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I noticed it was a full moon last night. It was DD's birthday and I remember it being a full moon the day she was born The *new* moon is when we don't "see" the moon, yes?

I'm just learning this stuff. I'm also excited about my treasure map, but I'm still not sure what I'm going to put on it, although I'm starting to move out of my funk. Perhaps by the time I actually *make* the treasure map, I'll be in a good place.

Again, thank you, Tracy.

Debra Baker
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This is my second year.

I did this last year and I found it very helpful to me personally, but I can't say that a lot of the stuff happened. A lot of it is still stalled and frustrating. A lot of it did not happen at all. I don't know.

But I find it useful as a guide to get me back on track and remind me of what is important to me.

So in conclusion, I'm in!!!
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So glad you are in again. Sometimes it takes a couple tries. Go back and re-read AdinaL's post...she was in a similiar spot as you.

also, this post may be helpful:


looking forward to hearing about your map!
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yes, debrabaker, the new moon is when it is the darkest in the sky. it is the really, really skinny moon.

and i think by the time new moon happens you will be ready for your map. remember between now and then mercury will go direct which I think will help everyone!
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Tracy, your insights are always so helpful. Thanks a lot for sharing your story about the past life fears and deserving issues. It struck a chord here as well. This mercury retrograde is working wonders inside us all, right? nice preparation for the april new moon.

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May I tell a Mecury Retrograde story?

If not, dispose of this post as you see fit.

We just got a $1,500 van repair bill (it's being repaired as we speak.)

Of course, I think this is wretched, but it needed to be inspected and, among other things, there was hoses and bolts underneath that takes the fluids to the engine and transmission.

That element of the bill is the big ticket item ($7C) and, here's the retrogradey thing, if it was left go and the hoses and bolt thing blew, all the fluids would drain out and it would ruin both the engine and transmission.

The $1,500 bill is setting things right so we didn't have a $4-5K bill and the van out of commission for awhile.

Isn't that cool?

Debra Baker
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Just found this thread, and I am very excited about doing this for this year. I feel ready, and had just been thinking about this very kind of thing for the Spring.

Kind of meeting the change instead of fencing it in, you know?
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[QUOTE][Kind of meeting the change instead of fencing it in, you know?/QUOTE]

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a very good insight on mercury retrograde.

I would also say that your dh may have been worried about the hoses before the retrograde even started but it took the retro to get the work done. Seen it many a time with a merc retro.....
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Mercury going direct would be nice... This virgo doesn't do so hot with the retrograde....

And what with the moving and the hemorrhaging money currently, I am about ready for that to stop...
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To be honest, dh is oblivious, letting me do mundane tasks such as scheduling the van for inspection.

I, on the other hand, was oblivious the hoses even *existed* until this morning.

I thought the van would need breaks.

But, I'm sure glad to be driving a *safe* vehicle!!

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LOL! I saw the moon last night when I took my dog out...and I actually ran inside thinking Werewolves!!! Im such a weenie...but ever since I was little I get freaked out like that.

Anyway...dh and I do something like this every year...mostly. But we always called it our goal poster. What occured to me...last year we posted a photo of a home that we liked...didnt love..but liked, because we wanted to move...I just realized that we didnt move into that home...but the one we did move into has the same layout for the most part,
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Well, I'm still cursed...

Do things that get fixed during a Mercury retrograde tend to stay fixed? What about things which can't be fixed, only begun?

I'm really looking for someone to pat me on the head and tell me that I'm not actually cursed...
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Do things that get fixed during a Mercury retrograde tend to stay fixed? What about things which can't be fixed, only begun?

I'm really looking for someone to pat me on the head and tell me that I'm not actually cursed...

you are not cursed. You are just really taking the hit from the retrograde. I had an 18month period where every mercury retrograde was the equivilent of root canal for me...everything just didn't work. it was awful. There is a reason for it astrologically but it is not necessary to get into it now... just know you are NOT cursed.

and yes, some things will remained fixed during the retrograde and after and those things that were not fixed properly during the retrograde will unwind again...but it really is for a bigger reason. I promise.
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by the way....

some of you hang out in other forums and threads where there might be some people who will want to know about treasure maps.... maybe if you can PM those or put a link to here. (without spamming iykwim)... I just get a vibe that there are some people who might need the boost this year.
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I've mentioned it on my regular threads (mostly). They get real depressing because, well, I'm still posting there. : I'm such a downer lately...
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Rynna thank you for pointing this thread out to me. I'm really excited. And I'm really really sorry you are having such a hard time lately.
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This sounds really neat, and I'm planning on doing it. I've never done anything like this before. Hopefully I can get a group of mama friends to come over and do it together.


PS I don't know anything about astrology, and don't understand the Mercury renegade thing, but I've been having some rough times over the last few weeks, too. Hoping that things will start to look up soon.
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I'm in. It's going to be hard for me not to go out & buy mapping supplies; I'll take any excuse to get art supplies! Alas, my energy will have to go into de-cluttering (you should see the room I'm in right now, the junk room, sigh . . . ). Much has changed this year, I'm so believing in the simple power of thought. So what a great project for me.

And Jenoline: I'll definitely do this with you. I know you've been especially down. Did you wonder why I just gave you chocolates last week?

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I'm in, too. It is alright for me to make a pretty simple map, right? I think one with just words rather than pictures would be much more "me". Will that still work?
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