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How old were you when you got your first period? How old was your daughter? - Page 2

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I *think* I was 14 when I got my period...ummm...maybe I was 13... DD isn't going to be getting her periods anytime soon. I don't know what I'd do with a PMSing/teething 7 mo!

I can't remember anything about my first period.


I do remeber that I used to bleed for three weeks straight, then start again in a week after it stopped. Also had horrible cramps, same as my mother (she had a hysterectomy due to fibroids). I think I have alot of internal negative associations about my period due to this. I went to the my ob/gyn, he just said it was normal. Then he put me on birth control at 14 yo. He said I would out grow it. I went off bc at 21; my periods were much less annoying and only came every couple months. Maybe I did outgrow it?

Now I can't wait for my period. Haven't had it since I got pregnant with dd.
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I was 11 when mine started, my dd is waaaay too young (2 yo). I don't know about my mother or sister but I know I was younger than both of them. My mom was pretty shocked that mine started (because hers had started much later in her teens).

Another menarche fact for trivial persuit-living at high elevations increases the age of menarche. For instance, in Colorado (the Mile High State) the average age of menarche is higher than all the other states.
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13 when I got mine and my dd was 14.......
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whoa, Momalea, that's pretty interesting. I wonder why that is.

I was 13 y.o. It was March 13! And for the longest time my periods came on the 13th or 14th of every month.

Ds was born on the 21st and my periods have been coming on the 20th or 21st since I started up again. I think that's pretty cool.

Dd is 8 y.o. I do wonder what's going on in her body right now. She seems pretty emotionally stable and reasonable these days. And she's still such a little girl! I do NOT want these days to go by too quick! Maybe because my teenage years were so tumultuous with my mother.

Anyway, dd has had one tiny little black head right in the middle of her cheeck for almost a year now... (Irishmommy's post "Is she too young for this?" got me thinking about this whole issue.)
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I was 11 years old and my dd was 10!! We had just read a book about periods and puberty the week before it happened, so she knew exactly what was going on, plus I've always been open about mine with her since she was little.

Ten years is quite young, and I wish she could have gotten later, but what can you do? NOTHING.
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My DH and I were discussing this this past weekend. I was 10,my mom was 11 and his sister was 12. That means that my oldest could have her's as early as 10 . That's way too soon for this mommy-she's 5.
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I was 11, a month and a half shy of 12th birthday. My daughter who is now 10 (10/92) started in July when she was 9. It is so sad. She is developed like a 12-13 yo but still immature about certain things. I often am confused on how to "treat" her. Her periods are painful. She doesn't swallow pills very good. I recently bought Orange eseential oils and it seems to help some. Anyone else have any ideas on natural remedies to help her with her painful periods that hurt her the first two-three days. First couple days before she starts she has headaches. I had painful periods but was much older than her. I tolerated them as best as I could. She is weepy and very emotional too before and during.
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Oh, that's just not fair! I'm sorry she has to go through that. That's just exactly what I'm concerned about.

I don't have any advice to give except continue to be sympathetic and understanding. Sixkids, did your periods get any less painful as you got older?
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Journeymom, yes my periods did get less painful as I got older.
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Sixkids, encourage exercise during PMS; getting the blood moving helps "decongest" the pelvic area and prevent cramping later. Exercise will help during the period too, but if she doesn't feel like it, another helpful treatment is lying flat on the back with legs raised. Eating more fiber and less salt and meat is supposed to help cramps, too. And have you tried Red Raspberry Leaf tea?

The headaches probably are caused by plummeting estrogen. Eating more soy foods might help with that. In general, with headaches it can be very helpful to pay attention to whether your body is craving a particular food or drink. My headaches often are alleviated by spaghetti, for instance; I don't know why, but I assume it's fulfilling some unmet need of my brain chemistry. Be careful how you talk to your daughter about food cravings, tho, because she needs to understand the distinction between "what my body needs to feel better" and "what I would like to eat"!
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I was 11- & in the 6th grade. My dd is 10- & in the 4th and she doesn't have hers yet. But we're ready for the magical day
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Christmas Eve, 7th Grade...I was 13. Didn't tell anyone for about six months. I used to take the bus to get pads by myself. I left a pad wrapper out one day and my step mom (monster at the time), asked if I started. I said yes. She said "oh. Congratulations."

I am gonna do something really speacial for my girls when they start.

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I remember when I got my first period in the summer before 6th grade. I was only 10-1/2! I was so glad my mom told me what to expect before I started!

I don't have any daughters, but ds#1 was about 12 when his voice started changing big time. Now he's 13 and sounds like his dad!

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i was 13, and the latest of everyone i knew- i thought i was a freak! (one friend got hers at 9!) my dd was 12, her dad's side 'matured' faster.

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I was 9 Precocious Development they called it, Hell I called it. Half my friends didn't even know what a period was...
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I was 12, have no idea when my mother started (we don't talk about such personal things). It was preceeded by my very first migraine.

From the start I was regular at 28 1/3 days, and I still regulate other women I am close to. I also had horrid cramps until I had my first child--at 34 (I'm 40 now). That's a lot of years bent over in pain.

Sixkids, I've found that homeopathic Mag Phos can help with crampiness. My heavy cramps still get ibupofen (Advil), which comes in a liquid if your daughter has problems swallowing pills. Cramps are caused by excess prostaglandin, which causes smooth muscles (uterus, stomach, intestines: all the involuntary muscles) to contract (which is why a period feels different if you use a pad, which allows the blood to come into contact with vulva, legs, etc.) The family of antiprostaglandin meds include aspirin, naproxen, and ibuprofen.

I'm kind of looking forward to menopause...
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I was 14 when I got my first period.

And my oldest daughter will be 12 on the 18th of this month -- and nothing yet!! She's started most of the expected body changes, so I know it's not far away.

She's anxiously waiting for it, though!!
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I was an early bloomer. I was wearing a bra and got my first period when I was 10. Wayyyyyy too early. Young 10 too. I remember it was October and I had just turned 10 because I was in Washington DC for my birthday. That trip was not fun to say the least.

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I think I was almost 14. My oldest was 13, and my other DD was 12. It all starts so much sooner now.....

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Winter of 4th grade - just before my 10th birthday.

Not a single friend got thiers until well into 6th grade - I felt like such a freak.

I kept my period a secret from my mom for almost 2 years though - to this day she doesn't know I started SO early.

Mom started at 16 - but wasn't regular until she was 19.
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