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Kaydence Mehki

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Well guys she finally got here Feb 23 at 11:54 pm. I had seizures because of eclamsia (my stupid dr. didn't even know i had it UGH) and ended up with a c-section! My husband as yall know left the 20th so he missed it . She was
10lbs 13.8 ozs and 22 in.! The dr who did the c-section said that i would just have big babies and would never be able to have a natural birth even if the baby weighed 7 pounds... . Anyways but i had to be put asleep for the c-section and my blood pressure still is pretty high. At least she was born fine, no complications for her what so ever. She has so much brown hair and blue eyes.. The funny part is she has my husbands toes.. lol I"m in love!!
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Wow! What a big girl! I am glad that Kaydence is doing so well and that she had no complications. Sorry your dh had to miss out though, that must be hard. I hope your recovery is speedy and that your babymoon is peaceful as can be.
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wow! what a big baby! congrats and rest up!
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Congratulations!! I'm so sorry your dh missed it though. I hope your recovery is quick - enjoy your babymoon!
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Im a little late posting. But congrats!!!!
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Im a little late posting. But congrats!!!!
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