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let's share heartburn remedies!

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Oy. I've had the worst heartburn all day. That icky burning acid feeling at the base of the throat is the worst. It amazes me how much I forgot from my first pregnancy! Protective memory, I think they call that.

So let's share our best heartburn remedies! So far raw almonds and whole milk seem to be doing the best at making me feel better. (And that explains why I've been craving so much milk the last few days. I didn't have much today and it's the first time I've noticed so much burning.) What works for you?
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Sarah- understand the heartbrun hotel! Mine was cured by delivering Maggie and it worked the first time too! But milk, avoiding anything fruitlike for the first part of the day (I have no idea why it worked) and sometimes I would pop tums or an equilant of tums.
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When it gets really bad I go for the Tums, but I haven't had to do that since my mw gave me digestive enzymes to take with dinner! As long as I take the digestive aids, acidolpholis, and my 3 daily doses of Metimucil (for IBS) I can actually sleep at night! Taco meat kills me though... and I'm soooo craving it!
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Chewable papaya enzyme tablets worked better for me than anything else.
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That's interesting about the acidophilus. I'm about to start taking probiotics for the rest of my pregnancy anyway, as it seems that my body reacts to the 20 week elevation of hormones by giving me a wicked case of (warning: TMI!) vaginitis that can't be cured by medication. Yogurt's the only thing that's even vaguely helped, so my doctor recommended probiotics. Maybe I can kill two birds with one stone here. That'd be cool.
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I was actaully craving yogurt 3 weeks ago- hmmmmnnn
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I posted this on the thread over I'm Pregnant so I'll just C&P it.

There is a breathing exercise that the childbirth instructor taught me when I was pregnancy with my DD. I'll try to describe it without the visuals.

You sit up (legs crossed) with your arms relaxed and your hands in your lap.Try to sit up as straight as possible with your shoulders back. While breathing deeply in through your nose slowly lift your arms up straight out and up until your hand met and are straight up. (almost like you are flapping wings). When you have your arms straight up lightly stretch up a little and then slowly exhale out through your mouth and bringing your arms back down in the reverse. Repeat this until the heartburn eases.

I had really bad heartburn at night with my DD, I carried her really high (almost under my ribs) until at least 38 weeks. She was pressing on my diaphram so much it really made it difficult at night. I would wake up and sit up and do the exercises right there in bed. I felt like a fool about to take flight off the bed sometimes but it really did help. I honestly don't think I had to do it more than 15 or 20 times before it would ease.
SO far I haven't had any Heartburn (knock on wood) but then I do eat a handful of raw almonds almost everyday. I just crave nuts (almonds & walnuts) while I'm pregnant and they are a good source of lots of protein, vitamins and minerals so thats always a bonus unlike the nutritional value of those Krispy Kreme donuts. But they are just sooooo goood.
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I've been using the chewable Papaya Enzymes too. They seem to be working great and they're really yummy (taste like candy!).
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wow! I dod not know about almonds helping heartburn! I have recently starting feeling the reflux too. Last time I really had to avoid anything greasy for much of the end of my pregnancy. Still h ave to get the papaya. I went thru a whole bottle of tums with ds, but my mw told me that they have aluminum in them? SO I am going to (try) and avoid them this time. Heartburn sucks
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Slippery elm lozenges...like the kind for sore throats. They work even better than papaya enzymes, IMO. They taste like maple syrup, too!
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milk works here, too and if I have to I'll take some Tums

I'm learning that if I stay far, far away from tomatoes I can keep it at bay, too ... but dang, I didn't realize how many foods I ate with tomatoes in them!

Someone once told me a wive's tale about how more heartburn meant your baby had more hair ... um, nope. Boo was as bald as bald could be and I had horrible heartburn when I was pregnant with her.
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Originally Posted by mountainsun
I went thru a whole bottle of tums with ds, but my mw told me that they have aluminum in them? SO I am going to (try) and avoid them this time. Heartburn sucks
I've also heard that Tums can exacerbate the heartburn eventually because they neutralize all/most the acid in your tummy, which then signals your body to produce MORE to equalize the lack - so you actually end up worse than you started, and you need to take more and more and more...

IMHO, papaya enzymes are the way to go!
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Popping in from March due dates. Chewing gum for about 15 min after eating or drinking really helps. I think there is some actual research with this. I have gone through a lot of gum this pg and neither Tums or Papaya did much for me last time. It's great for when I get a dry mouth too.
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Tums work great...and doc says they are good to take b/c of calcium
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i already have a hiatal hernia, so ive been dealing with this before pregnancy. the worst foods i can eat are tomatos, citrus, anything with mint and dairy!... ouch. according to my regular GI doctor, long term use of Tums, baking soda etc. can make the problem worse... trying my darndest to remember his reasoning for this, either way Tums never did me a drop of good anyways. the only OTC standard remedy that has worked for me is Mylanta, which i try to take only if i absolutly need it.

papaya pills work well, especially if i take them BEFORE i eat instead of after. fresh papaya works even better, but i cant stand the stuff... i try to choke it down sometimes, or put it in a smoothie so i cant taste it.

chewing gum does help, too... especially ginger gum. as does not drinking any liquids with meals, and eating small meals throughout the day instead of a few large ones. and believe it or not, carrot juice helps quite a bit, too.

somebody told me to try taking a bite of raw potato for heartburn, something about the starch soaking up the acid... didnt work, made me feel worse. but a few slices of freshly peeled jicama seems to help in the morning.

in all, the best solution i have found is to stricly avoid foods that set it off. lean meats, eggs, brown rice, and non acidic fruits and vegetables are my best friends, i can almost always count on them to be good to my tummy.
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This may sound crazy, but if you get down on your hands and knees and do sort of a motified downward facing dog it helps. I'm not sure why. Also, if you lie on your right side it helps, something about how your stomach empties.
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I haven't tried anything but Tums, Rolaids, and straight baking soda and water and the baking soda hands down is the best for me. I will try the papaya and elm now though. I don't know of reprecussions from bs. It works though.
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papaya enzymes, tums have both worked for me somewhat...

for the last two days though I've been taking the liquid calcium/magnesium before bed and it helps me sleep, lowers my heartburn (worse at night) and has cured my restless legs...
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