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What are you doing differently this time around

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We'll be having a homebirth, and I'm going to make sure I get lots of excersize. I also cut out artificual sweeteners. How about you guys... What's different for you? I'm trying to be optimistic this time around. I just saw a tinge of pink today when I was trying to have a bm... now I'm afraid to push at all.... I'm ocd about checking the tissues... may get progesterone drawn monday.
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I'm doing yoga to strengthen my body and practice poses that will work well during labor and birth. I'm going to be hyper-aware of the position the baby is in during those final weeks - ds was posterior and I had back labor from hell. I'm a SAHM so doing things like exercising is easier - I go for a walk every day and I am able to rest when I need to. I'm drinking red raspberry leaf tea. That's all I can think of off the top of my head. Oh, I'm reading Ina May Gaskin's books because I find them far more informative than Dr. Sears and far more positive and empowering than Bradley birth (I hate how he talks to the husbands and tells them what their wives can do as though their wife isn't smart enough to learn those things and do them herself when the time comes - "Husband-Coached Childbirth" is the book I have).
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id like to exercise more before hand as well, and make sure i get my DF involved as much as possible (this is HIS first).

Other than that.. i guess i want to educate myself more on back labor issues, (all 3 od my DS were posterior too)..
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Originally Posted by altmomma
Other than that.. i guess i want to educate myself more on back labor issues, (all 3 od my DS were posterior too)..
Great tips for that at www.spinningbabies.com. Basically, do lots of pelvic rocks and do not recline when sitting (always lean forward. Baby's instinct is to have its face up so its resting on the back of it's head. If you spend hours in a recliner (like I did with ds), baby will face forward which is what you do not want.

Good luck!
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I am mostly going to try to do everything the same, because my ds turned out really great! I ate really healthy, exercised and kept my stress levels low. I will probably change some things about the postpartum period, though. For example, I will not have a huge party when the baby is six days old and end up exhausted and sick with mastitis. I will also insist that my husband stay home with me for 2 weeks, instead of just one. And finally, I will watch my thyroid levels more carefully so I don't pack on 15 pounds AFTER having the baby (I only gained 20lbs during the actual pregnancy and was my prepregnancy weight at my 2week pp appointment!! Life is so unfair). Anyway, I will also purchase better cloth diapers so I can stick with it better.
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So, my goal is to not get 10 cavities again from eating sweets
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I'm going to eat better and exercise. I am going to stay calm and not stress out.
Also if the morning sickness(hyperemesis) gets too bad again I will take meds for it (I will not suffer like I did the last two times). That is something I struggle with but I realize that I just can't live through it again (I don't think dh or our kids can either). I am trying natural remedies first/now though.
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I am looking forward to a much less medicalized pregnancy. I will be using homebirth midwives and planning a HBAC (as opposed to scheduled c-section last time). I will be getting acupuncture throughout my pregnancy, which I hope will help with baby positioning and getting labor started before there's talk of medical induction. Last time I drank a TON of cow's milk because it was the only way I could get my protein levels up into the twins range, but I definitely won't be doing that this time. I ended up with horrible thrush for six months after my babies were born, and I think the intense dairy consumption while pregnant could have played into that.

In general, I am going to try to be less anxious this time. I spent so much time worrying last time I was pregnant. I think a lot of it came from having care providers who were so fear-based.

I can't stand the idea of eating anything sweet (same as last pregnancy), so I don't think that will be a problem, but I am going to try to eat more vegetables (really hard for me in the first trimester), and whole grains, and cut out white flour.

I'm NOT going to wear any of the hideous maternity clothes I wore last time I was pregnant (I was teaching kindergarten, and they were all very "kindergarten teacherish"). . . shouldn't be much of an issue since for the most part I stretched them all out beyond wear with my enormous twin belly.

I am going to try to take a prenatal yoga class, though it might be tricky with having the boys home with me. Last time, I could only find classes that met while I was at work, or in the evening when I was too exhausted to even think about going out. Maybe it will be worth hiring a sitter once a week so that I can prepare my body through yoga.

And we'll be skipping the prefolds this time around and using fuzzi bunz right from the start!

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i am going to try to eat better, but we'll see how that goes in a few weeks when everything but bagel bites and fried chicken makes me puke. i had the perfect pregnancy and birth last time, so i'm trying to do everything the same. lots of rest, lots of food, lots of protein, lots of water.
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I'm going to try harder to cut out sweets and refined things generally, and stick better to a NT/Brewer-type diet... get more exercise... drink my RRL more regularly... and KEGEL!
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Well, we had a really great experience last time - Bradley birth and a super supportive doctor/hospital. So all that will stay the same. Since the weather will be better this time, I plan to be out walking a lot more earlier in pregnancy. I ate according to Bradley/Brewer last time and have been on that same "diet" since TTC. This time around, I don't have my gallbladder (which gave me problems from 20w to 3.5m pp)... so I am SOOOO looking forward to this pregnancy =)

The only thing as far as care that I am thinking of changing is looking into alternatives to the glucola testing. I know they are out there, so I just need to do my research.
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