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im in labor

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does anyone have any wisdom for me
im excited but found myself getting scared, all the thoughts from naysayers were getting in. but right now im doing good, but i keep forgetting to breathe when a contraction hits...
what did you do for pain relief? i cant wait til that fog comes...
oh and my(very late) baby shower is scheduled for this afternoon... id love to show up with a baby but im not *oww contraction* holding my breath...well im trying not to
39 weeks and 2 days pregnant...eek we thought we had at least til 40 weeks were kind of unprepared
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How exciting! Your little one will be here before you know it! Just wanted to say good luck, I will be sending good vibes and positive thoughts your way. Don't even think about the naysayers, just trust your body and know that you can do this!
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Good luck layla!! You can do it! You are a powerful mama & your body knows what it is doing. Focus on your cervix dilating with each contrax & like Ina May said, keep your mouth in an "O" shape when the "rushes" come.

For me it helps to remember that animals birth without using their intellect, they just use that primitive side, which, if we all did, we'd be fine! Our brains always get in the way of our bodies!

Easy labor vibes~~~~~~Can't wait to see your birth story & beautiful babe !
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Layla, may peace be with you! Your mother, and her mother, and her great great great grandmother and on have done this, and you will too, as will your children. You can do this!

OT: I was born in Lawrence! Yippee another Kansas baby!
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the tub worked wonders 4 me during labor. Relaxing your face and a low deep moan helped me to loosen up, too.

..and RESCUE REMEDY during transition...(maybe send someone to the health food store right quick?)


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Oh the TUB!!! And the shower on your lower back if you feel like standing, have bhubby get in with you so you can hang on him if you really want anyone around. I prefered being alone.... And gravity, I found walking and allowing gravity to hhelp made it a bit quicker. Of course, your body is going to labor at it's own rate no matter what. Black cohosh too if you have it--estrogen type compound nad estrogen is the hormone of labor, along with oxytocin. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Beautiful birth vibes for you~~~~~~~~~~~~
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Due what feels good. If controlled breathing takes too much work, do what ever feels good to you instead (I focused on things). If you want to eat, then eat. If it all sounds yucky, don't. Your body knowswhat it needs. Imo even midwifes get too pushy sometimes about what we should and should not do during labor. They're full of good advice, so keep an open mind and all. But remeber it's your body and you know what will work best. Best of luck to you, I have a feeling that you're going to do great.
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I ditto everything already said here, and if you don't feel like being in a tub or shower...(I could NOT get warm enough in either to relax with my first) either the edge of a rocking chair, a gliding ottoman, or a birth ball really helped me through the contractions, either rotating my hips back and forth or around and around... with the added bonus of helping the baby settle down and put pressure on your cervix. And making vvvvvvvvvv noises helped me keep my face and mouth relaxed... Just breathe.. slow and deep...

But lots of love and big YOU CAN DO THIS!!!!! Can't wait to hear all about it!

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All kinds of birthy vibes heading your way, momma! You can do it- your body is strong, and able, and YOU CAN DO IT!!!

Huge supporter of the tub and shower, and plain old positioning yourself in any way your body tells you. If you feel like hanging out on the toilet, in the dark, go for it!

Can't wait to hear more...
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How awesome, wishing you wonderful labor vibes
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go go go! I try to keep my tones low instead of high pitched (volume not any object, I YELLLLL but I sound like a bellow rather than a scream)

Your body can do this! If it helps to clench your fists, clench 'em. I got so pissed when birth attendants insisted that I be "completely relaxed" Pah!

You can do it! You ARE doing it!
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Thinking of you!!

Pain relief for me was waterbirth.

Just relax as best you can thru the contractions. Breathe nice and slow/controlled.

Have a wonderful birth (if you haven't already )!!
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best birth to you!

one thing i want to remember for my next labor is not to 'get through' the contractions, to get into them. i want to know all i can about them. feel exactly where and how the sensation is, learn to work with it. try not to close my mind off to the possiblilty that the 'pain' is not something i want to get rid of. maybe it is telling me something, maybe i should listen?

i look forward to your peaceful birth story.

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Yay! Happy birthing to you!

The only thing I'd say about labor is to listen to your heart and your baby and ignore everything else!!

You're doing great and you will have a beautiful new baby soon! HUGS HAVE a wonderful labor!!!

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Enjoy the power of your body!
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Sending you warm vibes from closeby. (I'm in Lawrence, too.) You can do it!!! Happy birthday baby............

