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Originally Posted by amyjeans
Okay mamas- I am starting to lose my patience here. Can ya send some birthy vibes my way?
Sweet birthing vibes coming your way!!!

May your sweet little one come to you when the time is for the highest good!
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hang in there amyjeans. i was cool/impatient off and on the last week too

i like the idea of having a support person ther for the kids. we had them do a slumberparty at gmas the first time, and had gma do a slumber party here the second.

add me to the "i hired a mw for my HUSBAND" list for #2. those two were gossiping like pre-teen girls while the baby fell out it was useful though to have her here and i dont regret it. best of both in my case. i couldnt've removed my own retained placenta, so she was a great back up. i treied everything natural and she waited until i asked for assistance. think it was 2hrs later
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our first uc is under "carrieanders" couldnt remember my password so i made a new one
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Thanks alot mamas! It seems I am becoming more and more cranky as each day goes by. Let's pray for a strong pull from the moon tomarrow!
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Ooh, Amy! I was just cruisin' MDC and thought of you. Whether or not your baby will come to you soon, I feel that you'll have an awesome birth... one that you can hold close to your heart until the day you die. Oh! Amy! You'll meet your baby!
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I seem to be thinking about you a lot too, Amy.

Happy birthing.
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Well, for crying out loud, Amy, I came here just to see if you'd had your baby yet!! I thought of you when I was out walking under the moon last night. Sending more enthusiastic birthing vibes than have ever been sent before to you!!!

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its 741p est. My kids are tapping my last nerve and my contx are making me break a sweat. I am so totally irritable I can't stand myself. Typing w/one hand cuz Syndey will not let me put her down!
I feel soooo freaking nauseous and my butt hurts. And dh is on the road hopefully on his way home.
What does it all mean?


thanks for letting me vent!
I need a happy pill!
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Add me!

Cool deal! I'm Kristi...Will you add me to the ttc list please???

We're trying for bbay #1!
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(((Amyjean))) Sending you easy labor vibes! Maybe tonight will be the night!!
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Amyjean, sounds like it's about time!!! I hope you are having a beautiful labor or have already had your little one!!
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alright- I have given up. This baby is not coming out. He has permanently moved in and won;t leave.
So I am in prodromal labor. Just like last time. When the sun goes down, it starts- oh what a night I had last night.
Today, I felt like I peed all over myself, all day! Maybe my water broke or I am really really incontinent. ( I think the latter)
Good solid contx and baby is doing laps, and lots of mucus- but no bloody show. Definately dialating.
how fun!!! So-
Sat am? who the heck knows at this point.
love y'all!
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love you too

prodromal labor is the pits
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: that you feel comfortable and rested.
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Amyjean, I'm sending many many labor vibes. It sounds like you are so so close!!
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Just on my daily Amyjeans watch!! Lots of love, hugs, and happy labor vibes!!!
Again! :

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Oh, I'm sorry. It can be so trying when it drags out like that. Especially when you've got little ones who need you. My last (fourth) I had cramping and losing mucus for weeks, and then two nights of prodomal labor before it finally happened the third night. I can sympathize! I hope you can take some time just for yourself and/or with your husband just to relax and not have to think about everyday concerns.
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sending lots of loverly labor vibes, amy!
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Amy, I'll say to you the same thing my DH kept saying to me when I was in Prodromal Labor Land... all that work is not fun, but it takes time off your actual labor. (That's the way it works for me. My 2nd baby had a lot of Prodromal Labor and her birth was 4 hours long. My 3rd had a TON of Prodromal Labor and she was born after 1 1/2 hours of actual labor.) I wish you the same quick, sweet and easy labor when the time is for the highest good!
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True -- prodomal labor *is* labor, just with opportunities to rest.
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