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~ The One Thread ~ March 5th to March 11th ~

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Waiting To O

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Elowyn (Kate)
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Pycelan (Becky)

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Waiting To Be Ready

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Devine Life
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lexbeach (Lex)
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Thanks for starting the new thread!

How exciting that I get to be the first post!

We're actually running out the door to the IL's, but I wanted to make sure to subscribe. Nothing new to report here. Just waiting for AF, I guess. Lots of cramps yesterday. If she doesn't come by Tuesday, I'll poas, but I'm trying not to let my mind go there since I have every sign/symptom that she's coming.

Thanks for the hugs!

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Tesalynsmommy - Can you please move me to "waiting to O"? Thanks.
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Nice thread...

So here i am... still waiting.. i will jus say this waiting stuff is driving me insane...

to everyone who needs one...

i have to go hunting for my cousin's keys... cuz he took mine.. and i have to go to dd and go to work.. but i may not be able to go to work... arrgghh
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I'm not sure where I should be...POAS today and BFN, still no Af, but as soon as we see her her are ready...maybe waiting to O?

Dh began taking zinc this weekend! Ltes improve those swimmers...get them into peak shape! I think he is excited even though he down plays it to "whatever you want dear."
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Hi all, just checking in. I just took my last dose of Clomid (a.k.a. Bitch Pills) and will start estrogen either late tonight or early tomorrow a.m. Both ovaries are hurting, so it makes me think I've probably got follies on both sides. We'll see at my ultrasound on Saturday.

Tricia - glad to see the Femara worked! FX for you!

Eden - good for you, getting those swimmers ready. Your DH is funny.

Lex - have fun at the ILs!

As for me, I'd better go get to work in the yard, as I've managed to miss church yet again. Ah well.
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Is Zinc good good for the swimmers? Maybe I'll start DH on that. I am going to go buy some preseed too!

I am really looking forward to our cruise. We leave Friday morning, drive down to LA (6 or so hours), then we cruise to Ensenada and back. We dock Monday morning and drive home. It is our 6 year anniversary on Saturday Luckily AF will be gone by then! It should be a good time, and my mom is so excited to have Ainsley.

I expect I will O around the 22nd to the 25th, so I'll be back!
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Changes have been made up to here! I'll check back tonight and see if there are any! Are there to many smilies?? Let me know and I'll take some of them off! I'm a smiley freak!
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Originally Posted by Elowyn
Hi all, just checking in. I just took my last dose of Clomid (a.k.a. Bitch Pills) and will start estrogen either late tonight or early tomorrow a.m. Both ovaries are hurting, so it makes me think I've probably got follies on both sides. We'll see at my ultrasound on Saturday.
Hey girl! I'm at almost the same spot as you ! I took my last Clomid on Wednesday, had an ultrasound on Thursday. No notable follies yet, unfortunately ... I have another on Tuesday. I definitely thought I felt something cooking on the left side, so will see what we see in a few days.

GL! Can't wait to watch your updates!

And Lex - test, girl, test! I still believe ....
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Cycle day "3" here (well really 10 but I have that delay going on. :P). DH came home from his regional meetings last night and right now he is on track for making President's Club... if he gets that, then he and a guest can go to Cabo, Mexico in December. Last cycle we skipped TTCing b/c we had a trip in October to take (personal business for me). And I wish I hadn't, b/c I could have re-arranged that trip, but that is neither here nor there now. And we are not avoiding conception this cycle either... but that Cabo trip is SO very tempting. There is still the rest of the fiscal year to go, but it is almost a surety that DH will be the one from our district to go.

Anyway... a whole bunch of big if's here... IF I get pg this cycle and IF the baby is born before the trip, we might still go. Will have to see how we all feel. But if we go, would the baby need a passport of its own? How would that work? We probably wouldn't be able to procure a birth certificate or anything that soon.

But given my family's history it's likely that I will be going late with my first baby so it's probably a silly question anyway. :P

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christineindy- I am so sorry that you had to go through this. I wish so much that you didn't know the feeling. Please take care of yourself. Is your DH back yet? How I wish I could give you a real hug

Yes, flax seed has lots of good omegas. Speaking of omegas, I started DC on Nordic Naturals. They have childrens chewables that we haven't tried yet. Just yesterday I bought the children's liquid form that tastes like strawberries- one DC doesn't really like it, I think it is mainly the texture (thick oil, it is disconcerting). One DC can handle the liquid caps. I am trying to talk DH into taking them, too, since they can only help, with TTC and everything else.

