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Anybody into machine embroidery?

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I got an embroidery sewing machine when I was pregnant with ds around 3 years ago, and have been embroidering everything in sight since. I also have the computer program that lets me do my own designs. Anybody else with the same addiction?
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I wish! I only had money for one ma;chine, and I opted for the serger, which is wonderful! I would love to have an emboidery machine someday!
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YES!!!!!!! me me me me me

i am

just got a viking 1+ last year : )
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I've been thinking about quitting my job after the next kid and just starting some kind of low-key embroidery business, have you ever sold anything? What did you charge? I don't know where to start with pricing, lettering is easy to count,but the designs are difficult to classify for pricing. I saw one website that priced according to thousands of stiches.
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I, for one, was looking for a WAHM to embroidery on our organic cotton baby blankets. I'm not looking anymore, but I'm sure there are a lot of opportunities out there, if you have the drive to track down business!
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i havent sold anything as yet - i've been giving stuff away and mostly making for my daughter

although my dh has bragged about the stuff when dd is wearing it and people seem impressed (i always wonder if its just being polite though)

i have seen things that are sold and have met folks that sell things

you may want to wander thru the messages boards at www.sewingworld.com

theres info there on pricing/business etc.

beyond that maybe look through issues of 'threads' 'sew news' 'creative machine embroidery' magazines (some are online)

if you want you can email me at LDYBLUNH@AOL.COM if you want more info; it is one of those hobbies that has a way of expanding before your eyes in terms of supplies. you can do it with less, but have to have discipline : )
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It's too late, I've already got too much stuff!
I subscribe to all three magazines, but nothing about pricing, just lots of great ideas. I had my first customer over today, lucky me, she's a monogramming freak and wants everything in the house done! I found a few sites on the internet with pricing ideas. I'll check out the boards link, I haven't been there yet. What fun!


by the way, I have a Brother 300s and the PE Design software.
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I am green with envy!!

I would love to have an embroidery machine!! Maybe someday. I would almost have to start a business to justify the expense, lol! I did tell dh that I want an embroidery machine as a gift when *he* completes grad school. After all, I'll deserve a reward for all the sacrifices I'll have to make while he is a full time student. In the meantime I can only dream,
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I just got one of those Singer IZEK sewing machines (a game boy plugs into and has stitches/letters) and I've had a bit of fun playing with it. It would be wonderful to have a real embroidery machine.
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