. My DD is 9 and it's diificult... I post where I think the *subject* is most appropriate. For example, posting about DD still wetting the bed = Childhood but DD asking about dating = Preteen... at least that's how I do it.
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I vote for an "Older Childhood" forum!

I have wanted this for two years, since DD was eight. She's ten now, and while technically in the "Preteen" section, she is Not a preteen (most of the time), and doesn't like that word.

She still plays with dolls. And mud. She doesn't do any real pre-teen stuff, isn't developing yet. But she's a far cry from a 5 or 6 year old.

Can we bring this thead to Cynthia's attention?
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here here!!
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I second or third that idea......lol

I think it would be very beneficial for us moms that have the 10 yrs olds to be able to discuss there developmental issues into teenhood....
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Originally Posted by Ann-Marita
Can we bring this thead to Cynthia's attention?
You can always PM her or start a thread in Questions & Suggestions/Answers.
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I agree. I just posted a request in "Questions and Suggestions" if anyone wants to respond and reinforce the request. Thanks for bringing this up!
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It's not there yet. I'll go post to that thread as soon as it shows up!

We really do need this! I often see people posting stuff about 3 & 4 yr olds in the Childhood forum. That is so far removed from my 10 yr old. And the teen forum isn't right either - I'm not dealing with my child looking up porn online, or dating or any of that teen stuff.

We NEED an Older Childhood forum!
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I dont see the thread ..
could you post the link for it here ...??
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The Questions forum is moderated so it might be a while before it shows up there... I'll definately add in to that thread when it does.
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Thanks! I'll look for the thread and post in it!

I'm glad I brought up a topic that was on a lot of people's minds! I thought maybe I was the only one...
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I will move this thread to Q&S for you.
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Originally Posted by tnrsmom
I will move this thread to Q&S for you.
That was nice, Thanks!
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Thank you!
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I agree! I stay out of all of those forums because it's a little frustrating. My DD is 8.916 yo and I just feel like there are the obvious differences between her and a kinder age child, but then I don't think that we can apply the same advice for an 8 year old and a 13 year old. At least I can't. It seems that maybe 7 to 11 or 12 is such a transitional age, though yes, it is still childhood.
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