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School Rant....suggestions please

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So I just picked up Samantha from school and asked the principal what qualifications the person who did Samantha's evaluation has. (My pedi called and asked me-duh I never thought to ask.)She has a bachelor's degree in Foreign language education!!!!!! Is it just me or what-I think it is totally inappropriate to have someone who does not have a degree in psychology telling parents that their child may be Autistic!!!!!! I am so mad I could just spit.
We have follow up appointments with her pedi next week and a pedi neurologist on March 17th. But now I am so mad I just want to pull her out of the @#$% school. But of course Dh thinks she should stay and really when I calm down I will probably agree.

I have to talk to the principal tommorow and have to figure out how I can nicely express my extreme displeasure with this. Any suggestions?

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Hi Laura-

It is generally a psychologist or a psychiatrist who does an eval that ends up with a diagnosis. It could also be a clinical social worker, or a person with a Masters in Education with clinical training.

However, I feel like I'm coming in on the middle of a story that perhaps started somewhere else-- what issues does your daughter have that are making this professional think she has autism? Are you in the middle of the IEP process with the school? Did you attend a meeting (called an Evaluation plan) in which the right questions were asked and the school told you how the questions would be answered?

It sounds very upsetting and certainly I would be upset too if a person with a foreign language degree was diagnosing my child! Can you share more info?

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Samantha has had major temper tantrums since she was 2. Our old MD kept telling me she'd out grow them.He also said to put her in her room and lock the door. So now we have a new MD.

She has no tolerance for frustration,has to have everything in a certain order,constantly talking and moving. She has all the symptoms of ADHD and I have ADD. So I really wasn't surprised when her school suggested that their "Education Specialist" come and do an evaluation. I thought it would be a good thing-a jump start on what her pedi would do.

We have never had a meeting with her school regarding this.Her teacher gave us the eval in Samantha's cubby. She does go to a private kindergarten and will attend public school next year.

I always thought if a child was autistic it would show up much sooner than 5 years old. Developmentally Samantha walked and talked before she was a year old.Potty trained by 39 months. No delays that I or her old pedi picked up.
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There are forms of autism on the spectrum that would certainly allow a child to reach five, or six, or seven, without a parent or a casual educator realizing it. Many indications are indeed similair to add and adhd. BUT, only a qualified education specialist can make any determination. Unfortunately, private schools can frequently make their own rules, but often (and it depends on the laws in your state), the public school system is required by law to provide an evaluation at your request, even if your child is not enrolled in the system. I would contact your school system's special education dept. or Child Find to find out the exact process.

Good luck! You are your child's best advocate--if something feels funny, push back. Your instincts are probably right.

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Thanks Missy. I had no idea that the public schools would be involved with this if she wasn't enrolled there. We have an appointment with her new pedi next Friday. Her pedi is a developemental pedi so I hope she will be able to point us in the right direction.
I guess it just ticks me off that this school that we pay big buscks for can't even be bothered to have someone who is qualified do there educational assesments/evaluations. I truly feel bad for the parents that just take her word on their child's problem.
Homeschooling is looking better and better.
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