Looks like there are a fair number of us who are ~6 dpo.... golly I am hoping for a run of BFPs next week or so!!

DH is so cute- asks at least once per day, "So. Are you pregnant yet?" This morning he wouldn't settle for my bland answer. So I told him we would know for sure by St. Patty's

Nonie. AF is a hag, through and through. I am sorry this wasn't your month. Sounds like you get to have a rollicking good time on your cruise!!! What fun! I've never been on one, but everyone who has has raved about it. DH wants to go to Alaska on a cruise vs. a warm place. I'll go whereever

Bathrobe, thanks for the zinc info! That is sweet about your DH!

Harmony, decisions! decisions! As my MW always says, It will all work out! I hope the best thing for you happens!

Elowyn, sorry the pills are such a wretched thing! Ohhhhhhh, both ovaries?!?! Hmmmmmm.... The thought of twins both excites me to no end plus scares the heck out of me. This cycle I was getting twinges on both sides at O time... but one side hurt more than the other, so probably not.

Pycelan- how was your date? Hope work was good and not too tiring!

Probably time to get off the computer, the whole family is clamoring for attention. LOL!

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Nonie, have fun on the cruise! Bon Voyage! did you ever see that commercial for a cruise line, there was a little girl, a mom, and a baby in a stroller getting into an elevator, and the little girl keeps going on and on to the other ppl in the elevator about how great the cruise was, and someone says, "did you just get back?" the mom says, "no that was last year." and the little girl says, "yeah, before my brother was born. Mommy calls him her 'little souvenir!'" maybe this cruise will be lucky for you and you'll get a "little souvenir" too!


Magen, thanks for the thread!

Tricia, I hope things are going good for you. DOnt get too crazy!

I fogot who said this on the last thread, but I've been going nuts looking at all the cute maternity clothes, too. and I went to a used book sale and got a bunch of craft books, all of them have baby patterns in them and I didnt know that until I got them home...its driving me nuts! So I've just been crocheting an afgan for myself and in the meantime, crocheting a blanket for SIL's baby, to keep my occupied. I also sewed myself a HUGE body pillow and pillow case lastnight. I slept so much better w/ that huge pillow, lol.

I'm CD3, and AF is even heavier today. I wasnt expecting it to be this bad!! the toilet was full of clots and blobs this AM when I peed. I just hope this is the worst of it.

My U/S and bloodwork is tomorrow, but I wont have the results of either for afew days. I'm going to keep an eye on the monitor, though and see if I can see any cysts or anything bad. : I'll keep you guys updated.

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About zinc and sperm, very short:


I think I got my first evap line this mornign on a dollar store test..it was grey and very pale...and came up after 10 min...

AF where are you you hag??????
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Lex: Sorry you feel af coming but you never know tell the witch comes. I am so hoping for you!

tricia80 : I hate the waiting!

Eden: Sorry about the BFN, those are going around a lot lately. I hoep that zinc helps you and your dh for next cycle.

Kate: Let us know what happens at the u/s.

Nonie: Have a safe and fun trip!

chitai : I hope you see some follicles soon!

sierratahoe: I am hoping for a run of BFP soon too!! I am here cheering for all of you!

Christy1980 : Hopefully af will be done soon for you. Hope your appointment goes well.

Well I will be MIA after Wed this week. I am going back home to Texas for almost a week so I will be gone a while. I hope to see a bunch of BFP when I return.

Oh I went shopping with my good friend this weekend that is 13 weeks pregnant. She went and bought maternity clothes. It about killed me!! They had the cutest summer stuff out.
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Hey Magen, could you move me to Waiting to Know? I've got a good week until I can feel right about POAS. And I just have the one left, taunting me from under the bathroom sink.
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So, cd5 here (are they still technically "cd's" if its a m/c?) anyway. Still bleeding heavily, lots of clots and cramping. I'm not temping until it goes away. My mom came over and took some blood today, and she's gonna run a progesterone and a blood panel and a beta (which'll be neg, but should give me some peace of mind, at least.) Love that mom. Didn't even have to leave my house. I'll have the results tomorrow. . .

Lex - Hope everything went well at the in-laws . . .

Tricia- Did you make it to work???

