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Fabulous! Thanks! I was hoping that would be ok to do... I couldn't sleep last night and was realizing that that is my #1 dream.
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Originally Posted by Tracy

not sure I'm that awesome..I think I might just be old!
Whether or not it comes with age, your wisdom and knowledge is impressive. Thank you so much for sharing it with us.
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I'm in my 40's too.
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I'm in! This sounds so great.

I have had such an URGE to declutter and purge this past month and was realizing that I always get this urge at this time of year. I just figured I was into spring cleaning but after reading about retrograde and such I realize now there must have been something more going on! I'm looking forward to doing the map.

I am really encouraging DH to do the map too because he keeps telling me (wistfully) about some things he wants and I keep thinking "Put it on the map!"
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Originally Posted by eilonwy
It means that I am a Libra, and have had trouble with male Capricorns for literally my entire life, starting with my father and working down to, most recently, my sister's ex-boyfriend. I always try to go into things with an open mind, and for years I told myself that I was being superstitious and silly, but over the years I'd learned that regardless of what may or may not be rational, Capricorn men and I just don't mix.
I'm a Libra too.
I'm married to a capricorn and my oldest dd and youngest ds a both capricorns. Make for an interesting life I tell ya!!!
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I can't wait to get started with this. I have been very good. I already have "pictures" forming in my head of what I want to put on it. I haven't looked at any magazines or cut anything out, I'm waiting. VERY IMPATIENTLY!!!!!! Why won't the 29th hurry up and get here!!!
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I'm waiting. VERY IMPATIENTLY!!!!!! Why won't the 29th hurry up and get here!!!
one year, my girlfriend was so excited and so anxious for it to begin that just before new moon, my friend drove to her favorite magazine stand about ten minutes before new moon. she sat in the car, radio on and waited anxiously for the new moon to start. she look at her watch and once it clicked over...she got out of her car and went to the magazine stand.

I will say that I think a lot of energy is going to be going towards this new moon.

I also found out that a couple of astrologers I know have put up Treasure Maps discussions on their websites (one quite famous and I'm proud to say I was the one to tell her about it!) dear Buzz Myers he must be looking down from heaven quite pleased.
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Originally Posted by Tracy
I also found out that a couple of astrologers I know have put up Treasure Maps discussions on their websites (one quite famous and I'm proud to say I was the one to tell her about it!) dear Buzz Myers he must be looking down from heaven quite pleased.

Oh do tell! What web addresses can you give us? I wanna go see if they have anything more to say than you haven't already covered here! (Not that I doubt anything that you're saying, friend.)
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jan spiller's sight

and nodeorama

but believe me we are discussing it more here!
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Originally Posted by Tracy
Interesting note about Pluto...I hadn't paid attention to it's upcoming R (personally I'm so over Pluto in Sag these days that I kind of have put it in the back of my mind) but you are right, that's no small movement.

Curiously saturn (leo) will be trining north node (aries) and I can see that adding a great strength to the maps. Especially a streak of indepence and I dare say...leadership.

Anyway, thank you Zannalyn for correcting my jupiter stuff... I'll back and edit the post. Like I said, I should have pulled out the ephem and double checked before I shot off my mouth.. (Must be my Sag)..sigh.
Hi Tracy.
yeah, the ephemeris is informative, when I actually remember to look at it! You noticed this year, like last year, the new moon is an eclipse, right? Your mentioning the north node in Aries reminded me. I like that Saturn trine... adds some solidity, I think; some manifestation.

Pluto is conjunct my Mercury in Sag right now, so I am quite in the middle of things... It went over my sun in '02 (see sig), so I don't think I'll ever really be over it. Pluto in Capricorn sounds just fine to me, as I have no planets in cardinal signs and I finally get a break! And I don't need astrology to tell me that capitalism as itis currently practiced is going to run into trouble.... but I don't want to get sidelined into politics.

Hopefully that Pluto/Mercury transit will help me change some thinking patterns.... What you said about deserving issues really makes a lot of sense to me, and I am working on imagining having what I want and seeing what the doubt is.... I'm finding it oddly difficult to even imagine having what I want! I start to think about it and either my mind gets sidetracked (over and over this has happened) or I can only imagine it in a vague and distant sort of way, not being really in it. Am I so very identified with being relatively poor? it's weird. I'll keep working on it.

Sorry for rambling on... I caught the stomach flu ds had and I might still have a fever. Hopefully tomorrow I'll feel up to some more decluttering, but today all I want to do is sleep!
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BTW: is anyone else feeling a heaviness lifting? I'm starting to come out of my funk.

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Originally Posted by DebraBaker
BTW: is anyone else feeling a heaviness lifting? I'm starting to come out of my funk.

It comes and goes- I cleaned out my underwear drawer and closet, then slipped back into a funk. I'm hoping it's all part of the clearing process. Glad you're feeling better!
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Originally Posted by DebraBaker
BTW: is anyone else feeling a heaviness lifting? I'm starting to come out of my funk.

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I actually am now in the funk. It started last wednesday..one can only have so many hits in a week...sigh...
but i hope to god after saturday things will lift.

zannyn, I'll PM you.
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Originally Posted by DebraBaker
BTW: is anyone else feeling a heaviness lifting? I'm starting to come out of my funk.

Funny, I'm starting to feel an extra heaviness low in my pelvis... oh wait, that's a baby.