Is Fran coming?
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thank you everyone for your words of wisdom.
elise lavendar was born march 4th at 5:22 pm...
my water broke and i laboured for two days before i had my baby.
i ended up going to the hospital in transition since my water had been broken for so long. everyone and thier mom checked my cervix and i was declared 8 cm and complete and 8 cm and i told them to get thier hands out of me. cesarean consent forms were shoved into my face several times and all sorts of absurd things were yelled at me... one nurse yelled 'you wont be able to push this baby out were going to have to perform a cesarean. sign this!' and i yelled back between contractions 'well if it happens then ill sign' man were those nurses pissed the ob on call came in and yelled at me something like "are you aware of the risks of vbac? if your uterus ruptures youll die and the baby will die!" and i said between contractions 'yeah yeah whatever' she said the same thing to my mom and my boyfriend who both knew she was talking out of her arse.
so they checked me one last time and i yelled at them to get thier fingers the *ahem* heck out of me. they said i was complete and started going freaking insane yelling at me to push. i told them id push when im *darn good and ready. got to clean it up a little, im a curser
the contractions were so...well they were contractions. not fun...
so i figured well if i can push this baby out these things will end and shut them up, might as well. then i realized i dont know how to push
at the begining of the next contraction i screamed 'oh my god how do i push!?!" and they coached me through that god awful valsalva pushing it took me two or three contractions, i screamed 'how do i push' at the begining of each one , and then i pushed her out...and of course tore. ow...
it didnt feel like a ring of fire at all, it felt like someone had thier thumb in my butt and was trying to insert a foley catheter rather forcefully. i thought thats what the ob was doing and swore at her some more...
they said they werent even touching me and i realized that must be what it feels like pushing out a baby then she felt slippery. she felt like a gush of water. my mom announced that it was a little girl. and a nurse handed her to me. she was wide eyed and silently alert...until the nurse started suctioning her and rubbing her head rather rough with a towel... i was so in shock i didnt even notice half the stuff they did until after the fact...
and from there it was all downhill... they tested the heck out of elise and put her on antibiotics for 10 days. i started asking questions and declining tests and they had social workers all over me. it was a freaking nightmare. but were home now and happy and healthy and wondering what the heck i was thinking having another baby when i have a two year old.

eta: oh yeah this was at a vbac banning hospital. im very pleased with myself to have peed all over thier little ban bwahaha
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i realized i didnt post anything about the two days of labor...
Originally Posted by Kannon99
Layla, may peace be with you! Your mother, and her mother, and her great great great grandmother and on have done this, and you will too, as will your children. You can do this!
yes! i was thinking something like this with every contraction.
and my birth chant/mantra was 'open open open. like a flower, it will happen.' and 'its hard work but it doesnt have to hurt'
the whole time i was visualising roses blooming.
it really helped me to mentally relax and drive home the point that this is really happening and like women for ages before me i would push this baby out.

the baby was breech well into active labour. and possibly posterior as well. i was having tremendous back labour the whole time. looking back i think maybe i had way too much trust in the whole process. i just knew she would go vertex when she needed to and if she came posterior then maybe she needed to...
i threw up alot and really regretted what i had eaten last
serious active labour started right after i posted this as my boyfriend walked in the door coming home from work. it was like i was waiting for him to get down to it. he was with me from then on pushing hard on my lower back telling me to growl and not to fight it, reminding me to pee and drink and making me get up and stay active and upright... man i was pissed but he makes an awesome doula... he was shaken up for days after the fact though
at the end i should have known i was in transition since i was doubting and actually said 'i think i would like an epidural' i still remember the completely shocked look on dp's face
the contractions were right on top of each other and the contractions were powerful when they hit it felt like i couldnt prepare for it and started screaming high pitched, dp would remind me to growl and moan low and i started visualizing that the contraction had a handle on it right in the middle and if i could grab that handle and hang from it, stay below it it wouldnt hurt as much. i did that by growling. the lower i went the better it felt. when i screamed high pitch i was flying out of control above that handle. the visualizing really helped me keep myself realtively calm and productive.

i think i did really good being in the contractions and not fighting them... i did have a few thoughts of wanting to escape the pain but being threatened with the thought of a scheduled cesarean without even labouring the thought of labour was very welcome. ive still got a bit of rebelious teenager in me though so every contraction early on was a big 'oooh take that dr. cut happy. take that vbac ban.'
labour, birth, the whole entire experience of growing a baby was such a rush, such a natural high.
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Sorry to hear about your less-than-friendly hospital experience. I wish I'd have known and could have told you my story to take to those nurses!! My water broke 8 days before labor started and we ended up great!

It's so awesome to hear you fought off those consent forms and didn't let them take advantage of your vulnerable state of mind. Truly am very happy for you!
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Originally Posted by Stephanie L.

Sorry to hear about your less-than-friendly hospital experience. I wish I'd have known and could have told you my story to take to those nurses!! My water broke 8 days before labor started and we ended up great!

It's so awesome to hear you fought off those consent forms and didn't let them take advantage of your vulnerable state of mind. Truly am very happy for you!
well the actual birth was awesome, not a whole lot could have ruined it for me. i didnt feel vulnerable, i felt like i was kicking arse and taking names
i wish i had known your story too! if i had i wouldnt have gone to the hospital. and now i must know your story...
ah! 2 year old is up...gotta go
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