Bathrobe Goddess - Yeah! I can't wait for your first official cycle! Here's hoping it's the ONLY cycle!

Elowyn - Both sides?! Well, I think it'd be great if you and Lex both ended up with twin!

Chitai- Can't wait to hear about the u/s! Keep us posted!

Harmony96 - I hope you DO have to worry about the Cabo trip - what a wonderful conundrum that would be! I'm sure you can get it worked out, if it comes down to that.

Sierra -Thanks for the . DH won his case and came home early - - the same day the m/c started, in fact. It's not how I wanted his homecoming to be, but I've been glad to have him around.

Christy1980 - Sorry it's such a rough go with this month. I'll be keeping my eyes peeled for your u/s results - seems like I'm saying that a lot today! GL tomorrow!

Jessjill - Hope you have a great time in TX!

Racecar - Move the test to the kitchen. Seriously. Harder to be impulsive, that way!
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So there's just this one thing kind of nagging at my brain about the whole "Af is coming" feeling. I don't want any chocolate. In fact, the idea of eating any sweets at all is well. . . nauseating. And this is so not me right before AF. I'm usually eating chocolate like there's no tomorrow (or, at least craving it). And then, there's my boobs. . . oddly sore, and my nipples really actually kinda painful (especially when the boys lean their heads in), both things are usually resolved by this point in my cycle. I keep feeling these itchy sharp shooting pains in my nipples.

So, we're driving home from the IL's, and I'm all emotional talking with dw about how maybe I'll never get pregnant again, and how I took it for granted how easy it was to get pregnant with the boys. And we decide that we'll try one more cycle natural, and then move on to try clomid again. Which terrifies me, and which is a place we both vowed we'd never go again. . .

And then, I turn to dw, and I say, "you know, I keep trying to convince myself that I'm not pregnant, and I feel so crampy, but I know that's actually a fairly common pregnancy symptom--to feel like your period is coming--and the thing is that I really think I'm pregnant." And dw said, "well, let's go get a test."

So, we went to whole foods first, and while we were in there, I felt this wetness between my legs, and I thought, just when I decide to get a test, AF shows. . . But I went and checked and it was just cm. The cm I'd been missing!

We got a test at cvs and got home and I really had to pee, so I peed in a cup, but it was totally clear urine, so I didn't test. I tried not to drink anything for three hours and then was gonna test again. I only made it to 2.5 hours before I had to go again. It was still pretty dilute pee, but I decided "Well, I have 3 tests, so. . . " And I dipped in the test. And right away, no delay, no question, not at all faint. . . a BIG FAT POSITIVE!!!!!!

I'm still in shock. I'm a little nervous that maybe the hcg from the shot is still in my system, but I think it's pretty unlikely since it's supposed to be totally gone by 10 days post-injection, and I POAS 12 hours less than 14 days post-injection. . . BUT, I'm not gonna get *super* excited until I get the results from my beta tomorrow. So, don't move me to the BFP list, yet, okay?

Thank you guys so much for all the love!!

I can't imagine going through this without you.

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Originally Posted by lexbeach
And I dipped in the test. And right away, no delay, no question, not at all faint. . . a BIG FAT POSITIVE!!!!!!
Yippee!! Wahoo!!! Oh, I'm so excited for you. Keep us posted. I can't wait to pull out the big smiley parade for you. Crossing everything for you.

Good luck to everyone else too. Let's get tons of March BFPs!!!
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I am 5dpo today and now the what-ifs really start--LOL is that a sign? is that twinge a sign? Is that nap I took today a sign or was it just the dog doing her 'pupper-do' magic by curling up next to me? (TMI--did have a touch of blood after dh and I were intimate--that doesn't happen--so....? LOL)

I have to say, I have eally enjoyed reading MDC, and while we have been eating healthy--no junk foods, watching the hydro oils-- I really kicked it off today. I picked up organic meat and veggies today..I have been watching the granola thread in nutrition, and I have made 2 batches of granola bars!! Soooo good! lots of oats, raw sunflower seeds and raw pumpkin seeds, raisins and dried apricots with carob chips--YUMMO!!!

Well, almost bed time--dh gets up at 3:15 in the morning, and I make his lunch and breakfast almost every day!
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I can be moved to "Waiting To Know", got a very + opk tonight
so I'll be O'ing today or tomorrow
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