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New Native vs. Sutemi Pack

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I like the looks of both slings but I'm not sure which one to get. Anyone have any suggestions? The Sutemi Pack says its the 2nd most comfortable baby carrier. What's the 1st??
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These are 2 entirely different carriers-the New Native is a pouch and can work well but they are notoriously bad at sizing-they seem to run large. To be honest I'd pick another quality pouch like www.hotslings.com or www.slinglings.com for a pouch. I love pouches and used them from day 1 until now at 15 mos. They are great for the snuggley newborn stage and very versatile for cradle carry, tummy 2 tummy and more.

The Sutemi is a good carrier but not for a newborn. It's for when a child can hold their head up. It's very good for when they are about 6-9mos maybe...
These come in 2 sizes-small is for under 6' and large is over 6'. But at 5'4" the small was too large for me and I could not get it to fit small enough-FYI

If you wanted a 2 shoulder carrier I'd try a mei tai first-they are more versatile and comfortable. Some to check out:

Or another soft carrier to look at www.patapum.com

Good luck
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