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Nursing positions

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Hi there.

We share a bed with ds (6.5 months).

He nurses several times a night (2 or 3 times before 5 or 6 then pretty much constantly from then to 8:30).

I have been nursing him lying on my side with my arm sticking out over his head.

It is agonizing. Dh bought me a heavy duty massager-thing for the holidays which helps, but I am having to go to physiotherapy for the pain.

What nursing positions work for you all?


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I have several positions. I lay on one side wiuth my arm bent under my head. I'm able to lay on my stomach and ds can nurse this works great for offering the other boob. I can also lay half on my back and he can still nurse.

I've never had a problem with my arm hurting. Normally i just get tired of sleeping on my side! I think positions also depends on breast size; the larger the breast the more the positions...but I could be wrong on that one.
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The key to side-lying positioning without pain is pillows, pillows, pillows!

You definitely need one behind your back, b/c in order for baby to access the breast closest to the bed you have to lay back a bit. If I had only one pillow, that is where I would put it.

But it definitely helps to also have a pillow under your head. In fact I use two pillows and I sandwich my lower arm between them. My upper arm I either lay against my top side, or I lay it across DD but must have another pillow behind her to rest it on, otherwise it is not comfortable. She likes to face me and curl her feet up against my tummy, so I can also rest my top arm on her top hip, which is comfy for both of us. Finally, I like a pillow between my knees, though I haven't done that in a while.

I can also nurse her from the "top" breast but that's a bit more complicated and probably depends on your breast size so I won't go into that here, lol.
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I've always nursed in bed w/my girls in the "crook" of my arm (baby's head resting on my arm) while I'm on my side, nursing on the boob that's closest to the bed. When I start to feel uncomfortable, I switch to the other side.
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thanks for all the ideas.

Piglet68 - I'd love to hear how to nurse from the top boob. I can do it - but again it hurts.

Right now, lying on my left side is the most sore...so I'd love to hear how you lie on the right side, but nurse from the left boob.

PM me if you don't feel like sharing with all!

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