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Irratic sleeper!!!

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I'd be fine with him waking if he would jsut sleep in his own bed for a couple hours! Last night he was up after 15 minutes 20 mintues 10 minutes 2 hours and then every 45 mintues after that! No one is getting sleep!

He jsut isn't sleeping and I have no idea why. He was doing really well until he got the flu 2 weeks ago. I know our family has changed a lot lately but he WAS sleeping. Luckily I've got him back to going to bed around 10 instead of 2 or 3 am! That was hard. I just want him to sleep for a couple hours at a time. Or at least go back to sleep and let me put him down. I think sleeping in my arms for that week spoiled him and now he won't sleep any other way. It's a habit not anything more....

How can I change this habit? I don't want anyone to try and make me feel bad for wanting to change this. I know babes don't sleep through the night until they are older but a least he needs to sleep steady!

How do you teach a babe to self-soothe? I think this is part of his problem too. When he wakes up he doesn't know how to be still enough to go back to sleep.

the annoying thing is that he used to do these things but he jsut stopped and I don't know why!
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I jsut ordered The No-Cry Sleep Solution.

I did a search on here and it seems that people have had success with it and I've been thinking about getting the book anyway. No time like the present!!

I think it was a good step...don't you?
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