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Lex It took me forever to get caught up on the thread. I kept thinking Lex is gonna be our first March bfp Congrats!!!
Ashley sounds good
Misha hope your stay is short.
We have the ickies running through our house. My 18 yo is home sick and I am feeling kind of queasy myself. I am cd10 today so I should be Oing soon. I have had a couple good days of ewcm and DH and I are dtd every other day. Hoping this will be my month. I have my Gyno appt today and am kind of nervous. It has been 3 years and I just keep thinking she is gonna find somethign wrong with me when she does the pelvic. I know that is but I can't shake this feeling. Maybe that is why I am queasy. LOL I alos wnat to see if she will order some blood work to check some baselinge things for me. I have a history of pre-eclampsia and it has been suggested getting baseline liver and kidney function bloodwork and something else too I need to go back and check my research.
Anyway,. keeping : for all of you who are waiting to know.
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I have made all changes up to here!
Lex: CONGRATS!!! I'll wait to move you, just let me know!
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Hi guys!

Thank you all so much for being so excited for me and for crossing your fingers and everything. This morning I woke up (actually, I was awake most of the night, feeling hungry and then anxiously poking my breasts to see if they were still sore--they don't really hurt that much when I'm lying down) and poas after holding my pee for 3 hours. It was definitely concentrated pee, and fmu, and I was really hoping to see a super dark bfp. Instead, it was significantly LESS dark than the first stick I peed on, certainly still a bfp, but almost qualifying as "faint." So, of course I started thinking it was the hcg shot and that it was leaving my system, etc. BUT, I also felt pretty nauseous, almost puked after taking my morning supplements, and just felt this suddenly memorable feeling come over me (like, "oh yeah, THAT's what the first trimester feels like. . . "). So, I was still cautiously optimistic when I went in for my beta this morning (after talking to my nurse who assured me that it was really not possible for the hcg from the shot to still be in my system enough to make a pg test positive).

I just got the call. My level is 227. I'm definitely pregnant.

So, the moral of the story is, FRER tests SUCK! I mean, that it would give me a faint positive when my hcg is at 227?! Isn't it supposed to pick up levels as low as 15? Don't buy FRER tests!!

227 is a good number. Not low enough to rule out twins, but not so high as to be alarming or anything. With Luke and Jaz, my first beta was 405 (but that was one day later). I'm having a second beta on Thursday to make sure the numbers are doubling as they should.

But, at this point, I feel confident enough to say, "please move me to the March BFP list." And I'm counting on all of you who are ttc this month to be joining me there soon!

I am "due" November 13th, but I will tell people Thanksgiving because my family likes to cook our babies at least 42 weeks.

I really think that the acupuncture helped me a lot (this was our third attempt, second with acupuncture, after three months of acupuncture total), and the herbs. The only thing I did new this cycle was start taking the Ume Plum balls to alkalanize my system. And I think that may have be a key factor too (I'm pretty acidic generally, yeasty, etc.).

I will definitely be sticking around here for a while, and can't wait to see you all graduate.

You guys are the best!!

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Lex, that is great!!!!!! Please stick around you have so much helpful info for all of us. Depending on what the Gyn says today I may try acupuncture and the Ume plum balls.
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Oh, Lex!

That is the most incredible, wonderful news! (And I could have told you that FRER are the spawn of the devil. Worst. Tests. Ever.) I can't wait to hear about your next beta, and I am (selfishly) rooting for twins.

Massagin - Sorry you guys got hit with the ickies. Hope they pass soon! Sending virtual (vegetarian) chicken soup your way. Let us know about the gyno appointment. I'm sure everything will be fine . . .

Misha - Hope you get af soon - and then a BFP!

Christy - How'd the appointment go?

Simonsmama - : Good luck!

Bathrobe - Aaaaah, . When you don't want her, she shows up. When you want her? Nowhere to be seen. Typical.

zakersmama - Hope your month goes by fast.

Mamabear - : Sounds like you did everything you could to catch the egg! Hope the 2ww goes fast!

Tricia - No advice, but I hope you get your answers soon!

Coome - Oooooh. Paris. How WAS it??? Was the food amazing? What did you do? What did you see?? Thanks for the good thoughts. I'd love to be cycle buddies again, too, though I hope that you get a BFP instead!
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: Congratulations Lex!! :

I'm so, so happy for you!! Woohoo!! Who knew being my cycle buddy could be lucky?!? Wishing I could join you, but instead I'll be right behind you. Shoot, I tend to cook 'em fast so if next month is my month, we could still give birth around the same time. Thinking tons of sticky thoughts! Congrats again!! Great news!!

As for me, AF will be here momentarily. I had some spotting on Saturday. I can't remember ever having spotting during my LP, but I tested again this morning at 13/14dpo and it was clearly negative, so the spotting must not have been implantation spotting. Not sure what it was, but it did cause me to waste another HPT.

Good luck to all those in the 2ww!!! Let's start a BFP trend.
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You crazy fertile girl you!!! Pass some of that baby dust over here...
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Lex - I am sooo excited for you...

: : :
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: :
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Hi everyone! Just a quick post as I have to go pick up my dc. IS HERE!!! Yeah! I have never been so happy to see the old hag! Can you please move me to Waiting to O? Here we go!!! Let the games begin!!
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So waht does it mean when you go to the 99cent clothing sale and find 15 maternity items in your size that are really cute and your style???

