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manicure and pedicure

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is it okay to get a manicure and pedicure while pregnant? i never do usually, but im getting married next month and my friends want to take me out for a mani-pedi the day before. should i be concerned about the chemicals that they use in those places?
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You should totally be worried about those chemicals. My advice: Don't go.
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That is so sweet! How about suggesting a preggie freindly spa day at someone's home instead? Get pthalate free polish, and safe remover, some fun scrubs, and have a day of it!

Links for searching for safe products:

List of good polish here: http://nottoopretty.org/goodbad.htm

You can search for all kinds of products that do not contain chemicals that are linked to reproductive toxicity on ewg's "Skin Deep" report.

Here's a link to their list of nail polish removers: http://www.ewg.org/reports/skindeep2...Polish+Remover

I love having perfectly polished toes, and being pregnant has not stopped that! I just do it myself.... in fact, this nearly 36 week preggie is about to go put a clear coat on my little tootsies..... yeah, I can just about reach....
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thanks ladies, i suspected as much. it was nice of them to offer, but i think ill decline.
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Just a word of advice. Be careful if you get a foot/calf massage with the pedicure. My friend who is a massage therapist told me that the area behind your ankle toward the Achille's tendon is a point for cleaning out of the female reproductive system and you shouldn't massage in there when you're preggo. I tried out the concept two years ago when I had a retained miscarriage at 8 weeks and really didn't want to have to do a D&C. Seeing no heartbeat on the ultrasound was enough trauma for me. So I got dh to rub me there alot and it came within a day.
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