Seriously, though... she's totally dropped.
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I have too- one day I'm cleaning, decluteering, and feeling very motivated and the next, I feel so down and just plain funky. It's been like this about every other day or so.

And I don't want to pick up the phone for anyone- I just don't want to deal with anyone else's funk. Or do anyone else any favors.

Today was nice, feeling much lighter- went shopping and thought about my treasure map- what I want to put on it but haven't really come up with much. I'm sure it will all just come to me on the 29th!
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OK, radical money thought here:

What do you all think. i've been reading and thinking and reading and thinking and have a new idea but i'm not totally sure how i feel about doing this with my treasure map.

thinking about all the posts about money and about deserve issues. I have tried to get my mind around this in different ways for the last few years. On the one hand, we have done a little better each year, little higher salary, able to do a few more things but on the other hand, i still feel like having more money would solve a lot of issues. Just last night my husband came home and told me that we only have a little room left on our credit card and he is about to be off work for 5 weeks. and today, i am supposed to meet some people for work at lunch but i have no cash. And my dh is so worried. i told him not too, that we will have more money soon ( we really are doing fine) and all he said was he was working on it. but you know i feel like my hands are tied in so many ways....can't plant a garden cause all the seeds etc cost so much money, can't buy organic food and support people i think are doing great things because it costs more, can't go on a vacation...etc.etc.etc.

and i have been trying to decide what to put on my treaure map. i think i don't want to clutter it up with all the "things" i can think of that i want that money would help make happen: a trip to the beach, cars that work, seeds for a garden, a piano, art supplies, things for ds....etc. and in the past i have tried to think "what was the thing i *really* wanted when i said money, you know, security, peace for my husband etc." but now i think you know, what i really want is money. and it is just all these negative ideas that i have learned that somehow say money is not a good thing to ask for or somehow tied to bad things. maybe i am sending the universe mixed messages about money so it is sending me back mixed messages about whether or not it is really there for me.

so i am tempted to draw some money in the shape of a rabbit on my map ( or even cut out a dollar bill) because I want it to multiply like rabbits in my life.

but then i thought for a minute, oh-no, better not ask for that, it might get it by someone dying and leaving me something and then i will have caused them to die. (cause since i work for the gov't, there's such a structured system for promotion and raises and my husband (a struggling writer and waiter) really has a bettter chance of getting a huge tip or someone buying a story but his thinking seems to be so much more poverty consciuosness) but then i thought, no way...that's just an old negative money idea rearing its ugly head--you know, that money is somehow tainted and it is not good to ask for it.

but you know really, just the thought that we have all our debts paid and money in the bank might be enough. i might not even need all the things i think i need, just knowing i had the option might do it. and honestly, i think it will take that happening before my dear dear dh will ever stop worrying about it.

what do you all think? (if you could get through this long post)
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okay......just a tiny note....


i think you are near something...but need a little focusing.....(jmo). I'm not saying that you should put this on your map...but I would take the next 6 days and get up every morning and write the following affirmations:

"All of our financial, emotional and spiritual needs are easily met."

"our house is abundantly safe."

"I expect our household finances to increase monumentally."

Start to get the intent focus flowing...see how that impacts you on New Moon.

Remember today is still mercury retrograde so I might not have it right for you, but I think if you can start focusing your intent a wee bit more you will find the correct expression for you treasure map.

btw: I would totally try your hardest to get DH to make a map. Gosh yes! I'm a writer and there is a certain amount of serendipidy that comes into our lives which make me think he would be an awesome TreasureMapper.
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I have inherited money and I feel guilty that the person died. So I relate to your saying that you don't want to wish for more money because you don't want someone to die. I have struggled with similar feelings.

My conclusion: deciding that I won't get money unless someone else dies is a form of not believing I deserve abundance, period. (For me it relates to a childhood where everyone in the family didn't get what they needed, and if I did it was at someone else's expense and they resented me.)

In Louise Hay's book You Can Heal Your Life, she talks about how abundance is like the ocean. Some people bring a thimble to the beach because that's all they think they deserve. Others hook up a huge pipeline, or several! (Paraprasing.)

Abundance in the Universe is as vast as the ocean and we all deserve it, and it can come in new and surprising ways. Dozens of ways. Thousands of ways!

And if someone did die and leave you money, they don't need it anymore and you did NOT cause their death.
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Well this money discussion has been very thought-provoking for me. We, too, would benefit from what you say, janebug - debt-free and money in the bank. Even during this crazy mixed-up retrograde, I can feel it! In the last week, dp got a $2/hr raise (a lot for us) and a wad of cash literally landed at our feet, right after he got his two tax refund checks. So... we go from not having enough to pay our bills every month to "what can we pay off and then set aside?" A very different state of mind. Like you, a lot of money would solve so many problems for us that I want to adopt your set of affirmations. I just love your sig line! Like a mantra, "debt free and money in the bank".

I'm working on what to do for my map. I'm trying to convince dp to do it too, himself a struggling writer as well. Getting both of us together to do it would feel like a tremendous focus of will, and fun too! I just get caught up in the how of new money. Instead I'd like to open myself up to the abundance in the universe and open the valve on a moderately-sized pipeline!

Money will definitely not be the only thing I add, but it's a very important area right now for me. I'm asking optimism to join me on my map making.

Oh, and the decluttering is working out too. I started in January and have kept at it. Now if I could just get dp to do it to his stuffed closet full of stuff...
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