Of course I bought them!
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Hopefully it means you are gonna need them soon :

So I have lots of ewcm today. I may even be embarrassed at the doctors there is so much.
For some reason I think my cervix is in the wrong place. If I were to get pg would that make a difference? Honestly I probably hadn't checked it in 3 years but since ttcing I have checked position and it seems like it has slipped down to the back like I run into the side of it instead of the tip. I wish I could draw you a picture. Does anyone else hit theirs then have to reach around for the tip of it? I probably wouldn' t even have noticed anything except for the recent checking and now going to Gyn today has me a little worried. Dh says well if something is wrong you need to know it....MEN!!!! they just don't get it.
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well, no students right now so i think i havea minute to post...we'll see if i get any interruptions! first i want to say...

an official CONGRATS LEX!! you must be amazingly fertile!
: : : : :

for those of you who asked-the paris trip was amazing. we stayed at a beautiful little hotel which i would definitely recommend. i actually got sick the morning right when we arrived (would have been nice to think it was a preg symptom but i actually felt O pains on the airplane ride there!) but other than that everything was perfect. we did the notre dame, sacre coure, the louvre, of course we went to the top of the eiffel at night...did a LOT of walking...etc. all the "must-do's" and then some. we definitely got a lot of excercise in to work off the croissants! food was fabulous too. it was a great break from the every day routine even though we were only there for 4 days. i would highly recommend it to anyone looking for a romantic getaway. (though a cruise doesn't sound too bad either!)

massagin-i'm afraid i can't help you since i don't get what the heck is going on up there for me...i think the cervix is a made-up entity! hope the appt. goes well!

bathrobe-sounds like it's gonna be your lucky month with those hot new threads!

pycelan-glad you're up and ready for this month's game!

secretly-sounds like you and lex could still be in the same ddc after all!

christineindy-thanks for asking about my trip. sounds like you're staying positive and that's great...you obviously have a good outlook about this trying journey!

beating earth-big fat WELCOME to you! hope you do better than i at keeping up with this speedy thread!

bdoody-how did i get ahead of you! guess i was a speedy O'er this month! good luck in the rest of your 2ww...we're almost there!

simonsmama-sounds like you're going to be moving to a ddc to me! good luck!

that's all i have time for now. everyone have a lovely monday...i'll be not enjoying the so cal rain today!
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Massagin, my cervix is the same way, and I just had a gyno appt and he said that was normal.

pycelean, yay for AF! I know the feeling! I hope she isnt such a bitch to you as she was to me!

why does the KY always stick to your butt crack, no matter how well you wipe??? my u/s went well, i guess. they did the internal and external u/s. I couldnt see the monitor at all, so I wasnt able to look at my ovaries or anything!! I did ask her to see the pictures, and she only showed me 2 out of the 42 she took! One was my uterus, and it looked just like you'd see in a textbook. the other was one of my ovaries, she didnt say which one, and it looked weird to me...it was heart-shaped instead of oval-shaped, so I dont know if that means anything. and I wont find anything out until the end of the week at least.

So, I'm going to make some fudge and then scrub the KY out of my butt crack. (ETA: I mean, literally make fudge, as I am having a super-strong chocolate craving...that wasnt a poop joke! : )
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Christy1980 Thank you for answering I checked one more time before heading out. Now I feel like I can breathe. Thanks again.
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Hi All,

I am pretty sad right now. Not only did I not O this cycle (why why why, after Oing last month on the same dose of Clomid?!), but I called the clinic first thing this a.m. to find out and they said they'd call back when the results came in, and then Dh looked up my results in the computer at the hospital when he was at work and told me, the F-ing clinic hadnt called yet!!!!

So I go in for a progesterone shot on wed morning, which should bring on AF in the following week (Ive never done the shot before). Im not being monitored, and now dont know what to do about it. Would they have changed anything if they'd monitored me this time? Anyway, I go up to 100mg next cycle I just feel so hung out on a limb. I KNEW I didnt O, so why am I sitting her for weeks knowing somehting isnt right but there's nothing I can do.

Sorry to be such a downer

Who else here is on Clomid?

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Laurie...Good luck! watch out for the KY!
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saskiasmom, I'm so sorry. Tricia80 was on clomid, then switched to femara and that ended up working for her. I forget who else was using clomid. I may be on it soon, so I'm looking for info about it, too. Maybe we need a clomid support group?
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saskiasmom- I am on Clomid 100mg this cycle. I also use a ClearBlue Easy fertility monitor and I am going to try PreSeed this cycle. I have an appointment next month with a specialist, so maybe he can figure out what is broken and fix it.
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Christy1980 - thanks. I would love a clomid support group

I just wanted to clarify that its not the clomid (so much) that bums me out (for all those of you on it or maybe on it - both my babies are clomid babies!), but the feeling that no one (ie my RE) is really too concerned. Ive talked to him about being monitored, and he doesnt think I need it.... and Im not sure I do, but I just feel so ... alone. My temps were so outta wack this month that I knew something was not right but what could I do about it? "umm, my temps are unusually low and I dont have the usual bloated, painful ovaries I usually have on clomid.....". What would they say? "Call us back in 2 weeks and we'll test progesterone..."

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